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Zimmerman was devastated and humiliated. None of these newer models looked like him again; he made that mistake once and was not about to do it again.

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And now, Troi concludes, after all these years, a Mark I appears, a reminder of his failure and shame, like staring in the mirror at a reflection one never wants to see again. She now understands exactly what the root cause of Zimmerman's attitude and belligerence toward The Doctor is. Savoring her ice cream, she considers her next steps. Alone in his lab, with the lights low, a quiet, frightened but resigned Zimmerman dictates to the computer his last will and testament.

With nobody else present, he lets some of his hidden feelings show, evincing deep care about those few people who are close to him, such as Haley and Barclay. Then pain due to his condition seizes him with red-hot talons.

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He sits in his chair, gasping. Meanwhile, The Doctor is in the station 's holodeck , which Barclay has programmed to be a facsimile of Voyager 's sickbay. Commander Troi enters and speaks to him about having dinner with her, Barclay, Haley Initially, he is interested, but at the mention of the last, he flatly refuses.

Then he begins to fritz. Urgently, Troi calls Barclay who immediately transfers him to the living quarters, where he begins running diagnostics on him. The news horrifies The Doctor: he is degrading, destabilizing. Soon, he will be destroyed completely. There is nothing Barclay can do. Haley busies herself cleaning while Troi and Barclay speak to Zimmerman about The Doctor's deterioration.

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Zimmerman could not care less: " Good riddance to bad photons, " is his response. The officers plead with him: he is dying; Voyager cannot do without him. He irritatedly responds that he will send them a Mark IV as a replacement. They don't want a Mark IV, Barclay presses, they want their friend.

This irritates Zimmerman even more, and he states that no EMH was ever designed to be anyone's friend and shouts at everyone that he is just a hologram. A very poor choice of words.

Pleasured by Plasma

Haley immediately whirls on him, hurt in her voice, asking him if that is that how he feels about her. Mortified, Zimmerman can only mutter that he will not be ambushed in his own lab. Haley takes over from Troi and Barclay. She reminds him of the time when he was on Vulcan to give a lecture and received a message that she was destabilizing. He immediately canceled the lecture and returned to Jupiter Station to repair her. Her voice is tinged with emotion as she says this.

Zimmerman, never comfortable with his soft side exposed for others to see, tries to respond that he was merely looking for an excuse to escape delivering the lecture. But there is no conviction at all behind his words. She asks him to not turn his back on him now.

Zimmerman looks around at all of them, the resistance leached out of him. He quietly relents. Later, eating Haley's salad, alone in the lab, he begins his work. He has the computer activate The Doctor and informs him of his intention to repair him and begins working at a terminal. The Doctor, as expected, is not a good patient himself: he frantically pesters Zimmerman with questions about what action he is taking and why he is taking it.

Finally, Zimmerman just shuts him off. Seventeen hours later, he activates him again. He proudly informs him that he has succeeded. But The Doctor finds that he cannot move. When asked why, Zimmerman excitedly informs him that not only has he repaired him, he has made some "improvements" on him. These improvements are those that he always had wanted to do on the Mark I, but never got the chance to. The upgrades include changing his on-activation greeting to something more friendly, as well as adding new subroutines for compassion, patience, empathy and decorum.

Zimmerman is extremely pleased. He comments, much to The Doctor's pleasure, that he has exceeded his programming and accomplished much more than he would have predicted. But, he adds, he never overcame his initial defects as a Mark I but now, he has a chance to.

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The Doctor is not pleased, however. He likes himself the way he is. Zimmerman cannot understand this, telling The Doctor that he is doing him a favor after all. The Doctor is hurt; yes, he wants Zimmerman's approval, but he also wants his acceptance of him as he is, as what he made himself to be. He doesn't want any favors and he definitely does not want the new subroutines.

Disappointed, he asks why Zimmerman just can't accept him as he is. Zimmerman bluntly responds that this is because The Doctor is defective. This is when suddenly the years of shame and disappointment about the Mark I surface. Stalking around the lab, he vents his feelings to The Doctor; about the pejorative acronyms Starfleet gave the EMH Mark I, such as "Emergency Medical Hotheads" and "Extremely Marginal House-calls"; about how he tried to have them decommissioned, only to have to watch Starfleet reassign them all to work waste-transfer barges.

He sinks onto a couch. And his next words reveal the full extent of his devastation over how the project turned out; feelings which are exactly those deduced by Troi on hearing the story of the Mark I from Haley; feelings of extreme shame and embarrassment, which he is always reminded of. It comes out in one single sentence: " Do you know how humiliating it is? Now The Doctor understands. He gently tells him that he is still doing what he was made for, and is quite good at it.

And this is why he is here: to do that job for him, so that he may be proud of him. This is of comfort, Zimmerman admits, stating that at least one of the EMHs he created is still doing what he designed them to do. The Doctor parlays that admission into a gentle request to let Zimmerman treat him. Zimmerman considers and, to The Doctor's great joy, finally agrees.

Thirty-two hours later, The Doctor emerges from the lab to happily inform Barclay, Haley and Troi that the procedure was successful. He is certain Zimmerman will recover. However, he has a few questions regarding his earlier degradation: apparently, it had been started intentionally. He rounds on Barclay and pointedly calls for an explanation. He and Troi sheepishly confess that they set up the whole thing about his program decompiling in order to break down Zimmerman's resistance.

The Doctor smiles, not holding it against them.

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One month later, The Doctor is in Zimmerman's lab, snapping holo-images. Seems legit. I mean, space zombies are a thing though so maybe this wasn't as good a plan as originally thought. Wixzel Featured By Owner Aug 27, Wixzel Featured By Owner Aug 28, Oh come on! Necromancers are so much fun! More like living whale corpse fills the sky as it falls to earth. It would be to massive to burn up in atmosphere. I didn't say it'd burn up completely.

Just be you know, flaming whale meteor attack. Evil genius , honestly. Well I'm no whale biologist, I'm just a chrononautical engineer. How ever, its good to know I've contacted an evil genius. Oh and it also makes me think of the "Rules of villainy" series The hero's in that book series have a 3 strikes and you get sent to the moon policy. Hero's suck! I am a proud super villain myself.

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