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Jacket art by Nicholas Jainschigg. Morrison, Toni. Trade paperback reprint hardcover; new movie tie-in edition. Mortimer, John. Felix in the Underworld. Trade paperback reprint British hardcover. Napoli, Donna Jo.

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Hardcover young adult mermaid fantasy novel. Jacket art by Rafal Oblinski. O'Leary, Patrick. The Gift. Trade paperback reprint hardcover fantasy. Wraparound cover art Thomas Canty here uncredited. Parker, Robert B.

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Trouble in Paradise. Hardcover mystery. Jesse Stone 2: sequel to. Penman, Sharon Kay. Cruel as the Grave: A Medieval Mystery. Justin de Quincy 2: historical London, court of Eleanor of Aquitaine mystery, sequel to. Pierce, Tamora. Daja's Book. Jacket art by Theron. Pilkey, Dav. Pullman, Philip. Clockwork, or All Wound Up. Hardcover reprint British hardcover. Jacket art and illustrations by Leonard Gore original to this edition. Song and Dance. Quantum Leap Rocky and Bullwinkle and the Metal-Munching Mice. Digest paperback young adult novelization.

Eight pages color stills. Rovin, Jeff. Return of the Wolf Man. Paperback novel based on the Universal Studios. A Doll's Story. Color stills on every page. Candido and Jose R. Spider-Man: Venom's Wrath. Cover art by Tony Harris; illustrations by Joe St. Stabenow, Dana. Fire and Ice. Liam Campbell 1: Alaskan mystery. Soldier for the Empire. Star Wars: Dark Forces [1]. Cover art by 25 color full-page illustrations by Dean Williams. Varley, John. The Golden Globe. Hardcover thespian science fiction. Jacket art by Danilo Ducak.

Verne, Jules. The Chase of the Golden Meteor. Trade paperback facsimile reprint British hardcover translation by Frederick Lawton per Science Fiction Encyclopedia , here uncredited of French hardcover then as La Chasse au meteore. New introduction by Gregory A. Holm, editor.

Trade paperback. Embassy Row.

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Mycroft Holmes 2: sequel to Against the Brotherhood. Yolen, Jane and Bruce Coville. Armageddon Summer. Hardcover young adult near future. Yolen, Jane. Merlin and the Dragons. Trade paperback reprint hardcover picture book. Cover art and illustrations by Li Ming. Snow, Snow: Winter Poems for Childhood. Photos by Jason Stemple. Trade paperback revised reprint British trade paperback non-fiction. Baker, Alan. Little Rabbit's First Number Book. Text by Kate Petty. Banks, Lynne Reid. Magic Cupboard 5: The Key to the Indian. Hardcover young adult fantasy. Jacket art by Wayne Alfano; illustrations by James Watling.

Card, Orson Scott, editor. Future on Ice. Companion to Future on Fire. De La Rosa, Sheila. The Encyclopedia of Weird. Digest paperback young adult non-fiction. Douglas, Carole Nelson, editor. Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives. Eddings, David and Leigh Eddings. The Rivan Codex. Kind of Eddings' Silmarillion. Operation Damocles. Cover art by Gary Ruddell. The Shadow Stone. Cover art by Les Adwards. Hamilton, Peter F. A Second Chance at Eden. British hardcover collection of stories leading up to The Reality Dysfunction. Wraparound jacket art by Jim Burns. Kaye, Marilyn.

Last on Earth 1: The Vanishing. Paperback ya. Dean Koontz: A Writer's Biography. Trade paperback reprint hardcover biography. Leonard, Elmore. Trade paperback coll.

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Lovecraft, H. Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos. Wraparound cover art by John Jude Palencar. McKinley, Robin. The Stone Fey. Hardcover picture book rep novelette. Jacket art by illustrations by John Clapp. Mosley, Walter. Trade paperback reprint hardcover, Norton, Andre. Scent of Magic. Back jacket art by Kinuko Craft. The Outer Limits 7: The Vanished.

