The Doctor is in Her (The Complete 3 Story Bundle) (Medical BDSM Erotica)

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Of course, an old crime need not trouble Tom and Jake as they try to settle in to their new home. Except that now another young boy has gone missing. And then Jake begins acting strangely. He says he hears a whispering at his window The Cote d'Azur is one of the wildest places I've ever been to in my life and my husband Cole and I have done almost everything there.

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What I've never experienced before though is watching Cole take on a mistress half his age. The second she walks into our private cove I know there's something sexual afoot. I've always wanted to see Cole with another woman and now's my chance. Let me clean him out of you, honey, but make sure he gets everything he wants! Author: S. She dreams of a life she knows will never happen, but hope blossoms when a strange creature is captured at the entrance to their kingdom, and Tia remembers the legend of the goddess that will renew their world. Jett's thirst for adventure leads him to a previously undiscovered cavern where an unusual kingdom exists, and he is captivated by their beautiful Keeper.

Unable to resist, he returns again and again until he knows he must steal her away The Dragonlings and the Magic Four-Leaf Clover A campfire tale while on a camp-out with their dads has the dragonlings and their besties enchanted with a mythical kingdom called Glitter, home of the magical and mischievous Great King Leprechaun and the Little People.

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When the younglings discover their dads have disappeared, they are certain King Leprechaun is responsible. Armed with a magic four-leaf clover, the dragonlings and their besties will do anything to save their fathers, including tricking the King by using their golden symbiots-because everyone knows a Leprechaun can't resist gold! It drives people to do things they normally wouldn't. It may hold truth, but it may bring about pain. When Eli said goodbye to love, he never counted on Gia.

The darkened soul he'd kept hidden for far too long was tainted. And she was too beautiful, too innocent. But he didn't bank on the feisty beauty taming the beast he held inside. Living with guilt and anger, he promises to never love again. But fate has other plans. Will Eli and Gia find a light in the dark? Contains mature themes. My nineteen-year-old lodger Kyle had recently begun to work out alongside me in my private gym.

As the weeks pass I watch him transform into this muscle-bound, handsome guy with a body that far surpasses his confidence in it. I've always dressed skimpily in the gym and I'm not about to change that now, but with Kyle becoming increasingly interested in my routine it was only a matter of time before things boiled over.

Read how he takes me in this milf anal fantasy. Is it that I make it hurt? Or is it that I make you like it? Plain and simple. When David took Lianna Mercier to destroy her, he didn't know that he'd fall for her. A mistake he'd happily make again But he's not the only monster at her door. She's still heir to a family name steeped in blood and violence, a criminal family that she's too innocent to face alone, and they're coming for her.

He'll die before he lets her go, because losing her will only end one way - with him eating a bullet. The only problem is What do I really want for my nineteenth birthday? I want to flip the roles and have a guy unwrap me for the first time, but the only man I'm in regular contact with is the Tom, the guy I rent off, and I don't think his wife would like that - But I just don't trust anyone else! He succumbs to my wishes reluctantly, giving me the rough treatment as I lose my virginity in style while she sleeps above us!

I bet not many people can say their first time was this naughty! My tenant Jared was doing very well for himself and at nineteen he was already the manager of a local bar. I pop in to see him late one night after a drink with friends and find myself strangely drawn to the image of him tending the bar, despite our age difference. After closing time things get a little more personal and before long he's driving his hard length into my virginal, tight behind as I sit on the bar-stool, goading him on to treat me naughty. Read how I do something so utterly sinful that no-one can ever know!

The 'First Timers 4-Pack,' features books 5 - 8 of the racy series that sees these sinful women taken for the first time by their big, stiff alphas. The men in this bundle aren't interested in finishing anywhere other than inside their first-time beauties, giving them a taste of exactly what it's like to get it for real. Stories include : 'A Date With Mr. Friends and Masters James is a Dom. Michael loves women. As friends of years, working the clubs, it seems that little can come between them.

Until that is, James is offered the chance to 'Buy a Virgin'. Heroine leaves her cheating husband and finds herself in Paris, with the help of a dreamy painter. Regency novella; a beautiful, near-perfect romance with unique story structure. I don't want to tell you anything about it, just trust me. And do not read about it before you read it. New York-set sexy contemporary; enemies-to-lovers, great dialogue, great sex, wonderful to see these two characters succumb. Chef heroine has escaped an abusive relationship and returned home to start a food truck; falls for the gruff-but-kind chef next door.

Merman hero, forced to hunt heroine who can foretell death. Georgian historical; widowed heroine agrees to be dark, wounded hero's secretary…and save him in the balance. Regency historical; gaming hell owning hero, heroine lost to him in a card game. Sexual tension for days. Heroine can manipulate metal and is the only one who can save him.

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Regency Historical; Stuffy British ship's captain; young, scandalous American heroine in disguise as cabin boy. Old School Romance. Regency historical; retelling of The Hangover. Victorian historical. Heroine in pants, masquerading as Duke's footman. Bathtub scene that will slay you. Erotic contemporary; 1st person hero POV. Hero is a priest, heroine is an exotic dancer. Beautifully written. As close to inspirational romance as erotic can get. Heroine is obsessed with the wrong man, whose brother is wild about her. She doesn't realize it until she can't resist him.

Very cleverly written. Accidental drunken Vegas marriage to a rock star leads to two people falling into wonderful love.

