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What if. It could be. Where does seeking the truth slide into imagination? These three writers conjure compelling stories of Jewish generations past and present. Michael Levitin writes of a perpetually cuckolded man who seeks wholeness by resolving the mystery of a postcard sent from the Siberian gulag. In a creative nonfiction narrative, German writer Katja Petrowskaja searches not only for her ancestors but their meaning to her and each other. Sarah Stone depicts a loving, dysfunctional half-Jewish family of performers, scientists, and activists who long to wake up the world but must first rescue each other, with a little help and sometimes hindrance from the occasional ghost or god.

Sex and the movies—what more could you want on Saturday morning? No writer makes better love to his subject. And see for yourself, as they lead us in guided mindfulness meditation. Experience greater ease, awareness, and joy in your Festival day. Join Filgate, along with contributors Kiese Laymon, Carmen Maria Machado, and Nayomi Munaweera as they reveal the secrets, scandals, and silences that stand between themselves and their mothers.

The pair will discuss genre-bending, world-building, and their shared obsession with storytelling. Who is worthy of our compassion? Every day more Central American refugees arrive at the U. Our government greets them with armed guards and tear gas.

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  • Places of Last Resort: The Expansion of the Farm Frontier into the Boreal Forest in Canada, c. 1910-1940.

Hearing human stories behind the headlines can change how we talk about immigration. Meet four internationally acclaimed crime writers flexing serious literary muscle. Come find out what turned these writers on to terror and how they create bestselling thriller fiction. These three recently published She Writes Press authors share the myriad challenges of writing memoirs about pain and share tips on how to practice self-care as they revisit the hardest moments.

Covering topics from disability and abuse to religious fanaticism, they open up about transforming their trauma into expertly crafted and compelling stories. This program will have ASL interpreters. In your pocket, palm or purse, pinging with alerts, lurks a threat to the very integrity of your person and the functioning of democracy around the world.

Privacy is only part of it. In conversation with author and YA librarian Alexandria Brown, Ireland unpacks how she employs planet-hopping Star Wars characters, half-god assasins, and more to dig into complex questions about capitalism, science, racism, and inequality.

Tom Barbash channels Lennon in a story about a son trying to help a washed-up father revive his TV career while living at The Dakota. Erik Tarloff paints a vivid portrait of one of the greatest fictional postwar actors and the mystery of his demise—telling the story entirely through fictional oral histories. Adrian Todd Zuniga has written a heartbreaking, hilarious novel about a young wannabe screenwriter haunted by the ghost of the woman he loved.

Acclaimed translator Katherine Silver has aided families detained on the border in the convoluted process of applying for asylum. In the words of poet D. New biomedical technologies—from prenatal testing to gene-editing techniques—raise questions about who counts as human, what it means to belong, and how far we should go in retooling the human genome. When we can engineer our future children, massively extend our lifespans, and build life from scratch, should we?

Which people, which variations, will we welcome? With genre-bending work that is as playful as it is subversive, bursting with questions and contradictions that resist hegemony at every turn, these four poets are queering the canon one poem at a time. Separated from their birth families and raised by white parents, these writers were left to unravel their identities on their own, nursing the ache of loss as they put the pieces of their origin stories together. They have handled their experiences in different ways, some by telling their stories, others by forming community with other adoptees.

Join writer, professor, and Native leader Greg Sarris, author and American Indian transracial adoption researcher Susan Devan Harness, and poet-playwright Lisa Marie Rollins for a discussion on how they found their histories, integrated a fractured sense of self, and came to understand home and family. Unintimidating and inviting, comics can open the door to tough conversations about gentrification, genocide, natural disasters, and other uncomfortable truths. Get ready for some serious literary talent, all based in the Bay Area.

Writer and books columnist Jane Ciabattari, former president of the National Book Critics Circle, has highlighted three authors for your attention. Like Brinkley, our next author, R. All three writers will sign your books after the talk! When you open a book, do you see yourself in its pages? Do the characters look or think like you? Cindy Pon fought hard to publish one of the first Young Adult fantasy novels with an Asian protagonist on the U.

The two dig into why kids and adults need diverse characters and how they fight against the bias and blindspots of the publishing world. Need a break from the traffic and stress of city life? Ready for a technology detox? From the misty mountains of the east and the redwoods of the west, to the glaciers of Alaska and volcanoes of Hawaii, Lomax reveals the top experiences in each of the 59 parks throughout the U. Lomax will even demonstrate the expert way to pack all of your essentials for a good, long hike. Without seeds, there is no food; without sand, there are no cities. Both are resources central to life on our planet.

One element is animate, one inanimate. But both are at the center of global battles to control them, and both are threatened by corporate consolidation and climate change. Three celebrated Irish writers join the Festival this year. Frederick Douglass was arguably the most important African American of the nineteenth century, an escaped slave who became the greatest orator of his day and one of the leading abolitionists and writers of the era.

