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Even I can't hate her, which, if you know anything about stepmothers, is really very wrong. We are supposed to hate each other; it's in the natural order of things. And that does not take into account the special circumstances of me vs.

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Which are:. Yes, that is right, my stepmother was eight when I was born. Don't even ask how old my father was when she was born; it's upsetting. And yet, despite that, I cannot hate her. Since she and my dad got married a year ago, Sherri! She doesn't take my dad's side in our arguments, and she uses logic on me to get me to do what she wants.

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Like, "If you use the car without permission, you'd better remember to fill the gas tank. You have money for gas, right? If you don't, you might not want to go. Plus, she has never tried to give me menstruation tips, or tell me how lucky I am because my exotic coloring opens up a whole palette of eye shadow colors most women can't go near , or point out that some boys like to date women a foot taller than them, or advise me about guys at all. Not that her advice would work anyway, since her experiences as a seventeen-year-old and mine have nothing in common except that we are both the same species.

And I'm not even sure that's true. I mean, Sherri! The way the really cute guy sitting at the pool's Snack Hut looked in our direction as she perfectly "Right arm, jab! Left arm, jab! My plan for the afternoon was to lie around far, far from Sherri! It seemed like a good time to start, since school was beginning in two weeks and so far my journal was empty.

So I decided I would just write down whatever I wanted. Like this haiku:. The point of the Meaningful Reflection Journal, according to Dr. Lansdowne, the college counselor at the Westborough School for Girls, which I attend, is to encourage us to compile thoughts and reflections and take stock of all the little life lessons we learn each day.

Translated, that meant that it would force us to practice SAT vocabulary words while helping us come up with something that sounded deep in our college essays.

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Young people, Dr. Lansdowne said, experience so much and process so little; the journals would change that. He can get away with saying things like that without choking on his tongue because he looks like Hugh Grant did when he was young, complete with British accent. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Teen Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist.

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USD 9. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Meet Jasmine, 1 forensic supersleuth, 2 aspiring Model Daughter, 3 and friend to animals. Age Range: 13 - 17 Years. My friend Polly can name the designer, season, and price of any garment on any person knockoffs too with flawless accuracy. Roxy can eat more food faster than anyone I've ever seen, has a perfect sense of direction, and over one spring break she built a working TV out of an old toaster. And her twin brother Tom can imitate anyone's voice and pick any kind of lock. It had started out as such a nice day too.


Which are: Sherri! Even rockets. Figure: she's a body double for Hollywood stars. Need I say more?

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Height: perfect 5'6"; 5'9" in heels If her hair were a character in a horror movie, it would be: the pretty girl who always looks tidy yet sexy even when running for her life from the scary unpredictable murderer Dream: to invent a line of comfortable, safe, and attractive seat belts for small dogs Age: 25 Me Jas : Boobs: nonexistent like my superpower Eyes: grass green from my Irish father Skin: chocolate milkshake from my Jamaican mother.

Along with my dimples. Face: could launch, maybe, a science experiment Figure: stick bug Height: King Kong If my hair were a character in a horror movie it would be: the scary unpredictable murderer who sometimes looks perfectly normal and then other times reveals an inner demonic self. Dream: to have a boyfriend I can look up to. While wearing my cowboy boots. Oh, also to fight crime and make the world a safer place. Age: 17 Yes, that is right, my stepmother was eight when I was born.

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Harry wanted to indulge and empower women and so he opened the doors of his lavish department store, on London's famous Oxford Street. But he doesn't leave his vices, or his demons, at home.

Despite his deep love for his wife Rose and their children, and the support of his mother, Harry is vulnerable to the charms of showgirls and the pull of gambling. Pre-Printed Copy of Original Autograph.

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An educated woman, a former painter, and a prominent member of society in Chicago, she is something of a fish out of water in the rigidly stratified London society, with its puzzling traditions and expectations. She is dutiful in her quiet beauty and handles Harry's indiscretions with a weary grace — after all, she has seen it all before.

But as Selfridges takes off and Harry is home less frequently, a quiet rebellion stirs in the very traditional Rose. Isolated and lonely, she heads to the National Gallery, where a tempestuous friendship with a handsome young artist forms. Among the social elite who attend her salon, she can make or break reputations in a heartbeat, and her appetite for wielding power is matched only by her appetite for beautiful young men. Embedded in a marriage of convenience to Lord Loxley, who stays in the country while she stays in the city, Lady Mae is uniquely aware of a woman's power and its limitations.

She is forward-thinking in both politics and business and is an active supporter of the women's rights movement.