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Children can carry their own bug out bag if it is an appropriate weight. Taking into consideration the size and weight of your child, the ideas presented here are designed generally to meet the needs of a child 11 years and younger. Begin by buying a quality backpack, then [ Does your first aid kit consist of whatever is in the bathroom cupboard? It shouldn't be left to chance. That means not only gathering basic appropriate emergency supplies, but also learning the procedures for a few lifesaving techniques.

How many hours do you spend in your car each week?

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In any crisis, auto emergency kits could save lives or be a "get home" bag in a grid-down situation. It wouldn't even have to be a major disaster. That means we need a lightweight tent, a large poncho or space blanket, and some kind of lightweight sleeping bag. Also pack a change of clothing - flannel shirt, sweatshirt, hat, and gloves if you live in a 4-season area.

Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your Hour Disaster Survival Kit by Creek Stewart

Because we're trying to make our packs as lightweight as possible, it may be necessary to buy some new items even if you already own tents and sleeping bags. They are extremely lightweight and not sturdy enough to use more than a couple of times unless you're very careful with them. But they will work just fine in an emergency. They're about 8 feet long and are reported to sleep two. I would say they will sleep two small people or one big and one small mother and child, dad and child. Some sleeping bags meant for backpackers are pretty lightweight and would work if you feel they don't add too much weight to your pack.

They really do keep you warm even though they seem really thin. There are also some that are lined with a polyester film to help retain body warmth. If there is an Army-Navy surplus store in your area, they have lots of great supplies, usually at reasonable prices. You may not need everything on this list. Decide what works for your area and the weight of your bag. Remember this is a bug-out-bag, so don't over pack.

The items listed below are only suggestions so pack only what you think you will need and only as much as each person can carry. There are many options for small stoves to heat water for a freeze-dried meal, a warm cup of coffee or chocolate, or an MRE. For a hour kit, a stove needs to be lightweight and as small as possible.

The versatility of a stove like this is that you can use the fuel disks even pieces of them , wood sticks, fuel tablets, or charcoal briquettes. Use it as shown for larger pans or turn it over for smaller pans. Just set a pan on top and you're ready.

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When gathering tools and equipment, keep in mind that the items are only for a temporary emergency situation, that they must fit in your pack, and can't be too heavy or bulky. Look for small versions of items when appropriate. Some of these tools will not be necessary in the kits of every family member. For instance: you would not need a hatchet in a child's kit, nor probably any super glue. Most of tools and equipment on this list should go into Mom and Dad's packs, with certain small items in a child's pack, such as a survival whistle.

These tools and equipment items could possibly be the most expensive items in your hour kits, unless you already happen to have many of them already. When choosing what personal supplies to incorporate into your B.

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Otherwise, the bag will get too heavy and too full. A first aid kit is the most important personal item. Try to find one that comes in a soft-sided container with at least 60 different items. Or you can buy items one at a time, however, I believe it's less expensive to just buy a kit. The other personal items are. And since they are personal, pack what fits your area and lifestyle.

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Personal documents for your hour kit can be a challenge, depending on how many documents you might need. That will make this part easier. Take it camping and use it, or create a test run for the whole family. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I make for an odd survivalist, facing sixty and a knee replacement. But Creek Stewart makes you feel like you don't have to be a Navy Seal to learn a few things about nature and disaster preparedness. I've read a surprising number of these sort of books because I'm an historian, and in a way, they're related - when the Puritans couldn't get wheat to grow, they went greening and made desperation flour out of acorns, if they had to.

But these are skills that people seem to be losing; most guys don't even carry a pocket knife anymore, which was a universal for my father's generation, with all those ex-Boy Scouts.

Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit

Even a lot of Greenies out there don't seem to realize just how dangerous a desert hike can be. Creek Stewart does know, and he's a great teacher. A lot of it is common sense, sense that isn't so common anymore. But a lot of it is stuff that probably wouldn't have occurred to you, particularly if imagination hasn't taken you to a particular sort of disaster.

Like here in Indiana - sooner or later, the New Madrid fault is going to go, and it'll be worse than any earthquake in California. Follow his advice and you'll have everything you need, and Stewart will always try to save you money, too, recommending the simplest and cheapest solutions. Now that I've read this, I'm going to pick up a couple others of his books. Definitely above the average. How to Get the Most Out of B. This book is excellent for the novice and experienced Prepper, as well as the conventional camper and survivalist. This book provides an excellent blueprint for compiling components for a Bug Out Bag BOB , as well as selecting the perfect BOB to carry all the discussed gear and components.

The gear discussed in this book covers everything from field camping tools pocket tools, ax, shovels, etc. All the equipment discussed in this book predominantly focuses on the items being lightweight and provide multiple use items, which is a common theme when selecting items for survival situation. Additionally, this book provides a host of inset text boxes providing valuable survival tips, in addition to the information instructing you how to develop your own BOB.

This book also had a few interesting chapters that stood out to me that I think are worth mentioning. Chapter 13 covers information on protection and self-defense, with some discussion of the self-defense mentality. Although this chapter was very brief it did however cover all the salient points, as this topic alone could be its own book.

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