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Otis R. Taylor, Jr. The Paris Review is one of the most esteemed and beloved literary magazines in the world. Known for promoting new talent alongside established voices, The Paris Review publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic literature, interviews, and more in its bound quarterly issues and online Paris Review Daily.

Kwon, and Kiese Laymon. A Festival favorite, Hochschild has the skills of a journalist, the knowledge of a historian, and the heart of an activist. Storytelling can bring depth, humanity, and understanding to the headlines. Across ranchland, mountains, borderlands, and deserts, these women will explore how our political discussion is shaped by our land, and how care for our wild spaces can change the way we think about our future. Delve into the songs of the musical icon who sparked a folk movement in the early s and went on to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in With rich and enthralling work that defies convention, they are creating a cultural shift in the literary landscape.

But his future still hangs in the balance. Illuminating the purgatory of fear people without papers are forced to live in and posing questions about passing and the true meaning of citizenship, Vargas urges us to reconsider the assumptions we make. What could the world look like without prisons? What kinds of healing—what new definitions of justice—could take their place? They look at the violent history behind mass incarceration and imagine alternatives.

Join this cross-generational conversation between two dynamic Black American writers and cultural critics exploring the history and future of the American literary landscape. Come hear three writers who, like children themselves, will break your heart then put it back together again. Take a respite from the crowds of the festival! Genny Lim, Innosanto Nagara, and Rachel Richardson on behalf of Brenda Hillman will read their poems, with each reading followed by the musical composition.

Co-presented with the Berkeley Symphony, and made possible by a partnership with the San Francisco Conservatory and the Hamburg Conservatory. Who gets to be called an artist? In this frank, funny, and often surprising tale of her move from academia to art, historian Nell Painter chronicles her retirement from Princeton University and enrollment in art school at the age of Surrounded by classmates a third of her age, Painter confesses how art school changed her view of what she thought she already knew and examines how women and artists are seen and judged by their age, looks, and race.

Here they share the narrative tools they use to push their characters to the very edge and keep the reader turning the page. Fiction can illuminate the lived experience of intense inner conflict. Torn between community and country, struggling with duty and desire, and stuck in the gray area between right and wrong, the characters in these novels are pulled in competing directions. This Writer to Writer conversation is a literary treasure trove: Two bestselling authors who are also top editors and critics come together to discuss their writing, the editing process, the state of the publishing industry in the U.

In the 21st century, we have climate literature. In the summer of , Moby released PLAY, an album that helped define the millennium and catapulted him to superstardom. We are witnessing a revolution in storytelling. Publications all over the world are increasingly using immersive storytelling tools—virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality—to tell urgent and impactful stories. Join this group of VR creatives, writers, and changemakers for a conversation on the future of storytelling. A Festival favorite is back!

Grab a drink and settle in for an hour of gasp-inducing, nail-biting, scintillating stories from these virtuosos of crime fiction hailing from across Scandinavia, Ireland, and the United States. If your dream is to see yourself in print, there is more than one way to get there. Learn why many authors are choosing the indie route. Experts from all arenas of the industry—agenting, book design, editing, and authorship—speak to the entire process of independent publishing from cover to cover. To write race and ethnicity well, we need the right tools and the right reading list. Fortunately, master memoirist and creative writing instructor David Mura is here to help.

He offers techniques and introduces new ways of seeing. Join three writer-teachers of color—Dickson Lam, Ismail Muhammad, and David Mura—as they unpack the questions of identity that drive their writing, mark the pitfalls of self-exotification, and weigh the rewards of penning richer, riskier work. She called for literary freedom and condemned unbridled capitalism. Le Guin. Each year, the Festival Keynote presents a fearless writer you simply must hear, someone who brings insight on a topic that concerns us all.

Presented by Beneficial State Bank, which provides economically and environmentally sustainable banking and promotes change in the financial industry. What does it mean to be a modern indigenous person, particularly when indigenous identity has been so riddled with stereotypes and when the category is so wide-reaching? They chart a course for unlearning hatred and bigotry. Moderated by Dennis J. Journalist David Wallace-Wells warns that climate change could make parts of the earth nearly uninhabitable unless we take action now. The book is a meticulously documented, white-knuckled tour through the cascading catastrophes that will soon engulf our warming planet.

Wallace-Wells is interviewed by Julian Brave NoiseCat, a young indigenous activist, writer, and policy analyst at Start your morning by celebrating the Divine Feminine, as millions of women do around the globe. Moderator Arisika Razak, professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies CIIS , is a healer, ritualist, spiritual dancer, and educator who practices an eclectic mix of Earth-based spiritual traditions. This roundtable brings together some of the leading lights in publishing to discuss the industry and the state of literature. Carlos Lozada is the nonfiction book critic for The Washington Post and just won the Pulitzer Prize for criticism.

