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More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Each level introduces and teaches of the most common headwords encountered in communication and academic study. Learners completing all four levels of the Drive Series will study 2, different headwords. Our graded readers have been carefully leveled to help English learners develop their reading ability step-by-step.

Designed to be read alone or as part of an extensive reading program. Come see why teachers around the world are using Compass Publishing graded readers in their classrooms. Compass Publishing Graded Readers Graded readers from Compass Publishing include award-winning series designed to provide English-language learners enjoyable reading practice through original fiction, nonfiction and specially retold classic titles from around the world.

English-language learners will enjoy developing their vocabulary acquisition, grammar application, reading fluency, and overall ability through use of these materials. What are graded readers? Graded readers, also known as leveled readers or language-learning literature, are short fiction and nonfiction books with audio that are carefully developed to meet the specific needs of English-language learners. They are designed to keep learners interested and motivated through tight control of the plot, vocabulary, and grammar, and have been specially written or adapted within a controlled vocabulary level and grammatical syllabus, with difficulty increasing through the levels.

Why use graded readers? Graded readers help students to learn how to read confidently, fluently, and quickly. Reading fluently is a skill that must be learned and practiced to quickly and confidently process text for its meaning, not just as a language exercise. Developing the skill to read fluently will not only help students to learn and use English, it will help them to do better on tests and in other real-life situations that require reading in English. Graded readers can be used in two ways: Individual Reading Program Creating and implementing an individual reading program allows students to become independent in their learning by borrowing books from the class library and reading them on their own.

However, it also offers students the freedom to select titles that interest them, and to read at their own pace when and where they want. Whole-Class Reading Program Creating and implementing a whole-class reading program ensures all students have read the same graded reader. This method provides students with the opportunity to discuss the reader in a group setting which can promote team-building. Sounds Great Readers is a five-book series that ensures learners can recognize and pronounce phonics correctly. This series is related to the content and skills developed throughout the Sounds Great Phonics series.

Each reader contains four stories 20 stories in all and can be used independently for effective phonics-reading practice. Original Illustrations The original and appropriate illustrations assist with comprehension of key words. Picture Word Bank A colorful picture word bank at the end of each book strengthens vocabulary acquisition.

Complimentary Downloads compasspub. The Sounds Great series has a separately sold student book, workbook, and linked reader, creating a complete and comprehensive phonics course. Mystery Readers is a fascinating ten-book series with two original mystery stories per book. Designed to transition learners from graded readers to authentic texts, each story includes engaging content that offers real-world knowledge to the learner.

This captivating series gives young learners suspects, clues, and important information that will make them feel like they are mystery solvers. Compass Readers is a book, seven-level collection of readers designed for elementary to intermediate English-language learners. This series provides a unique array of fiction and nonfiction graded readers that have been creatively designed to develop vocabulary, reading comprehension, and reading fluency. This award-winning series provides 60 traditional tales rewritten in easy-to-understand American English, over six-levels, with colorful illustrations.

Young English-language learners will enjoy developing their vocabulary and reading fluency throughout this series. The book includes wonderful illustrations and a playlet for a class performance. The Extensive Reading Foundation. Compass Classic Readers provides beginning and intermediate English-language learners accessible adaptations of the greatest works of literature. This series provides 60 carefully designed and retold tales in easy-to-understand American English, using vocabulary and sentence structures appropriate for each of the six levels.

Each reader is certain to help English-language learners enjoy developing their vocabulary, fluency and love of reading. Thought-provoking preview questions help learners use their prior knowledge to discuss the topic of the chapter before they read.

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  • Workbook The activity-filled pages encourage learners to practice their listening, speaking, and writing skills. The learner is then placed into an appropriate level and provided with recommended titles. Teachers and learners can monitor reading history with a progress chart and reading log. Flashcards and a recordable sing along section is also provided. Our reading series are packed full of content on unique subjects that your students will love along with high-quality activities designed to develop comprehension, ability, and fluency. Super Easy Reading is an effective three-book series designed to develop the core reading skills of elementary English-language learners.

    In Super Easy Reading, students can practice reading in a controlled and carefully graduated manner which students will find fun, accessible, and educational. Reading Lamp is a three-book reading series designed to introduce young learners to English reading.

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    After the Reading Lamp series, the students can progress to the Reading Table series, and finally the Reading Shelf series. This allows early readers to comfortably develop reading fluency as they broaden their reading ability step-by-step. Reading Table is a three-book reading series designed to set a foundation in reading by practicing basic listening, speaking and writing skills.

    As beginning readers work their way through the series, they will continually reinforce high-frequency sight words while focusing on learning a limited number of new vocabulary items in each unit. Very Easy Reading is a four-book reading course designed for the young beginning reader. Through this series, students are exposed to new vocabulary and structures in a controlled manner, making each reading practical to the new reader.

    In addition to activities which practice basic speaking, listening, and writing skills, Very Easy Reading also features original chants as a fun way of practicing the sounds of English. Real Easy Reading is a three-level series that equips young learners of English with the necessary skills for the challenges of nonfiction reading. Students will enjoy reading a wide variety of interesting passages in this series! Reading Time engages students through a variety of fiction and nonfiction passages designed to spark interest in reading.

