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This number, plus seam allowances, is how wide your body fabric pieces need to be.

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Cut out your body fabric pieces according to the size of the bottom piece, the shape you want for the bag, and the handle style. From this, you will sew a tube, with ends tucked in, that can be stuffed and topstitched to join the two halves of the handles.

It is easier to do than to describe — see sketch. Sew each body fabric piece together along the side seam.

The Reversible Bucket Bag | Christine Doyle

Sew each body fabric piece to the bottom fabric piece in the same fabric. Before you do, add any pockets you intend to add to either or both fabrics. With wrong sides together, sew from one handle, along the top edge of the bag, up the other handle.

**DIY**How to make Bucket Bag**Easy Tutorial**

Repeat on the other side of the bag, leaving enough space to turn the pieces inside out. Note: very thick fabrics with no stretch will need a lot of space to turn! After turning inside out, slipstitch opening or topstitch entire seam. Cutting out the pieces. Sustainable sewing 1: DIY reusable produce bag for groceries April 10, Sustainable sewing 2: no-sew reusable grocery bag hack May 1, Make your own personalized felt Kindle case April 3, Sara curates everything, from the design stage to the finished product.

Calvin Klein black double-sided IS4 Reversible Bucket handbag

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Reversible Bucket Bag: By Tammy

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