California has birthed some of the most vibrant cultural movements in the world and continues to attract artists, asylum seekers, and all manner of folks from around the world. How do we reclaim ourselves from the wreckage? Join this fiercely talented group of emerging California poets for an exploration of intimacy, memory, and loneliness in a digital age. How can we set aside the tidy boxes of revenge and resolution in favor of a greater reckoning with what haunts us most?

Hearing their journeys will change your own. Moderator Sonya Shah is associate professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies CIIS and a facilitator of restorative justice processes in families, communities, schools and prisons. Just what do mega-bestselling crime writers Faye, Jonathan, and Jesse Kellerman talk about around the family dinner table?

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Perhaps they plot their next juicy thrillers, brainstorming the murders of their latest Jane or John Doe. Novelists Esi Edugyan and Tayari Jones both probe racial injustice in their work, and both women have received considerable praise. Edugyan uses magic realism to explore slavery and freedom in a stupendous tale that moves from Barbados to Nova Scotia to England.

Jones weaves a devastating tapestry of a modern marriage wrenched apart by a discriminatory American justice system. No damsels in distress here! These powerful young women protagonists are almost as incredible as the writers who crafted them. Lushly written, utterly engrossing, and often funny, these historical novels transport us to worlds full of surprising connections that cross divisions of class, race, and more.

Ancient and mysterious as they are beautiful, the redwoods are an essential part of the California landscape. What are the inner workings of these giants, and what does the future hold? Taking us on a tour through history and philosophy, Appiah explores the compulsion to define and gather around identity religious, cultural, racial, national , and the pitfalls that lurk therein. How do groups struggling for justice use, or misuse, identity toward their ends? How can a more nuanced understanding bring us together, not further apart?

Where is my place in the world? Where do I belong? Four distinct voices from Germany and Switzerland explore these questions in their work, all bestsellers in Europe. Come discover these new voices in translation, one of the most exciting areas in literature today. But what are the windows of possibility opened up by a child-free life? What other kinds of nurturing can happen in its place?

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The longing for family—for a core sense of love and belonging—drives the novels written by these highly empathetic writers. Lydia Fitzpatrick tells a spellbinding story of the fierce bond between two young brothers determined to find a way back to each other across continents. Rachel Howard tackles not only kinship but what can destroy it; a forty-something couple become foster parents to a girl so difficult that they have to decide whether to give her up.

Come hear how these writers create such deep emotional experiences on the page. He was the longtime collaborator with Frank Capra and the Academy Award-winning screenwriter who wrote ornery, resilient women. It happened one night, we could say: They fell in love and embarked upon a marriage that was truly fairytale until it ended tragically.

The imagination is our escape hatch, our resistance weapon, and a window to warn us where our choices can lead.

Broken Compass audiobook 2 by Jo Raven

In this spectacular collection of speculative fiction, writers set their sights on the road ahead, with stories that challenge American mythology, release us from chokeholds of history, and give us new futures to believe in. Blending the dystopian and the utopian, the commonplace and the strange, these tales are badass: pulsing with energy and imagination, vivid with struggle and resilience. Author of over thirty books, co-founder of City Lights Books and City Lights Publishers, he shaped 20th century literature and continues to influence countless poets and writers.

These are recipes that take a journey from India by way of the American South to California. Founded by the late June Jordan in , Poetry For The People P4P is an arts and activism program that bridges the gap between the university and the larger community. Beyond clicks and checklists is an entire universe of deep listening and thoughtful observation. If we let them, natural spaces and creatures can show us how to slow down, to notice, and to reflect on modern life.

These writer-artists and bird lovers explore the wonders that acts of attention can bring. In her third book, journalist Julia Flynn Siler shows that women have always fought for each other, even a century before MeToo. Grounded in historical research, the book is an exhilarating tale of raids, bomb threats, and the San Francisco fire.

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Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Return to Book Page. After a humiliating break-up just days before his wedding two years ago, he had sworn off women and thrown himself into his career as a martial arts teacher and international competitor in hand-to-hand karate. And even if he had been looking, he had always been drawn to blondes. Caroline Wells has concentrated all her attention in the five years since she was widowed on getting her son through a life-threatening heart defect and surgery.

She is surprised to find how approachable Hart is, but not surprised how drawn she is to him. Working together for the sake of the little boy at first, Caroline and Kage find themselves in a relationship that is quickly becoming more than casual because it seems to right to them both. But when Caroline is attacked, events conspire to reveal an ugly secret from long ago that could tear them apart forever. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Other Editions 1.

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