Cover art by Peter Bollinger. Perry, Anne. Inspector Monk 9: A Breach of Promise. Resident Evil 1: The Umbrella Conspiracy. Novelization based on the Capcom videogame. Resident Evil 2: Caliban Cove. First original novel based on the Capcom videogame. Santore, Charles. Hardcover gift picture book. Jacket art by illustrations by Santore. Sheffield, Charles. Paperback omni reprint and hardcovers. Cover art by Gary Freeman. Triangle: Imzadi II. Jacket art by Keith Birdsong. Stevenson, Robert Louis. Where Go the Boats? Hardcover picture book 4 poems fr A Child's Garden of Verses.

Jacket art by illustrations by Max Grover. Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn. Hardcover historical 14th C France vampire novel. Yep, Laurence. Hardcover young adult mystery. Sequel to The Case of the Goblin Pearls. Jacket art by Nicholas Krenitsky. New Books received 5 - 11 September Anthony, Piers.

Wrap ca Darrell K. Auster, Paul. Lulu on the Bridge. Barton, William and Michael Capobianco. White Light. Trade paperback science fiction, with cover that prints illegible glossy white on pale blue Borges, Jorge Luis. Collected Fictions. Hardcover omni newly translated by Andrew Hurley.

Bradbury, Ray. Driving Blind. Paperback reprint hardcover collection. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 6: Child of the Hunt. Cochran, Molly and Warren Murphy. The Broken Sword. Paperback reprint hardcover Arhturian. Cover art by Greg Call. Black Swan, White Raven. Cover art by Thomas Canty.

Dickson, Gordon R. Tactics of Mistake. Cover art by Royo. Di Filippo, Paul. Paperback reprint hardcover short story collection. Dumas, Alexandre Pere. The Count of Monte Cristo. Duncan, Dave. The Great Game 3: Future Indefinite. Ellis, Alice Thomas. Fairy Tale: A Novel. Hardcover fantasy novel. Ellroy, James. Brown's Requiem. Trade paperback reprint paperback mystery. Francis, Dick. Paperback reprint hardcover mystery. Field of Thirteen. Hardcover coll. Gelb, Jeff and Michael Garrett, editors.

Hot Blood X. Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. Unpunished: A Mystery. Trade paperback reprint hardcover myst. Ed Afterw Catherine J. GOlden and Denise D. Gunson, Jonathan and Marten Coombe. The Merlin Mystery. Hardcover picture puzzle book, in the trail of Masquerade. Holder, Nancy. Gambler's Star 1: The Six Families. Paperback science fiction. Kihn, Greg. Shade of Pale. Paperback reprint hardcover dark fantasy with banshee. Launis, Roger D. Hardcover coffeetable art book.

Marsh, Ngaio. Roderick Allen Night at the Vulcan. Paperback reprint hardcover; third paperback publisher. Matheson, Richard. What Dreams May Come. Movie tie-in edition. O'Brien, Flann. At Swim-Two-Birds. Intro by William H. Pohl, Frederik. The Siege of Eternity. Wrap ca John Harris. Scieszka, Jon and Lane Smith. Hardcover picture book of modern fables. Jacket art by illustrations by Lane Smith. Simon, editor. Necronomicon Spellbook.

Singh, Simon. Trade paperback reprint hardcover non-fiction. Smith, L. Bretta Martyn. Daughter of Henry Martyn. Cover art by Jim Burns. Weber, David. Honor Harrington 1: On Basilisk Station. Paperback reprint paperback. Special Limited Edition. Special mail-in rebate coupon if you mutilate the current hardcover and paperback for their UPC codes.

Honor Harrington 7: In Enemy Hands. Cover art by David Mattingly. Honor Harrington 8: Echoes of Honor. LoC cataloguing gives subt 'conquer Hell--or die! Winterson, Jeanette. Sexing the Cherry. Trade paperback reprint British hardcover alternate 17th Century England. Wrede, Patricia C. Magician's Ward. Paperback reprint hardcover fantasy. Cover art by David Kramer.

