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Before we got married, though, my husband had open access to my apartment whenever he wanted it and it was the same for me at his house. It was clear very early on that we were both very ready for a long-term relationship. Preece says it's about more than just access, it's about trust: "It's a fantastic sign that he completely trusts you and is quite happy for you to stay even when he's not there.

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He knows there is the risk you might discover things he'd rather you didn't, but he's open enough not to care. Preece says it's not always about the big things, like time together and space in each other's lives. Sometimes, it's about the little things, literally: "A committed man is one who listens to everything you say even if you don't think he is. Preece emphasizes that doesn't just mean he is listening to your major life plans.

Instead, he'll know literally everything about you and will show you that he does by the things he does for you. He does this because he wants you to feel happy and secure. It might not be grand gestures, but he'll surprise you by dropping in little reminders every now and again. If you find yourself surprised that your guy was paying attention to something small you said, it means he's committed to you even though he might not say it.

If your guy has already nestled up comfortably in that committed couple life, he'll be calling you a "we" even when you don't know it. Preece says this comes through most clearly when he's talking to those that matter to him: "Pay attention when you hear him talking to his family and friends.

Is he referring to you as a couple?

12 Signs He’s the Guy You Should Marry According to the Bible

Maybe he'll say something like 'We'd love to come' without even considering an invite might just be for him. It's the moments where he offhandedly says something about the two of you being a unit that you really know he wants a long-term committed relationship. I did the same thing with the kind of music I listened to — changing to what he liked best. Plus, he helps you discover who you are.

When you pray about the man you want to marry your whole life and then God places him in your life, your faith will definitely grow.

Love Quotes For Him That Will Bring You Both Closer

So your faith grows. How could the God of the universe take time to create and give me exactly what I have imagined?

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And you are humbled, every day. Written for my future husband, Jerromy.

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