The Haunting of Sprucehaven Inn: A Paranormal Club Mystery (Paranormal Club Mysteries Book 2)

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At the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, legend has it that the ghost of someone who was murdered in a campus building's basement terrifies the students. Some have awoken in the night to screaming inside their heads, unable to move. Some say the spirit of a student who was raped and murdered haunts the Minnesota Institute of the Arts.

The Connecticut Room is reported to have unexplained cold spots, and some students say they have awoken in the night freezing cold to the sound of screaming. I don't go around seeing ghosts everywhere. The last ghost I saw was in when I lived in an apartment building called The Buckingham. I was in my bedroom when I saw a shadowy silhouette of a man enter, stand and stare at me, and proceed to Rumor has it that the upstairs dance lounge is haunted, and deejays report growls and other noises in the headphones.

And according to local legend, when the site was a bus station long ago, a distraught woman hanged herself in the restroom. She was going to meet her boyfriend who In , this building was a brothel where a young girl named Betsy worked as an entertainer, with her true love being a soldier at war.

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He promised to take her away, but she was murdered before this happened. Today, it is a bar in the Minneapolis warehouse district, minus In , he was convicted of murder and his hanging was botched, forcing him to endure 3 minutes of slow strangulation. As a result, no more hangings occurred here. Now, folks have seen his apparition or Washington Avenue Bridge at the University of Minnesota is the stuff of local haunted legend, especially among students.

Witnesses have heard footsteps along the bridge that seem to follow them, stopping when they stop and resuming when they do. The haunting is said to be a result of the many The old s soap factory, now an experimental art venue, is said to be a doozy of a haunted site, based partly on the reality that soap was made from animal fat allegedly from thousands of strangled stray dogs and the like. Not only that, but before it was a At College of St. Catherine's St. Students also have reported something poking them awake right before their alarms go off or cold fingers on the backs of their necks.

Some have heard the sound of someone running Who else would haunt a Dairy Queen but ice-cream-loving kids? Children's laughter and the sounds of employees' names being called have been heard after closing, and mysterious orders print up that were not ordered by anyone in the realm of the living. Items also have been known to disappear or Hamline University has a few haunted halls, say the students.

One building said to see the most ghostly activity is the Manor Hall, where apparitions, moving objects and strange noises abound.

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The third floor is the most active. Old Main and Drew Hall are no slouches either, as far as At the s Gibbs Museum Farmhouse, spirits are a regular occurrence, some say. Doors and cupboards are known to open and close, a chair rocks with no one in it, toys are moved around in the night, footsteps are heard in the halls, and the apparition of a little boy The Minnesota State Fairgrounds, according to some, is haunted by a ghost pig, or half-human, half-pig called the Pigman.

Other reports say a small brown bird that nests here is believed to be a reincarnation of Wayne Murray, a maintenance man who died here in Also, the ghost of Allegedly haunted by a variety of employees who died there in various ways. Details on the actual haunted activity are scarce but seem to fall primarily into the "eerie feeling" and "random sound" categories. She and her husband Adolf Bremer had a son, Edward, who was kidnapped in by the Karpis-Barker gang. The house is haunted by an apparition of a The Griggs Mansion was turned into apartments, and then an art school in It has many ghosts, including a maid who hanged herself on the fourth floor landing in ; gardener Charles Wade, who has been heard flipping through books in the library; a thin man in a The building was built in and is on the MIssissippi River.

There have been numerous reports of smells, sightings, and sounds by a variety of visitors. Personally I have seen a woman Forepaugh's Restaurant serves French cuisine in an s Victorian mansion. It is believed to be haunted by Molly, a young maid who had an affair with Joseph Lybrandt Forepaugh. When Joseph's wife Mary caught them in bed, pregnant Molly hanged herself from a chandelier and threw herself out a third-story The Jonathan Padelford is a Mississippi River steamboat that's believed to be haunted by a man who drowned after climbing to the top of the pilothouse and then falling from it into the river.

Both employees and passengers have heard this phantom scene replay, complete with footsteps and a large This beautiful castle-like location is said to be haunted by Jack Pfeiffer, a former bellhop who got in with gangsters and began laudering money. He was arrested and, fearful of going to prison, killed himself by poisoning in his jail cell. Jack's ghost enjoys ladies, drinking and partying, and can Wabasha Street Caves are sandstone underground caves available for tours. They are decorated with brick walls, stucco ceilings and carpet or tile floors. Apparitions seen here include a man in a panama hat, another man who meets a woman in the bar area around 3 a.

The Ramsey County Courthouse is haunted, say witnesses who have seen apparitions in old-style clothes and heard laughter in empty rooms and high heels walking down empty halls. The apparition of a shoeshine man has been seen in the lobby, and another man has been seen hanging from a noose, The Minnesota State Capitol was completed in , replacing an older building that had burned down. Witnesses have described unexplained noises that come from the second story, cold gusts of air, and apparitions of deceased senators and governors in the halls and stairways.

Something may be strange about Room Lambrecht's Gift Store New Ulm, Minnesota This gift store is housed in a historic building, which has a darker history in relation to the murder of a woman that occurred in the building many years before. Peter, Minnesota Calvary Cemetery Mankato, Minnesota Harrington-Merrill House Hutchinson, Minnesota Montgomery Golf Club Montgomery, Minnesota Vicksburg Cemetery Renville, Minnesota Paul Jeff Morris.

Ness Church Litchfield, Minnesota Chanhassen Water Tower Chaska, Minnesota Fountain Lake Delano, Minnesota Chanhassen Dinner Theatre New Ulm, West Hills Owatonna, Minnesota Loon Lake Cemetery Jackson, Minnesota Holbrook Park Long Lake, Minnesota Ghosts of Southeastern Minnesota Christopher Larsen. Haunted Minnesota Hugh E. Olaf College Northfield, Minnesota Sturges Park Buffalo, Minnesota It added an element of danger which built suspense and it later. Barbara Weiden Boyd. PRWeb Daily Digest for Edward Elco on Wednesday, May 01, webShine local business online marketing services usher businesses out of the age of the phone book and into an effective strategy including local search marketing services.

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