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This storybook teaches kids about freeze, flight and fight and helps them learn some basic self-regulation skills. Understanding freeze, flight and fight can allow for new conversations about how your child feels and what to do to help them manage their big feelings. Click here….

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The information sheet highlights the damage that shaking a baby can cause, and provides tips on responding to a crying baby. Why does my baby cry so much?

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Children can use this checklist to keep track of all the things they need to do before they head to school. Click here to download. You can use all, some, or just parts of the steps. The steps can be adapted to suit the needs of your family….

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Children can use this checklist to keep track of all the things they need to do to ensure good hygiene. A practical guide to creating a safety plan with teenagers who are in a relationship with an abusive partner. It covers the following areas: Staying safe at school Staying safe at home Staying safe emotionally Getting help in your community These are things I can…. This booklet has been written for young people aged 13 to 16 who have been raped or sexually assaulted.

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Do you think that no-one understands what you have gone through and how it makes…. Most of the men, however, would never touch him, preferring instead to discuss their own lives with him. Yates started to crave these stories the older men told him and even used them for his bestseller Scorpio. Having read Yates' effusive review of Monument Valley , President Frank Underwood , longtime fan of shoot-'em-up video games, was so intrigued by its flowery language that it made him depart from his usual video game tastes and give the indie game a try.

The occurrence made Underwood decide to look Yates up and commission him to come up with a piece of non-fiction political literature on the America Works , thinking that such a work would inject the public perception of his jobs program with some positivity.

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Though lukewarm to the idea of writing a book in order to promote a president's jobs program, even dismissing it as propaganda at the initial meeting with President Underwood, Yates agreed after observing the successes of the July 4th America Works job drive in D. He further agreed to write it for January , despite having never completed a work of literature in under a year. Yates began shadowing Frank as the President embarked on various political duties, including flying to Moscow to negotiate the release of Michael Corrigan.

He and Underwood decided that the basis of the America Works novel will be the story of Frank's own life, and his elevation from poverty to the presidency via hard work and commitment.

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While in Gaffney , Frank's hometown, Yates confessed to the President that his deceased roommate was the actual author of Scorpio , and he simply finished writing it. He and Frank slowly became friendly, meeting in the White House residence to discuss the book over drinks.

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  8. When Spacey allegedly harassed Montana, the aggressor was firmly in the superstar tier and the aggressed-upon still an up-and-comer. The House of Cards crew members all depended on Spacey for their livelihood.

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    And the Vulture accuser sheds light on a specific nuance of consent in gay sex: The alleged attempted rape happened when Spacey tried, for the first time in their relationship, to top him. The other stories of same-sex harassment to emerge in recent weeks also center on hierarchies that can apply to any gender. People can reject any excuse-making implied in that statement while also recognizing how the closet—and the stigmas that forge it—can wreck lives.

    In , Spacey lied about being mugged in a park at 4 a. Was that, as had been speculated, from a disastrous cruising attempt? It is objectively wrong to expose oneself to a bartender and then offer an expensive gift, or to follow someone into the bathroom.

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    But gay history has provided lenses—explanatory, not exculpatory—that reveal the possibility that these were acts of desperation, born in repression. Montana said he suffered PTSD from the harassment, and his comments are laced with socially prescribed shame. In the most serious Spacey allegations, the significant power differential is age.

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    People can argue about the propriety of serially pursuing much younger grown-ups, but the Vulture accuser is particularly lucid on the monstrousness of targeting adolescents. What you need in a relationship, any relationship, involves a power struggle. But you have to start from some kind of equal footing.

    And a year-old is a child. Everything is already off-kilter. Meanwhile, the documentary An Open Secret , about Hollywood powerbrokers abusing boys, was rereleased online in recent weeks, and has been viewed millions of times. Sexual abuse of children is statistically more commonly perpetrated by men against girls than against boys, and it often happens within the family home. In the U.