Coopération pour le développement : Rapport 2010 (DEVELOPPEMENT I) (French Edition)

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From students to CEOs, everyone is shaping the future of work and their voices should be at the heart of the debate. The campaign highlights what the future of work means for people and the urgency to build a future that works for all. The Future of Work is now. Have your say!

OMS | La santé, élément essentiel du développement durable

At their summit in Osaka on June, G20 leaders agreed on a range of priorities for which input from the OECD and other international organisations is crucial. These include the digital transformation, empowering women, tackling inequalities and ageing, and addressing infrastructure, environmental degradation and the international tax system.

In many OECD countries, inequalities are at their highest levels in 30 years and are widening. What are the effects, and the policy responses? See our story on inclusive growth.

Irmer, U. Rules of procedure of the Article 22 Committee. COM 82 final, 3 December Situation at 31 December COM 81 final, 11 January COM 82 final, 10 November COM 82 89 final, 3 March COM 82 final, 4 November Europe Information: Development 40, December COM 83 final, 25 July COM 83 final, 29 July Working Documents Scrivener, C. Jackson, C. COM 83 5 final, 13 January COM 84 final, 16 May COM 84 final, 17 July Commission staff paper. SEC 84 final, 26 October EP Working Documents COM 84 final, 26 November COM 84 final, 31 October Commission communication to the Court of Auditors, Parliament and the Council.

COM 85 final, 30 April Official Journal S , 22 July Signed in Brussels on 19 February COM 85 final, 14 October Dimitriadis, C. Price, Peter N. COM 86 final, 26 March COM 86 final, 10 April Fuillet, Y. Pasty, J. COM 87 final, 15 April Balance sheets and accounts of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th European Development Funds for the financial year. COM 88 final, 22 April Development DE 57, May COM 88 final, 19 September Official Journal C , 18 July Balance sheets and accounts of the 4th, 5th, and 6th European Development Funds for the financial year.

COM 89 final, 14 April Report on the implementation of financial and technical cooperation under the Lome Conventions presented by the Commission. SEC 89 final, 6 October COM 89 final, 12 December SEC 89 final, 17 October SEC 89 final, 24 July COM 90 final, 11 April Development DE 62, January Development DE 67, December COM 91 final, 15 April COM 91 final, 31 July Simons, Barbara Report of the Committee on Budgetary Control on the granting of discharge to the Commission in respect of the financial management of the fourth, fifth and sixth European Development Funds for the financial year.

Official Journal C 83, 27 March COM 92 final, 22 June Review of aid from the Lome Conventions at the end of Communication of the Commission to the Council. SEC 91 final, 8 January COM 93 final, 28 June October COM 94 final, 5 August Communication from the Commission. COM 94 final, 27 October SEC 94 final, 6 June Development DE 78, July COM 95 final, 5 May Development DE 80, June Development DE 72, March Official Journal C 97, 6 April OJ SEC 96 final, 31 May Report from the Commission.

SEC 96 final, 16 June COM 96 final, 13 December Review of the aid at the end of The European Development Fund. COM 96 final, 24 July Development DE 87, June SEC 97 final, 27 May Aid Situation at the End of Development DE 91, June COM 97 final, 25 June COM 98 final, 14 July COM 99 final, 26 October Field phase case study 3: Ivory Coast. Field phase case study No. Case studies synthesis. Synthesis report. Development DE , March COM 98 final, 15 June Proposal for a Council Regulation EC approving the Protocol establishing the fishing possibilities and the financial compensation provided for in the Agreement between the European Community and the Government of the Republic of Guinea on fishing off the Guinean coast for the period 1 January to 31 December presented by the Commission.

COM 98 final, 9 March Official Journal C , 17 November Official Journal C , 14 December COM 99 final, 14 July COM 99 final, 11 May Document attached to the draft budget for COM 99 final, 1 July Official Journal C , 3 December COM final, 15 June Communication from the Commission to the Council and European Parliament. COM 58 final, 4 February Estimate of the contributions needed for expenditure in the financial year and expenditure forecast for , , and COM final, 12 December August COM final, 19 July COM final, 30 November Special Report No.

Official Journal C , 1 December COM final. COM final, 7 December COM final, 17 December COM final, 16 July Development DE , February Country Strategy Paper and Indicative Programme for the period COM final, 9 July COM final, 16 October COM final, 13 June Official Journal C , 15 December Official Journal C , 14 September COM final, 28 November COM final, 20 December Regional strategy paper and regional indicative programme COM final, 9 January COM final, 12 April COM final, 25 October Official Journal C , 28 November COM final, 8 October Estimate of decisions, payments and contributions to be paid by the Member States for and and forecast of decisions and payments for the period to COM final, 21 November COM final, 7 August Proposal for a Council Decision fixing the financial contributions to be paid by the Member States to the European Development Fund second instalment for COM final, 19 August COM final, 13 November COM final, 14 October COM final, 25 April COM final, 27 October COM final, 23 June Official Journal C , 31 July Draft Conclusions.

COM final, 18 October Policy challenges and budgetary means of the enlarged Union Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament. COM final, 26 October COM 43 final, 26 January The Gambia-mid-term review Draft conclusions. Mid-term review conclusions.


Trinidad and Tobago. COM final, 19 November Final report - Volume 1, May Final report, Volume 4, Annexes May Report of the mission to Tanzania. Revised January Annexes, Volume 2. Synthesis Report. Volume 1. Volume 2. Inception note.

Couverture sanitaire universelle

COM final, 25 May Document annexed to the draft budget for COM final, 27 September COM final, 19 October COM final, 2 April COM final, 29 March COM final, 26 April Official Journal C , 20 November Official Journal C 63, 11 March A Caribbean project. Europe Information: Development , October COM final, 12 October Coommunication from the Commission to the Council. COM final, 4 November Final report, Volume II - Annexes 1 to 7.

Rapport sur le développement humain 2013

December Final Report. Volume 2: Annexes.

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April Terms of reference. COM final, 29 June COM final, 21 October COM final, 14 June COM final, 7 October Official Journal C , 30 November Official Journal C , 7 October Halle, B. Draft Report. Draft report, August Evaluation de niveau pays. Rapport final, Volume 3 - Annexes, Version 3. Country level evaluation. Final report, Volume 3 - Annexes, Version 3.

Country Level Evaluation. Final Report 3rd and final draft. Country level evaluation, Final report, February Final report.

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June February, Volume II: Annexes. Volume II. COM final, 17 October COM final, 5 October COM final, 28 April COM final, 27 November