How to add the WOW experience to your customer service in 3 easy steps

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Quit offering things that are mediocre. Make it a non-negotiable standard in your business to only offer products and services you fully believe in. Look outside of your industry for inspiration.

4 Steps to Build Customer Service Teams that Wow Customers – Yastrow & Company

I often get my best ideas from places that have nothing to do with coaching or online marketing. Think about restaurants, clothing stores, yoga class, airports, travel magazines, museums, etc. Talk with them on Twitter and Facebook. Take time in person to really listen and find out who they are, what they are struggling with, and what they dream of.

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The point of this is that I returned from the trip with a fire lit under my butt to serve my clients at a whole new level, and my hope is that these insights will inspire the same in you. My insides are bumping into each other BUT I know doing something new will give me something new. Success will squash the nerves and I will keep you posted.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at this resort. Hey Michele!

How to Add the "Wow" Experience to Your Customer Service in 3 Easy Steps

Thank you so much. Just let yourself feel the atoms in your body moving around i.

3 Examples of How to Easily WOW Customers

I swear every time I read something from you it reminds me to be ME…. Life is getting GOOD!!!! The most amazing things have been happening and I dont even know how to explain them….

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Cant wait to meet you next week! Hi Marie, I had so many e-mails to read yesterday.

3 Examples of How to Easily WOW Customers

And, when yours came in, I was actually in the process of just deleting multiple newsletter type e-mails at a time without reading them, trying to clean things up a bit and get to the correspondence I needed to read. But, I decided to open yours. I did! I loved your post about the hotel and being passionate and authentic in our businesses. And, keep sharing….. I love what you write.

What Do WOW Moments Really Mean to Customers?

And our over 70 year old boss is an inspiration in itself. Life is so precious. I do this job to finance my studies, but it gives me a lot more than money! A LOT! Truly — made my night. Because I travel a lot a lot! Recently, this was the case on a Delta airlines flight.

The pilot typically gives a welcome over the loudspeaker. In this case, however, the pilot came out of the cockpit before taking off and personally welcomed each of us on his plane. He thanked us again and went back to the cockpit. When she came back and turned the key in her ignition, she was greeted with the sounds of her favorite band. The mechanic jumped on the opportunity to create customer delight by burning a CD and surprising her. If you actively listen for opportunities, you will discover ways to delight your customers.

So when Annabel was rushed to the Doctor and diagnosed with a raging ear infection, she was left wondering how she was going to entertain her child for the rest of the week. Before she even had time to think of it, a hotel employee arrived with a HUGE bag of sand toys. Pam Huff, former Director of Celebrity Services for the Gaylord Opryland, encouraged her team to hold back a few surprises and spread them throughout their VIP guests trip.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Please tick to consent to your data being stored in line with the guidelines set out in our privacy policy. Search website:. Reduce storage costs. Reduce transport costs. Reduce admin costs. Increase productivity. Enhance customer experience. Below are a few considerations to help inject the WOW factor into your packaging: 1. And then when you schlep to the post office and open the huge box you find an itty bitty item that could so easily have fitted through your letterbox… 2. Share this.