    Learners will expand their basic reading ability, acquire useful and relevant vocabulary, and develop their writing skills. School Subject Readings is a three-level course in reading fluency. In addition, the readings cover a broad range of academic subjects, including history, literature, social studies, astronomy, and more.

    Through the gradual increase in vocabulary difficulty, grammatical complexity, and passage length in each book, learners will acquire the active reading skills necessary for their academic future. Reading Starter is a three-book reading series designed for beginner-level learners of English. To capture and maintain the interest of young learners, each book in the series contains a variety of reading types including short stories, emails, diary entries, charts, newspaper articles, and more. In addition, each reading passage is accompanied by a variety of exercises designed to practice all four language skills.

    Reading Builder is a three-level series designed to capture the interest of learners through the utilization of all four language skills. The series carefully controls the progression of grammar, vocabulary, and passage length while maintaining engaging and thought-provoking reading material. Reading Wise is a three-level reading series with 20 units in each book. Through story-based reading, listening, writing, and speaking activities, learners will wisely increase communicative skills in English.

    More School Subject Readings is a three-level course in reading fluency. Incorporating the important features of a North American textbook, each book utilizes fiction and nonfiction readings to keep learners engaged. The readings include stories, letters, journal entries, and articles and cover various academic subjects, such as history, literature, social sciences, and astronomy. The reading passages progress in vocabulary difficulty and grammar complexity to ensure learners build their reading skills and prepare themselves for their academic future.

    Reading Jump is a three-book reading series designed with reading passages that are thematically grouped to focus on entertainment, art, health, sports, environment, science, social sciences, people, culture, nature, and history. Reading Jump Plus is a three-book series designed for students who began with the original Reading Jump series, but functions well on its own. Reading Success is a six-book reading series designed to help young learners develop reading fluency through basic texts written in natural English. The course progresses from the beginner to intermediate levels.

    The Reading Success series presents a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction texts on topics ranging from daily life to current affairs. Each topic is represented in an interesting and engaging way, and is designed to promote familiarity with all kinds of writing. Core Nonfiction Reading is a three-book series for mature high beginner and intermediate learners. The nonfiction content highlights a wide range of appropriate university-level topics that incorporate infographics.

    Comprehensive activities are included, which not only test memory of facts and details, but also the ability to make inferences. This material will help students to develop critical thinking and cognitive skills and is an ideal course for high-school and university learners.

    Reading Discovery provides a rich source of interesting nonfiction reading vividly presented to students in a fun and engaging way. Unit activities stimulate development of essential academic tasks, including note-taking, summarization, integrating information from different sources, and vocabulary acquisition practice. Reading Challenge is a three-book, nonfiction reading series with a wide range of engaging topics. The graded reading passages allow learners to comfortably progress from easily accessible readings to more challenging ones through repeated exposure to frequently encountered language structures and vocabulary.

    Reading for Speed and Fluency is a four-book series which brings students the perfect tool to develop their reading speed and fluency. In order to develop reading speed, students need to read appropriately leveled text at an accelerated pace. Short Articles for Reading Comprehension is a three-book series which provides a wide range of informative articles that will help transition students from a learning-to-read stage to a reading-to-learn stage of language development.

    Reading for the Real World is a four-book series designed for high school and university students who wish to improve their academic reading fluency and comprehension. All reading passages and exercises have been revised and updated. High-interest readings on a wide range of topics motivate students and provide abundant practice, while also enabling students to acquire the New Academic Word List NAWL in context. Reading the World Now is a three-book series designed for students who are seeking to bridge their English-language reading from adapted texts to native texts.

    Reading the World Now provide learners who are ready for this challenging, but necessary step in the development of reading skills with a range of informative texts, covering a broad scope of topics from literature to science to social issues. On Point is a three-book series which teaches learners to analyze, critically evaluate, and intelligently respond to texts. Learners discuss and develop well-reasoned, supported opinions on a wide range of high-interest topics.

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    Extensive Reading for Academic Success is a collection of reading passages that will help students develop their reading fluency and speed. This series will also prepare learners for the type of readings and questions they may encounter on academic tests. Issues Now in the News is a course book designed to improve useful language skills for advanced-level learners while raising awareness about world issues and current events. Each unit contains an authentic news text to provide interesting and relevant news stories that spark discussion and interest! Reading Formula with Note-Taking hones reading strategies and note-taking skills.

    Students learn key techniques and how to identify the organization of information from a text to ensure proper comprehension of the reading passages. The Compass Publishing grammar series use fun-filled activities, practical applications, and clear explanations that are sure to engage and interest learners.

    Give your students the practice they need to succeed. Grammar Starter is a vibrant three-book grammar series in full color. Chapters are organized around basic grammar topics and units are structured to present, practice, and reinforce grammar points. Students will quickly grasp the fundamentals of English grammar necessary to build their communication skills. Easy English Grammar is a five-book, clear and concise, grammar reference series.

    The series blends grammar explanations and exercises with interesting activities to help students acquire a solid foundation of basic, high-frequency structures. Easy English Grammar also emphasizes communicative picturebased activities which support early learners in the first stage of Englishlanguage development. Grammar Planet is a three-book grammar series designed to help learners acquire a solid foundation of basic, high-frequency grammar structures.

    Characters provide context to keep the content meaningful, fun, and engaging.