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What a fascinating path for an author to follow - as well as her heroine!

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Xanthe and Maia both have hurdles to jump over to find happiness, but I enjoyed the journey of watching these two strong women overcome adversity and not give up. I really recommend the Swan River series; historical romance fans will like the strong, smart Blake sisters and their adventures of settlement in earlyAustralia. I surely did! Anna Jacobs is happy to be contacted about her writing and books.

Please visit the contact page for more information. Book list Series list Book covers. Find Anna on Facebook. All Rights Reserved.

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Anna Jacobs Contact Login. Destiny's Path In , and the Blake twins face a dilemma.

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Quotes Xanthe and Maia both have hurdles to jump over to find happiness, but I enjoyed the journey of watching these two strong women overcome adversity and not give up. Excerpt Read the excerpt Destinys Path Chapter 1. When word of Alpha Red got out, Vergere was able to infiltrate security and use the chemical compounds she manufactured through the Force, residing in her system, to transform Alpha Red into something harmless. Until Alpha Red can be concocted into something lethal against the Yuuzhan Vong again, it is ruled out as an option to use against the galactic invaders.

The success of the operation against Ebaq 9, a long-neglected world on a former Imperial trade route, leads the Yuuzhan Vong into a trap that halts their advance by killing nearly every warrior who went to Ebaq, including Warmaster Tsavong Lah, who died in combat against Jaina Solo.

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Vergere sacrifices herself to save Jacen from the Vong by plowing a stolen A-wing into Ebaq 9's surface. The Yuuzhan Vong agent provocateur Nom Anor, who suggested the assault on Ebaq 9, is obliged to give his life for his plan's failure, but he disguises himself and hides beneath Yuuzhan'tar's formerly Coruscant 's streets.

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