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A delightful, sexy book. Sweet contemporary; when her best friend and boyfriend end up together, heroine green-card marries a boxing dreamboat. BDSM erotic contemporary. Club owner and cancer survivor hero falls for a heroine before realizing that her father is his enemy. Very sexy and emotional. Very emotional, extremely satisfying HEA. Post Apocalyptic New Adult. Privileged heroine and self-appointed bodyguard hero. Eco-terrorism subplot. First in a regency historical series; The Scarlet Pimpernel meets Regency Romance with a chick-lit wrapper. So charming. Erotic historical.

Hero is secretary of a Regency sex club; heroine is hired to work at the club and soon becomes his sexual dominant. Warrior is a contemporary western-set category, originally published as a Silhouette Desire. Heroine is cat hunter. As happens. Sexy contemporary. Nails the long distance relationship. Chicago-set contemporary. Hijinx ensue. Plus sized spinster gives herself a male prostitute for her 30th bday. Her boss shows up instead.

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  4. Medieval Scotland. Deaf, non-speaking heroine, thought to be mad. Arranged marriage to hot Scotsman. Georgian historical. Plus-sized heroine bullied and mocked by her peers. Hero in love with another agrees to marry her for her reputation. Smart, feminist, sweet contemporary. Librarian heroine with disdain for love becomes an internet meme; hero is a journalist trying to set her up for a story.

    Former gang member hero is just out of prison and trying to set himself straight.

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    Heroine is the girl next door from his childhood. A beautiful romance about life and love and how they intersect. Small-town contemporary. French heroine with abusive past is now chef at ski resort. Hunky owner wants to love her. Regency historical; Spinster heroine in disguise stumbles upon her family's mortal enemy and falls in love. Of course.

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    • Erotic fiction that puts 50 Shades in the shade.

    Old school. Regency historical.

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    Marquess and war hero returns home with PTSD and a need for funds. Courts scandalous heiress who steals his heart. Gorgeous historical. Princess heroine has always loved her father's head guard. He finally finds he can't resist her. Old School ish. Former military hero turned security expert hero finds heroine in a small town, the two are soon chasing a serial killer who is somehow connected to them. Heroine is left at the altar on television, and the cameraman who made sure the world saw it all becomes integral in her finding a new guy A beautiful, honest love story between two ordinary guys who feel like they don't fit Asexual hero.

    Heroine is a Regency-era fixer -- Olivia Pope in a corset. Hero is knocked for a loop when she arrives to solve a delicate matter involving his sister and a dead aristocrat. Plus-sized heroine horribly bullied in high school falls for her bully in college. You will feel everything while reading this. Stein is excellent at her job. Bollywood star causes a media ruckus and gets shipped off to a distant estate where she falls in love with a crusty, beastly hero. What's not to love? This sexy-contemporary is for pen-pal romance lovers out there She's a plus-sized veterinarian, and their letters are awesome.

    Secret baby, second chance at love story. After their failed elopement, the hero heads to war and the heroine marries another; when she's widowed, she places an ad for a new husband--only to have her first love reappear. Two Regency Era spies married for work, and now she's looking for an annulment so she can marry for love.

    He's willing to give her what she wants Of course, they fall in love. First in a series of erotic contemporaries about Air Force fighter pilots and their fall into love. Each book features a different kink; explored with sexiness and emotion. MMF Menage. Sci-fi erotic romance. When a spaceship crash lands on a planet with an atmosphere of pure aphrodisiac, a human space soldier and an alien have no choice but to turn to each other for help.

    A full five bananas on the bananas scale. Autistic heroine hires a male escort with an eye toward learning about sex and relationships. They tumble into love. Rock star hero struggling with depression falls for an ordinary girl in an extraordinary way. Magnificent rep for mental illness. Delicious Thanksgiving-themed romance. Heroine needs a fake-boyfriend to fend off irritating family questions, and finds one in sexy single-dad contractor. Shifter hero imprisoned by vampires for centuries finally escapes to find his fated mate is part vampire. The first in an unputdownable series.

    Stunning erotic historical debut with hints of gothic and modern. Heroine is a delightful botanist with no choice but to enter into a marriage of convenience with an alpha-submissive duke—who fears what will happen if she discovers his kink. Rich aristocrat and a thief-turned-investigator are an irresistible match in Regency London.

    Heroine who has been personal assistant to her best friend hero decides she can't live with her unrequited love any longer and quits. Hero has other plans. Modern amnesia story. The heroine lost her memory and is desperate to understand herself, so she seeks out the only person she can find who might help -- her ex-boyfriend, who still has a thing for her Erotic romance set on a futuristic prison planet.

    Heroine arrives at the prison to discover that she has no choice but to find a protector. This one is not for the faint of heart. College-set contemporary. Heroine with spinal cord injury, injured hockey-player hero. Sexy, honest romance. Gilded Age American-set novella. Hero is a millionaire president of a bank. Heroine is a perfume girl on the run. They are trapped in his private rail car for three days. Black suffragette heroine hiding her work from her family and friends meets hero working to enforce the 15th Amendment She disagrees. First in a contemporary duology. Newly graduated heroine falls for a graduate student in the summer after college, then realizes love might not be possible between them.

    my PSYCHOTIC sugar daddy story. you aren't ready.

    Beautiful, honest, sexy book. Second book How Not to Let Go required for happily ever after. Peter finally gives in to temptation. Once he crossed that bridge there is no turning back for him! This erotica short story collection is too sexual and hot to continue describing. You can find the explicit taboo details inside. Read it to find out more.

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