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She gathers her bath toys, slips into the tub, and gets scrubbed nice and clean. Did she brush her teeth?

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Yep, and she did a good job. Mommy runs into the room and bounces on the bed, up and down. Since nobody can go to bed without a bedtime story, mommy carefully looks at her bookcase.

ASMR MOMMY TUCKS YOU IN - Gentle Kisses, Book Reading, Checking Your Temp

So mommy picks her favorite book and listens until she feels sleepy. Her eyes droop. Her glasses come off. She gets a bedtime kiss, snuggles down, and she gets tucked in. But wait! Mommy needs a glass of water.

Bedtime For Mommy, Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Hardcover) |

Just one — for now. And she hates when her bedroom door is shut. She wants it open, just a little bit… more. Without a doubt, there have been many times when your child has wished the tables were turned on decisions like bedtime. Using spare but totally authentic and definitely familiar narrative, author Amy Krouse Rosenthal tells the story of a little girl in charge of getting her mommy ready for bed.

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It takes a talent to write like this and the author gets it just right. The illustrations are colorful and really add a fun feel to this very clever book. This would be a great gift or addition to your family collection.

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My second book is completely different but just as clever. From five extra minutes to glasses of water, Mommy tries to drag out her bedtime as long as she possibly can.

ISBN 13: 9781599904658

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