Une gueule comme la mienne (FREDERIC DARD) (French Edition)

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Alice Tissot Jacques Toja Marc Valbel acteur. Marina Vlady. Krystyna Zachwatowicz. Achille Zavatta Leonardo Benvenuti Christine Carrel. Georges Combret Piero De Bernardi Jacques Demy Guy Elmes Abel Gance Sergio Gobbi. Sacha Guitry Lucien Hustaix Zbigniew Kaminski. Answald Kruger. Jean Lambertie.

Maria Matray Pierre Maudru Pierre Pelegri. Annette Reinerg. Arlette Reinerg. Fernand Rivers Robert Vernay Axel von Ambesser Claude Barma Bernard Borderie Mario Camerini Philippe Dechartre Ralph Habib Robert Mazoyer Andrzej Wajda Salvador Bacarisse David Chevallier.

Bernhard Eichhorn Michel Emer Angelo Francesco Lavagnino Michel Legrand Jean Marion Henri Sauguet Karol Szymanowski Henri Verdun Narciso Yepes Jean Bernard-Luc Jean Chatenet. Jacques Emmanuel Gerald Savory Georges Tabet Colette Louis Duchesne Anita Loos Pierre O'Connell ? Jacques Robert Jean Sigrid Georges Bataille Alexandre Dumas James Goldman Ernst Nebhut Just Scheu Henri Troyat Olivier Ferra. Gavarni Constantin Guys Louis Icart Jordic Albert Lynch Alphonse de Neuville She does not recall who she is and she is carrying no documents to allow stablishing her identity.

It only seems true that she is also French, since she only speaks French fluently. Daniel takes her to recover from her accident to his accommodation at Casa Salvador. Meantime neither the local authorities nor the French Consulate in Barcelona, take themselves the slightest interest in her case. Anyhow, Daniel does all that is possible to help her and soon they fall in love.

Consequently, Daniel begins to design a plan in order to get her one. What will only be the beginning of a nightmare.

Frédéric Dard - Mémoires d'un obsédé textuel . Paroles Radio France-Ina

The Executioner Weeps is the story of an obsession, defined in terms of the narrator himself as follows:. My love for her began at exactly that moment, just as a race begins when the starter pulls the trigger of his pistol. I was living the dream that all men have: of loving a woman without a past.

A woman to whom we represent a new start. The novel is both, a thriller and a love story, but it turns out to be a dark tale about the fears of a man who is unable to face up with a reality he might not like it, while holding on to a dream existing only in his imagination. It can be considered a kind of parable about machismo and jealousies. Anyway, it can be read as an interesting reflection on interpersonal relationships and to a certain extent a jealousy drama. A really interesting book that is very much worth reading.

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I would also like to take this opportunity to point some inaccuracies like, for example, the continuous reference to carabineros , an armed force of Spain that, established in , lasted until when, disbanded, it was merged with the Guardia Civil. And I do believe the reference to Costa Brava, the littoral of Gerona or Girona , is not accurate, since the action takes place in the littoral of Barcelona Costa del Maresme and Tarragona Costa Dorada which are further south.

The King of Fools will be available on 5 September Pushkin Vertigo publicity page. No one knew him! I was born in He was known in the profession but not of the general public. By the way, at the time, I would have preferred to say that my father was a baker or a doctor!

So here it was valuing! I was thinking, life is going to be easy! My Father didn't send me a work tool, so I realized that I had to make myself by myself. Opening doors is pretty nice, but you have to know what to do behind! So I started by writing spy novels, under the pseudonym of Alix Karol Why this pseudonym? Oh, it's been a long time since I've been thinking about this anymore! Young, I'm getting into the books, dictionaries. One day I fell on the writer Alexis Carrel author of "man, this unknown". And physically, there was a certain kinship between him and me.

I thought it was a funny coincidence, and as I was looking for a pseudonym, it inspired me and I invented Alix Karol! My spy novels worked pretty well, I wouldn't care. I didn't have a particular palatability for espionage, I just wanted to not write police novels like my father. A play-boy with a sporty look that launches into dangerous situations, achieves exceptional exploits, is able to evoke his sexual prowess, all with a lot of humor, laughter and fun. I wanted to distinguish myself from my father.

I was happy because my spy novels allowed me not to have the same colorful cover as my father. Me, she was grey! I liked to write, I thought it was a great job, I even felt the abilities. Remains that I had trouble to exist, I felt like I'm staying in my father's shadow. We had the same publishing house, the black river; writing police novels, me from the novels of hacking.

