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Recent Post by Page. Benjamin's world history. On this day in Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan then part of th He was a Serbian scientist who worked in the USA and is credited for his work with electricity. He is considered one of the fathers of electrical science and the inventions he made still shake the world to this day. His co-worker Thomas Edison has been credited for inventing the lightbulb yet many believe the idea was Tesla's.

See More. Today let's talk about such a wonderful war story that can have your In an American bomber type B17 was sent on a mission to bomb Berlin and a German airport there. The plane was approaching Berlin as one of the engines of the plane exploded leaving the plane defenceless and not able to fly properly. On that plane was the pilot Lieutenant Charlie Brown. He was desperately trying to balance the damaged plane.

But then he encountered a German airplane hunter piloted by a German pilot Lt. Franz Stigler. Stigler was one kill away from being rewarded with an iron cross yet when he saw in what bad shape his defenceless opponent was he made a decision any human would make.

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He flew behind the US bomber and escorted it out of German airspace while constantly giving hand signals to Brown. As the B17 came to the edge of allied airspace, Stigler flew next to the bomber and looked at the enemy pilot. He saluted Brown and then turned around to get out of Allied airspace. The two became close friends after the war and some even refer to them as "brothers in the air.

Walter Benjamin: “A Contradictory and Mobile Whole” | Harvard University Press

Stigler later said this about the story: I saw his gunner lying in the back profusely bleeding….. So, I figured, well, turn him to Sweden, because his airplane was so shot up; I never saw anything flying so shot up. CD single 12" single cassette single. East Coast hip hop hardcore hip hop Rap rock. Bad Boy Arista.

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Retrieved 3 April A Breakdown of 'All About the Benjamins ' ". The Boombox. Retrieved Archived from the original on Nielsen Business Media, Inc. BPI Communications Inc. January 31, Retrieved May 31, January 30, Recording Industry Association of America. Sean Combs.

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He was a prodigy, but became creatively blocked—until he dared to try an opera.

Discography Awards and nominations. Junior M. Songs Discography Awards and nominations Death. Peter Trudgill University of Fribourg. Ugandan English: Its sociolinguistics, structure and uses in a globalising post-protectorate. World Englishes: New theoretical and methodological considerations. English in Cyprus or Cyprus English: An empirical investigation of variety status. Varieties of English in Writing: The written word as linguistic evidence. Filipino English and Taglish: Language switching from multiple perspectives.

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Even More Englishes: Studies — With a foreword by John Spencer. Volume 2: Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Australasia. Linguistics Sociolinguistics and Dialectology. Deshors English in the Netherlands: Functions, forms and attitudes Alison Edwards Murray and Beth Lee Simon Dublin English: Evolution and change Raymond Hickey