Mycroft Holmes 1: Against the Brotherhood. Zebrowski, George. Brute Orbits. A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock. Alice Nestleton feline mystery. Adams, Scott. Journey to Cubeville. Dilbert collects daily and Sunday strips from 1 Sep to 4 Jan , plus punch-out cubical and finger puppets of Dilbert's principle cast.

Alexander, Lloyd. The Town Cat and Other Tales. Digest paperback reprint hardcover young adult collection. New cover art by Mark Buehner; illustrations by Laszlo Kubinyi. Alfonsi, Alice. Some Enchanted Evening. Paperback fantasy romance with Djinn. Andersson, C. I Am Dracula. Paperback reprint paperback horror; second printing. Gregory Keyes. The Birth of the Psicorps. Babylon 5 : Dark Genesis 1: based on an original outline by J.

Michael Straczynski actors with larger egos have been known to take credit for less! Baum, L. Oz The Lost Princess of Oz. Hardcover facsimile reprint hardcover.

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New Afterword by Peter Glassman. Jacket art and illustrations by John R. The Hand of the Necromancer. Digest paperback reprint hardcover young adult supernatural thriller. Johnny Dixon Cover art by Paul O. Zelinsky; frontispiece Edward Gorey. Briery, Traci. The Vampire Journals.

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Paperback reprint paperback; second printing. Burke, James Lee. Half of Paradise. Burke's first novel. Chan, Jackie with Jeff Yang. Hardcover autobiography. Annotated filmography. Cholfin, Bryan, editor. The Best of Crank! Hardcover anthology, reprinting stories from Crank! Connelly, Michael. Blood Work. Czerneda, Julie E. Beholder's Eye. Wraparound cover art by Luis Royo. Dahl, Roald. The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.

Digest paperback reprint British hardcover young adult. New cover art by Quentin Blank; illustrations by Blake. The Magic Finger. Digest paperback reprint hardcover young adult. New cover art by Quentin Blake; illustrations by Blake from edition. Dann, Joshua. Timeshare 2: Second Time Around. Paperback sequel to Timeshare. The Greatest Treasure. My Father's Dragon plush toy. Six inches tall, blue and yellow stripes with pink wings!

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A Dave must-have item. The Art of the Dragonlance Saga. Trade paperback reprint trade paperback. Introduction by Weis and Hickman. Cover art by Keith Parkinson. Dunnett, Dorothy.

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To Lie with Lions. House of Niccolo 6. Lord Dunsany [S. Joshi, editor]. Trade paperback omnibus collection, reprinting the collections The Gods of Pegana , Time and the Gods and three stories from Tales of Three Hemispheres Introduction by S. Cover art by H. Dyson, Freeman. Imagined Worlds. Trade paperback reprint hardcover non-fiction collection. The Jerusalem-Harvard Lectures.

Evans, Greg. Luann: The Plunge. Trade paperback collection of comic strips. Garner, Alan. The Well of the Wind. Hardcover medium-size picture book. Jacket art and illustrations by Herve Blondon. Girardi, Robert. Vaporetto Golden, Christopher. Of Saints and Shadows. The Shadow Saga 1: a vampire trilogy. Greenberg, Martin H. Battle Magic. Cover art by Les Edwards. Women on the Edge. Haldeman, Joe. Forever Peace. Winner Hugo Award Best Novel. He's been nominated for the Pushcart Prize 10 times, had 2 stories selected as Notable Stories by Story South's Million Writers Award and 2 others nominated, and has been nominated for Best of the Net twice.

He's also had a flash story selected for the long list of Wigleaf's 50 Best Flash Stories award. Bledsoe lives with his wife and daughter in Maryland. For more information: www. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition. Next page. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Books By CL Bledsoe. Riceland Nov 14, Sunlight Feb 4, Currently unavailable. Paper Nautilus Jan 1, Sorting the Dead Mar 1, Bledsoe , Avril Dannenbaum , Cinsearae Santiago. Out of Print--Limited Availability. Nothing But Red Jul 10, King Of Loneliness Jan 28, Ray's Sea World Jan 30, More Information.

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