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Shortly after this My Streeets formed a partnership with Extreme Ireland which attracted 7, customers in a twelve month period. A town the size of Drogheda with a relatively small homeless population in gross terms but relatively high per head of population! Moving to a new location posed challenges; building trust with potential trainees, sourcing training space, sourcing trainers and building relationships with established housing and homeless organisations.

The most remarkable, and one of the most rewarding parts of our journey to date, is the support we have consistently been shown by partners, the general public and the media. We are humbled every time our project is featured in the media and the positive public response gives us goosepimples caused by a combination of bashfulness and pride.

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Fifty one people have engaged on My Streets training programmes to date. We expect these numbers to increase exponentially as we strive to expand to additional locations over the coming months. Event description.

My Life and Uncomfortable Conversations at the Intersection of Black and White America

Read more Read less. Map and Directions View Map. View Details. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events Sabrina Bougie Styles Event creator. Following Follow. Events you might like:. Wet Willie's. Arts Performance.

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Share this event. Arts Appearance. Arts Tour. Arts Gala. Arts Retreat. And your latest book, Life After Google , suggests the beginning of the end of companies like Google. But I want to talk about your book Life After Television , written in , which accurately predicted the rise of smartphones. George Gilder: I said the computer of the future would be as portable as your watch, as personal as your wallet. It would recognise speech. It would navigate streets.

It would collect your mail and your news.

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It just might not do windows, but it would do doors. That is, open doors to your future. Steve Jobs read the book and distributed it to friends. So I believe that I had some vague influence on the evolution of the iPhone. So it might have suggested that level of innovation.

Before that you were heavily involved in policy. Am I correct? What are the components of a good political speech?

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GG: My role with speech writing was just to see the candidate as little as possible. What the candidate really wants is the best speech for a particular situation.

I wanted to do the best possible speech that I could write for that situation. The better the candidate was the worst the speech is, I thought. Jacob Javits, for example, I wrote speeches for him. He knew exactly what he wanted to say already. He was ferociously articulate and had virtually no use for me.

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Nixon would deliver them word for word. It was very gratifying writing speeches for Nixon. I think thought is a product of consciousness. Most neuroscientists believe that consciousness is an epi-phenomenon. A side effect of thought that they understand logical processing and they imagine that if logical processing is accelerated to high enough rate that somehow consciousness will emerge. I believe that this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the mind and that it undermines much of the prevailing neuroscience and almost all of computer science that purports to be imitating minds i.

You make a point in Life After Google which I think is excellent. Artificial intelligence is not what people think. GG: The smartest people in the world believe in the materials superstition. They believe that the universe is explicable entirely in terms of chemistry and physics. That assumption, I believe, is manifestly false.

But it is a religious conviction underlying almost all neuroscience, and computer science.