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Unable to cope financially on their own, both Escola de Mestres and Collegio del Remei closed in ; [] Bardina became sort of an outcast. Cut off from public money, Bardina ensured private support. In the Dural couple, owners of a well-to-do trading company, agreed to finance a new school.

The enterprise was largely a private Durall tuition affair, as the only alumni known were their numerous children and Bardina's own oldest daughter. For financial reasons or reasons which are not clear, the school closed after just one year, in Bardina found himself in financial dire straits, especially that creditors of Escola de Mestres threatened him with legal action. He had to return to Barcelona; in the newly formed Mancomunitat launched a number of new educational establishments, but Bardina was not invited to take part in any.

In the mids Bardina's idea of leaving Spain focused on Colombia , where some of his alumni settled. As initial recruitment process, staged by Ministry of Education, proved fruitless, [] advised by a Bolivian consul in Barcelona Bardina applied for the job. It is not clear whether his PhD dissertation , accepted in early , was anyhow related to the recruitment process; [] one month later he signed a contract with the Bolivian government.

Acting on his advice, Bardina accompanied Salas on his return trip to Santiago de Chile and settled in the city. In he moved to the coastal city, where he would remain until the end of his life. In the s he published numerous pieces, centered on education though at times dealing also with social and political issues; [] set in the Catholic framework, they nevertheless kept advancing innovative views on schooling.

He also dedicated himself to family life, enjoying birth and education of his 4 children. At unspecified time in the s he commenced teaching at a customs officer training center, which proved to be a safe source of income and provided him with esteem of the civil servant. The project proved hugely successful, with the review distributed in many American countries; it also consumed lots of his time, as gathering information and establishing new links Bardina started to travel across the continent; his trips took him to Peru , Colombia, Venezuela , Argentina and Ecuador.

For the first time he enjoyed affluence, travelling extensively, staying in the best hotels and basking in the growing prestige. Bardina's flagship product was La Semana Internacional , a weekly Monday column discussing international politics which kept appearing until the early s. However, co-operation with the daily ended abruptly. Instead of lecturing the audience, he preferred — much in line with his educational outlook, though also perhaps not unrelated to his lack of juridical background — to engage in discussion.

In Bardina set up another weekly on his own, La Semana Internacional. The periodical, very much a one-man show, kept appearing for some 15 years and was distributed in America and in Europe. It turned into his personal tribune; apart from review of international politics, it covered a vast array of other topics, [] earning him position also abroad. Initially sympathetic towards the Spanish Republic , he later started to view it as incapable of solving structural issues; following a period of hesitation, during the Civil War he tended to side with the Nationalists.

The s are perhaps the period of Bardina's professional and social climax. Due to its pro-Nazi sympathies, La Semana was blacklisted by the US authorities, which caused problems in print and in distribution; [] the weekly went into decline. His manuals, reprinted for years in Spain, were already 20 years old and dried out as a source of royalties. Bardina's views on education are reconstructed predominantly on basis of his theoretical works.

His opus consists mostly of articles, scattered across numerous periodicals issued in Spain or in Chile.

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It is not completely clear how Bardina developed his interest in education and what his inspiration was. His ideas on the long term relationship between forming teachers and its socio-economic consequences are only reflected on his work. Some scholars assume that his first observations were a negative one, namely own 9-year period in the seminary. Bardina rejected what he perceived as antiquated education system and strove to build a new one. Christianorum, II D. Aethelred II, roi d'Angleterre.. Writing Medieval Biography, Aimeri Picaud XIIe s.

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Manual básico de economía austriaca

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Enquête Vaccination épisode 7- Coqueluche, conflit d'intérêt & politique vaccinale wisolyvahode.tk

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