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She also vividly describes the role of women with the armed services from the Crimean War of the s to the aftermath of the First World War and offers an insight into what the records can tell you about the career of an ancestor who served at home or abroad. Read more Read less. Product description Review "a unique, and perhaps, the only resource for families whose female ancestors served in support of the armed forces, It provides both context and guidance for the researcher. See all Product description.

Start tracing your ancestry in Norway - The National Archives of Norway

Not Enabled. I very much look forward to hearing from you in due course. Kind regards Alison ps I confirm I find your pricing structure quite acceptable. My family name is Prunty from Co monaghan Ireland. Prunty is a very rare name. I can go back as far as with the Pruntys. Is it possible to find out if we are related???

Hi Eileen Irish genealogy can be very difficult due to so many records having been destroyed. I would suggest finding an Irish genealogist who has access to local archives in Monaghan.

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I have reason to believe that my Grandfather who I never meet was Irish. I have a copy of my Mothers birth certificate. From this is it possible to trace my Grandfather. However, nothing is ever guaranteed in this business! It is certainly worth looking into though. Send me an email at info tracingancestors-uk.

Adults abandoned at birth turn to genetic genealogy to find biological family: Part 1

Hi Celia If you wish me to give you professional help please contact me on info tracingancestors-uk. However, I have to warn you that I am not taking on any new clients until at least January due to a backlog of work. Hi Ros. I am after some help with my family male DNA line. Have done testing with Family tree dna and ancestors. Interested in a quote for some assistance. I live in Australia. Hi John Unfortunately, I am not currently taking on any new clients for the foreseeable future due to work overload and family commitments.

If you would like to go on a waiting list, please let me know. Hi Rosbot. My expertise does not really extend to Australia. You really need to undertake some specific research into your family, using original sources and work back to find when your family came to Australia. Once you have found that, then you might need the services of a UK genealogist.

Best wishes Ros. Hallo Ros I see from your website that you were going to publish an e-book on getting started on genealogy research. Has this been published and how much is it? Hi Sue — Yes, it certainly has. Hope you find it useful! Hi would love some help tracing my family tree… apparently Florence Nightingale is my 7th cousin..?? Please let me know what info you need. Hi Tara. I am currently not taking on new clients due to a work overload. However, if you would like to go on my waiting list currently the wait is at least six months , please contact me on info tracingancestors-uk.

Norwegian immigration to North America

Learn how to trace your ancestors with my Step-by-Step course here! My novel 'Out of Time' - with a family history theme - is now on Kindle. Skip to content. I charge a small flat fee for my advice. Background History Research — Learn more about your ancestors with local and national history information. Photography — Photos of where your ancestors lived Ancestral Biographies — A written biography of a single ancestor or family group.

Written Family Histories — Get the history of your family written as a narrative. Advantages of Hiring a Professional Genealogist Although the internet has made it much easier for you to do the work when you are tracing your family tree, there are still many good reasons for hiring a professional genealogist: A professional genealogy researcher often has access to records that may not be available to other members of the public.

Research, particularly for documents created before , often necessitates visiting local archives, and a professional genealogist can do this for you if you are not able to travel to that location. A professional genealogist knows which resources are the best to search at each step A professional researcher will have a pool of known and trusted British genealogists who can be called upon to search local archives, saving the client the time and hassle of finding a different researcher in each county.

A good professional will have a knowledge of British genealogy and history that often assists in research, and contributes to the quality and richness of the information found.

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A professional genealogist is experienced in reading old handwriting which the amateur may often find difficult. Using a professional genealogy researcher will help you to not fall into the many pitfalls that amateurs often do e. Often the client and the professional work together to solve difficult problems and this can greatly increase your chances of breaking through brick walls. Logging In Remember to use each piece of information as an opportunity to uncover more.

For example, if you find your ancestor's hometown in a record, be sure to search that hometown next to uncover even more documents on her life such as church records, local census records, local newspapers, etc. Many people don't realize that school records can be a great way to learn more about your family and uncover more details about the lives they lived. Try looking for your female ancestor's children in school records to get a glimpse into their lives and to find more information on where to search next. Keep in mind that these records won't likely reveal maiden names of women in your family tree, but it will help you verify your timelines and in some cases the guardian of the child might have transferred to an aunt or uncle if your ancestor passed away.

So keep all these details in mind and use them to help craft your family history. Finding your female ancestors can be challenging, but it takes just a bit of creativity to break down those brick walls. Have you found your female ancestors in our record? What techniques did you try to find them?

Share this Story. Marriage records The best rule of thumb for genealogy research is to start with what you know and move backward from there. Found in our US marriages collection 2. Birth records If you're looking for your female ancestor and you're not sure what her maiden name is, searching for her birth record won't be much help!

Image from the Ontario Birth Index 3. Death records If you can locate your female ancestor's death record, then you're off to a great start, but chances are if you've located your female ancestor's death record already you wouldn't be reading this post. Pension records Pension records are a great place to find more information on the women in your family tree. Census records Census records are always a great place to search for your ancestors. Taken from the US Census Another place to look for the women in your family tree are the children of your female ancestor's census records.

Church records Church records are a great resource for tracing your female ancestors beyond the census records and for finding your female ancestors who lived prior to the 's. Naturalization records Naturalization records are a wonderful source of incredibly detailed information not only about your female ancestor, but about her family as well. School records Many people don't realize that school records can be a great way to learn more about your family and uncover more details about the lives they lived.

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