Stargazer: book 2: The Kidnapping

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I really like how Gordon Korman adds in that bit about Meg's 'message' to Aidan, as it sort of tells the extent of their bond to the reader. Definitely read if you love action and adventure! May 21, Katie rated it liked it Shelves: children-fiction , children-audio. Another great performance by Andrew Rannells, portraying fifteen year old Aiden Falconer with fervor, enthusiasm, and an overwhelming desire to rescue his kidnapped sister.

This was a great book two as it expanded on issues that arose in the first novel, while also introducing new problems that will be addressed in the last book. Nov 02, Laura P rated it it was amazing. This was so amazing! It's very short and is much like the first book in the fact that it is very exciting and fast paced. I would definitely recommend this book, but you should read the first one before it, otherwise the plot won't make sense.

Also, there is a third book called "The Rescue" which is very good as well. Jun 18, Geneva Schepers rated it it was amazing. When Aidan Falconer runs away to search for his sister, he gets a ride in the back of some teens truck. The teens have actually stolen some football teams mascot, when the police catch them they catch Aidan too. The sheriff does not no who he is, so Aidan is able to escape eventually. May 22, Lisa rated it really liked it. I read this book with my students. It is a continuation of book 1. My students are captivated by Meg and Aiden's clever ways to out smart Meg's kidnappers.

This is a great book to teach prediction and inference. Sep 22, Reagan rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , gradeschool-books. Aiden and the FBI are still trying to find Meg. Meg is trying to escape on her own. Will she get out? Read this book to find out! This book is totally awesome! Once I had started reading this book, I couldn't stop! Shelves: action-adventure , read-in , siblings , children-s , realistic-fiction , recommended , middle-grade , teens , fast-paced , survival.

I liked this more than the 1st book. Also the reason why the kidnappers targeted the Falconers became clear.

Sep 05, Dixie rated it it was amazing. I need the next one! Soo good! May 26, Ranjan Sharma rated it really liked it. Ranjan Sharma Ms. Lauren beigert 7. S and the main character in this story is Meg Falconer. Another Characters is Aiden Falconer, he is an intelligent guy and can do anything for his sister.

Meg has been kidnapped by a group of 3 people who do not want ransom from Falconer family but they have another wish. Meg gets kidnapped by a group of 3 people. Falconer family asks FBI to find her they did their first attempt but failed and the kidnappers went away and took Meg somewhere far. Meg makes traces and leaves some clue where is she going by blocking the toilets in gas stations with toilet paper and flooding them. She got this idea from a book which her father wrote. Sorenson but he is as dumb as a donkey and not creative at all. When falconers found that Aiden went in search of Meg they told the FBI agent to go look for him but he neglected it and said Aiden is not related to the case and so there is no mean in finding him.

Kidnappers move Meg in near a forest in a small house. Aiden traces down the hint and finds Meg with another FBI agent who did try to understand Aiden and followed Aiden through those clued despite not belonging to this case. I liked this book because it was full of suspense and I also got to learn how to escape when you in trouble like Meg. The book was predictable sometimes like when Meg left clues by blocking the toilet I predicted Aiden will get the news and follow her and it happened. The ending of the book was happy because Meg got free from kidnappers and Mickey got some help from the Falconers to help his brother as Meg told his family Mickey did not kidnap her for any evil reason.

My favorite part was when Meg left clues along the route where she was going. I will recommend this book to anyone Virath because he like to read suspense and books containing murder. Mar 13, Taylor Berndt rated it really liked it. Her brother, Aiden who is 15, saw her kidnapping is now trying to track her down. Both Aiden and Meg went on the run to help prove their innocence using the ideas their parents wrote about in books.

In the end they were set free and their life went back to normal until now Meg was taken and where book two starts. Her parents think the kidnapping has something to do with them being in prison. The FBI is helping but have been unable to turn up any leads. The author kept the word choice small making it an easy read for anyone to pick up and read. Korman also did a great job of writing from a 12 and 15 year olds point a view that really helped make the book more believable.

Meg is very smart and witty. Both Meg and Aiden are very resourceful using all of the materials they have on hand. The setting takes place in modern day Virginia. Being in present time, the characters, Meg and Aiden have opportunities to use computers and other common gadgets to help them. No matter how old you are being kidnapped would scare anyone. The fact that an 11 year old has been taken and she is still mentally stable is a miracle in its self. I would recommend this series to anyone in middle school or high school.

I feel anyone no matter what age would enjoy reading this book from young to old. Dec 14, ALEX!!!! Hulbert rated it really liked it. Personal Response: I read the second book to the Kidnapped series written by Gordon Korman and really enjoyed it. There was never a dull moment when reading this book, because it was very fast paced. Plot: The book is about Meg, an 11 year old girl, who is kidnapped. The FBI is searching for Meg and have not been able to pick up any hints. They use the escape tactics from his books in their lives, and it always works for them.

Meg was able to escape her captors, but now she is lost in the mountains in the winter. Characterization: Aiden is one of the main characters in the book. He is very courageous and extremely intelligent for his age. Aiden never backs down from a challenge. Meg is the main character in the book. Meg is very brave, even after she was kidnapped she never was scared. She never has a negative attitude while she is held hostage. She is always thinking of ways to escape. Harris is a smart detective and is on the search for Aiden who is looking for Meg. Setting: This book takes place in modern day Virginia.

