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Orders: 1. Michael Ammar once wrote that one of the principles key to making a magic effect memorable to an audience is to alter an object magically and then give it away in its altered state.

A souvenir of this kind will be treasured forever and there's been perhaps no better example of this kind of effect than one in which two playing cards, signed by the spectators, are magically fused into a single card. Not glued or fasted in any way; they actually become one single card.

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Doc Eason took a concept by magician Christopher Carter and created a neo-classic of card magic that is in use by close-up magicians the world over and you'll see a real-world performance and a meticulous explanation of the workings by Doc himself. Marjorie Lord. Donald McClelland. Patricia Shay. The Immoralist Feb 08, May 01, The Confidential Clerk Feb 11, May 22, The Winner Feb 17, Mar 13, Ondine Feb 18, Jul 03, The Burning Glass Mar 04, Mar 27, Threepenny Opera Mar 10, May 30, King of Hearts Apr 01, Nov 27, By the Beautiful Sea Apr 08, Nov 27, The Golden Apple Apr 20, Aug 07, Jose Greco Apr 26, May 08, Show Boat May 05, May 16, The Pajama Game May 13, Nov 24, Die Fledermaus May 19, May 30, Carousel Jun 02, Aug 08, Hayride Sep 13, Oct 02, They have used up most of their gimmicks, some three and four times.


Starting with a stereotyped family situation a harried father, plagued by his precocious children, his inlaws, and his television , the action moves through several disconnected crises. Father kicks the TV set in the tube three times, argues with his wife, and discovers that his offspring talk knowingly about premarital relations.

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When these gags falter, there are always the in-laws to lampoon, not to mention a dumb blonde, included just to make sure no comical opportunities are missed. To the credit of the cast, the actors try every bit as hard as their script writers. Kitty Carlisle, fresh from innumerable operettas, can get laughs without musical accompaniment, while MacDonald Carey, as her husband, is properly harassed.

Lesser roles are handled by Phyllis Povab, a neurotic and amusing mother-in-law, and blustery Howard Smith.