Gold, I wanted to stand out. So I started in the writing of kitchen books. And this choice has been decisive. I have escaped my name. I made myself a name. Patrice Dard has become a known name in the kitchen world. You even had a restaurant! Yes, "the barrier barrier". But He's not mine anymore. I didn't have the training or the taste to manage a business. Managing staff is a real job! You have published dozens of kitchen books like " salads and appetizers ", " know how to taste cheeses ", " the fondue ", " the great book of cocktails ", " all knowledge about wine ", " Know how to prepare creole cuisine " I know about all the kitchens in the world.

What's your favorite dish? I will answer you like all the French: Couscous! This dish always makes me happy. I love to prepare it, I will make it a lot with six vegetables, different meats.

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I'm having fun! Your wife must be happy to have a blue cord for husband! She's cooking very well too! And in the wines, you are rather puligny-Montrachet or condrieu you evoke " the subtle poivrade of a condrieu " in " stop your tank, Beru! Good morning! For me, it's the best white! The Puligny-Montrachet is considered to be the largest white wine in the world, but I prefer the condrieu. Closer To Lyon, it has a wonderful taste and it's a little cheaper! So, at that time, you become a culinary author in vogue Yes, very quickly, the kitchen books have started to walk very well, it was on advertising, I have made huge gastronomic advertising campaigns.

I had a great job. One day, my father came to find me by telling me, here I am in trouble, I committed to Roger Hanin, a long-time friend of my father, he played in his first piece He wants me to create a new character after navarro, he will be called master da Costa, and I have to make him a small project. But I don't have time, you have to do it in my place.

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  • My Father has taken care of them, to give me two-three tips. I changed my direction, I started in the cinema because of my father. My Father is dead and the whole family pushed me to continue the San Antonio. I have changed my job again. Finally, I changed three times of profession!

    You write in an interview to the world: " I make my place cautiously, I stand out of his style.

    Dard Frederic, First Edition - AbeBooks

    Not having ambition gives me a pleasant life. I don't have his breath. Didn't she end up making your talent forget? For my part, I think you write much better than some stars of the box-office of literature I don't know if I write well but I write I'm hard but what I mean by it is that they probably write exciting things, stories that are passionate about people, but it's very classic. Without finds. It's much more complicated to write in the way of San-Antonio.

    Unfortunately, the longer the time passes, people are likely to understand all this.

    Marcelle Ranson-Hervé

    There's a general simplification and this is one of the reasons why I want to stop, I'm afraid not to be understood. Of course, there is still a clientele of San Antonio, the unconditional, and the children of the unconditional, raised and fed in San Antonio, who appreciate them. But a young man whose family has never read from San Antonio, who falls on it, I am convinced that he does not have the education necessary to appreciate this kind of book, he will not wnana. Today who reads simonin? It's another time!

    As for me, it's the same, I get "sweat" with some current books, I find that they are sorely missing from consistency or originality! To resume the culinary metaphor, we, the dard, are homemade cooked, from handmade as a good craftsman. Other authors, let's say more commercial, it's a good restaurant but with products already developed and that have shown their proof. They're just doing their little sauce! My Father, in the last three months of his life, knew heart problems that will rise over time.

    He had to put back a book for October 15th, he wanted to start it but didn't manage to do it. Everything I found on his office, it was a little piece of paper where he wrote: " I'm without news from me. On another leaf, my father had started a little bit of the plot. The Theme: a peasant arrives in the early morning, he dump his truck, and in the manure pit, there's a corpse in it. That's all. That was skinny. I started like this, with these three lines. And I made it the end of the book, in a species of flash-back.

    I wrote this San Antonio in two months and I gave it back to the date scheduled for the publisher. I replied that I Had helped him. So, the publisher closed his eyes and he offered the fatherhood of this San Antonio to my father It's beautiful Yes, but we must not forget that we are in a consumer company. My Father had the good taste of dying at this time and promoting The next one was the curiosity to see what the son was worth. My third San-Antonio, people were less curious and after, there was a lot less interest According to you, did your father feel like he was accomplished in his life?

    What dissatisfaction could he have had? Maybe he would have preferred at the start not to succeed with San-Antonio but in a more classic vein. Yet, that's what made his strength. There are great authors of well-written, well-written, American and English nerds who have as much literary value as great American or English more academic authors. In this regard, San Antonio is starting to sell well in England! In The San Antonio, there is an inimitable prose, finds, neologisms, puns, shortcuts, puns, epiphanies, a greenness, an amazing verve! That's right, there's a certain language originality!

    For the gouaille, the slang, the originality, the emotion made by the derision. But there was also rabelais, simenon, Peter Cheyney Your Father was a real demiurge. From Nothingness, it was making a world gush My Dad always told me to never build a story. He wanted to discover it as he was. For Him, the imagination was enough. Of course, once in a while, the author is well obliged to go back to crafting a little bit of things. In fact, you are a free writer!

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