The news has made everyone aware of the kidnapping. Because of the news, the kidnappers are moving Meg out into the boondocks where she is less likely to be rescued. This is happening in modern day, so computers and other technologies are being used to search for Meg. Thematic Connection: The theme of this book is to never give up. Meg is 11 years old and she has not thrown the towel in yet. She is very determined to find her way home. Aiden, a 15 year old, is on foot searching for Meg, which is very brave of him. I would recommend this book to any boy or girl who enjoys mystery books.


It is an easy book to read and is very interesting. This book is appropriate for middle and high school students, because it is an easy book to read. Feb 19, Isabel May rated it it was amazing. I loved this book it was so sad though because these books are so hard to find I was only able to read this book and the first one because I could not find the third!!!! This book ends on a cliffhanger. All in all I loved this book. I read the second book to the Kidnapped series written by Gordon Korman and really enjoyed it.

The book is about Meg an 11 year old girl who has gotten kidnapped. They use the escape tactics from book in their life, and usually it works for them. Meg is very brave, even after she was kidnapped she never got scared. She never had a negative attitude while be held hostage. Harris is a smart detective and has gone on the search for Aiden who went to look for Meg. Because of the news the kidnappers are moving meg out into the boondocks where she is less likely to be rescued.

This is happening in modern day so computers and other technologies are being used to search for Meg. Aiden, 15 years old, has been on foot searching for Meg, which is very brave of him. Also age does not matter when reading this book. I recommend this book to any age group. Sep 30, Star Shining Forever rated it really liked it Shelves: can-t-put-down-mysteries , cool-fiction , childrens , e-book , modern-setting.

Meg Falconer has been kidnapped. But if there's one thing you should know about the Falconer kids, it's that they don't give up. Meg certainly doesn't give up trying to escape, but this time her efforts cost her dearly. After blowing out her captors' tire with a bullet and a tire iron, she almost gets away into the countryside, only to be stymied because of a unexpected rampaging bull. Locked in a cellar, she attempts to tunnel out but instead is nearly suffocated. Finally ending up tied to a ch Meg Falconer has been kidnapped. Finally ending up tied to a chair, she despairs of ever getting away.

The discovery of the youngest kidnapper, who's only doing this for money for his imprisoned younger brother's lawyer fees, that the meanest kidnapper actually has a grudge against the Falconer family for their presumed traitorous activity convinces him to give Meg a file to escape with. Hope is reborn. Her brother Aiden doesn't stop trying to find her, either. With his parents Drs.

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John and Louise Falconer crushed by the failed rescue attempt of the last book, and sympathetic Agent Harris replaced by a new callous by-the-book FBI agent, it's up to Aiden to strike out on his own to find his sister. It's back to the fugitive life for him, fleeing police, breaking into houses, avoiding citizens, hitching rides on trailers, doing 40 mph down a ski trail on a bike, driven all the while by the urgency of desperation.

Sent after Aiden by his parents, Agent Harris arrives in time to save the boy from the wrath of a family whose home he invaded on a lead about Meg, and despite his protests, takes him back down the mountain. There is just not a reliable trail to her. They now must head down the mountain away from a fast-approaching blizzard. The same blizzard that Meg is sheltered from in a crude tent of tree branches as she nurses a sprained ankle.

So close yet so far apart, will the siblings ever find each other? Mar 23, Bryanna Wills added it. When Meg gets kidnapped her family will stop at nothing to get her back. Her brother is just as worried as in the first book in this series. During that book Meg and Aiden were outside playing when suddenly a minivan pulled up grabbed Meg and tucked her in the car.

Her brother was devastated, could eat, sleep, or even talk. Meg is always thinking of ways to get away. At first her kidnappers were disguised as Disney characters but then had no reason to hide. No one knew why Meg, out of all the kids got kidnapped. What we do know is that Meg's parents were fugitive and this could have possibly lead to Meg's kidnapping. Meg tries to leave messages referring to her dad's comic books. It seems as if Meg's brother, Aiden, only knows these clues. The catch is that no one believes Aiden. I absolutely love this book! Personally I really like this book because of the adventure and the way this book was written, the.

I recommended this book to anyone who likes a little mystery mixed with adventure and few tears along the way.

Stargazer: The Kidnapping (Stargazer #2) by Barbara E. Pleasant

I would also suggest that you can handle a few suspenseful and frightening moments. My favorite character is Meg because she thinks very smart. So now there's only one question left, will Aiden try finding his sister on his own? If you want to read this action packed book you should pick up, It won't be hard to find! Oct 27, Torey Hurst rated it it was amazing. Kidnapped by Gordon Korman was about how a girl had been kidnapped from her family and her was relying on a lazy police officer from the FBI to find their daughter.

Aiden did not trust in the new head of the case so he went out on his own, pretending to be his best friend, on the search for his sister. He went through some very hard terrains, and adventures, and had to keep going for he knew he was so close to finding his sister. At the end he knew he was so close but when he got caught by Emanu Kidnapped by Gordon Korman was about how a girl had been kidnapped from her family and her was relying on a lazy police officer from the FBI to find their daughter.

At the end he knew he was so close but when he got caught by Emanuel Harris, no one took Aiden's lead seriously like they had once before. I personally liked the book a lot because it is so entertaining to read. Also you just want to keep on reading it, because it is so intense with the abundant amount of action in the book. When you read the book all you can think about is trying to tell Aiden like "Your so close" or something that tells him how he can find his sister, because his lead wan't wrong, just the places he looked.

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