NO MATTER WHAT - You’ve Got to Live Your Dreams.

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Do you believe that you deserve to live your dream?

Because the fact that we want what we want is enough. We are deserving of what we want by virtue of our existence alone; we were born deserving of our every dream and desire. One of the biggest indicators of this phenomenon is chronic procrastination. Is there excitement? A sense of anticipation? Or is there more of a sense of dread, discomfort, sadness or shame? The way you feel when you tell yourself that you deserve your dream will immediately tell you what you really believe.

And if anything feels the least bit off , then you know you have some serious mindset-shifting work to do.

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And it is your expectations that determine your reality. So how do you make that shift and start convincing yourself that you really do deserve to have your dreams come true? Here is a 5-step process to help:. Step 1: Write it down. Write your dream down. Write out in detail what your dream is, what it would mean to you to have it come true, and your why for doing it in the first place.

This is the ONE Thing You Need to Live Your Dreams

Really get yourself connected to the dream. They could include things like:. Step 3: The objective response. Step 4: Mirror work.

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Look yourself in the eye and tell yourself, out loud, that you deserve to have this dream come true. Fair warning — there could be tears and there could be anger. Let it happen. Let it out. Spend three minutes with this exercise and then stop for the day. But do it again for three minutes every day until you no longer have any negative reaction to it. Step 5: Use your affirmations.

For example:. It may be obvious to you that when I ask people who are not living their dream life why they're not living it, they offer up a slew of excuses.

You Deserve to Live Your Dream

It's as though a laundry list of reasons roll off their tongues and out the door. Before I can reply, they've convinced themselves for the umpteenth time that that dream life is unrealistic, impractical, and totally far-fetched. It's the life reserved for their imagination -- not a reality that they have the power to create. Sound familiar? Excuses are just excuses, though.

They're not truths; they're only as real as you make them. They're artificial creations that mask the real fear and doubt lurking underneath your skin. So to prevent the excuses from holding you back from your dream life for even one more day, I've compiled a list of the top excuses I've heard, and some ways you can bust through each.

When you're done with the list, you'll have nothing left but your dream, and hopefully a lot of refueled inspiration to go for it. You've got the power to make anything happen -- just put one foot in front of the other and take action. Drumroll, please Consider how much money you actually need and find creative ways to get it. I'm going to guess that you you haven't even spent the time figuring out how much money you need to actualize this dream. Don't compromise down your dream before you even explore it. Excuse 2: I don't have time.

You can make time for the stuff that matters to you.

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You get to choose whether or not you prioritize your dreams. What are you doing that's a total time-waster? Do you spend three hours a day on Facebook or mindless moments in front of the TV? What can you accomplish more efficiently? What can you outsource to someone else? Rearrange your day and think outside the box.

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You'll find you have more time than you think. Excuse 3: I've already started down one path; I can't change direction. Every day you make decisions about how you live your life. Give yourself permission to change direction -- no matter how much time, energy, or money you've already invested in another endeavor, relationship, or job.

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Life is all about twists and turns -- be open to a new direction. Excuse 4: I'm too scared. It's natural to be scared of the activities that most excite you. Use fear to move you forward -- follow your fear, don't resist it.

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Push yourself so you can be proud of yourself. Excuse 5: People will judge me if I fail.