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As to independent booksellers, more than half have disappeared in less than 20 years. When it comes to the diffusion of culture, the balance sheet of big distribution, coupled with globalisation, does not give rise to any great jubilation. In view of this modern trend, the curators of libraries and antiquarian booksellers could turn into dinosaurs. Regarding librarians Cordier's report notes that "the essence of the profession of the librarian was to catalogue and to conserve, and he is becoming a middleman. Nonetheless there is always the risk that ancient documents will end up hidden in dark storage areas to serve only as a reference basis to computerisation.

On the other hand we are aware that the big projects for digital computerisation appear to be on the decline. Regarding booksellers, I tend to believe that as the gap widens between books for consumer purposes and rare books, there will be greater distinction between them, and that such books will acquire greater value for collection purposes.

From this point of view, there will always remain a margin for small scale bookselling business, which will address itself to cultured amateurs. This tendency has already been observed, that booksellers of rare books have and will continue to play a leading role in upholding a high quality, even if marginal, production. Thanks to their cultural knoweldge regarding the history of the book, the antiquarian booksellers often have a more refined approach to contemporary books and are often interested in original and refined forms of publications.

The difficulty, of course, is to maintain this marginal profession, and to be able to transmit the professional experience to future generations and more particularly, to ensure their financial subsistence.

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Fortunately the old book has not aroused the interest of large financial groups, even though in recent times, some doubtful statements have been made regarding the speculative nature of rare books which may have unfortunately aroused the interest of specialised speculators. In point of fact the great danger for the profession is the proliferation of European regulations that have been enacted over the past few years.

These regulations and their restrictive nature have dealt a severe blow to the interest of collectors and merchants, who represent the platform for the enrichment of our cultural heritage.

La Famille royale de France

To base the development of cultural wealth on administrative action and methods is certainly not the best way to enrich this country. The example provided by the administrative policy followed in the Eastern communist countries of Europe has shown that such methods do not work. Today the art market is above all international in character.

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We can no longer argue in a vacuum. For example we have seen that in the field of immigration, administrative restrictions have not eliminated violations. The High Authority which regulates French Public Auctions, and generally the professionals of the art market know that VAT on imported goods constitutes severe setbacks to the enrichment of our national heritage. There are, however, other restrictions. Thus the notion itself of "zero level" for certain cultural assets would appear today to be obsolete. This administrative restriction which goes back to has not in fact served to protect our national treasures, which had been the primary object of the regulation.

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Quel avenir pour la balance commerciale entre la France et la Chine?

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