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A beautiful, hilarious, intelligent human'. Her even-tempered approach to her marriage should have been enough to convince everyone that she admired, but did not love, her husband. Yet for years now, his sisters had suspected something else. Perhaps unrequited love was like a specter in the house, a presence that brushed at the edge of senses, a heat in the dark, a shadow under the sun. She ought to be constantly ogled and groped, having to beat him off with her parasol, her fan, and maybe one of her walking boots.

Let's definitely talk about her. Are you kidding me? I have no idea why, since I basically did tell Millie she was free to go for it with Bean. Were you going to fight for my honor or something? Browse By Tag. Love Quotes Welcome back. It's just what we do. We've filmed for three years now, and we don't even have to think about our characters; as soon as they say action, that's what we do. So as soon as you get used to something, that's what happens. MBB: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

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When I leave, I cry. I'm the only one that's full-on sobbing. I just can't.

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And especially wiping off my tattoo at the end of shooting makes me cry even more. But this season, three, the last day, I was like, dye my hair black. Wipe this off. I was definitely ready to go and be Madison [in Godzilla ]. I was like, pierce my ears. I need them done. But I was really sad too.

MBB: Everything you see on the show is what you get. We genuinely live in the '80s world when we're on set; everything, to the underwear that we're given. We get tighty-whiteys.

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It's everything you see is what you get. And on our show, all the kids get the same. None of us are treated any differently. It's so fun: The first day of shooting we all get to choose our trailers and who we want next to us and who we don't want next to us. And Sadie's [Sink] going to be next to me because she's my best friend.

It's really what you see on the show; the best friends are what you get.

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Right on set, we're having fun playing board games, screaming at each other. TV : Do you ever feel — because some of the topics that are covered in Stranger Things are really heavy — that you have to get out of character and get far away from it? To process it? MBB: I would say the one where Eleven's been abused. To be in a scene where I had to actually portray that was the scariest, scariest thing. And I remember just being like, "OK, I'm done. Did we get it all? Let's go to Chuck E. I need to get far away from this moment as fast as possible.

And season three, there were definitely moments when I was like, "Can we go out?

Can we go do something? On the weekends I'll be like, "Can we just go to Six Flags? I'm ready to just be happy again. TV: What do you think it is about the character of Eleven that resonates with people? MBB: For me, I gravitate toward people that need help. I'm just one of those people. I think my mom is the same. I gravitate toward people like that. And I think that's what people do with Eleven. They gravitate toward her because you feel like you need to help her. I don't know, I find that really fun, especially in movies, you feel like you can try and help people.

So I haven't gone to the movies since Dunkirk. I also live in a small town and they pick terrible movies to play on their three adorable, vintage screens. But I cried every time watching the trailer for Godzilla. And I'm not even a Godzilla super fan. I think it's, you know, this is definitely the movie to become a Godzilla fan. MBB: The reason I signed on to the movie was because I have an enormous amount of respect for animals.

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And I love the way that this movie portrays animals. As much as they respect us, we should respect them. We should take care of them, as they should take care of us. It's such a fine balance of what this world needs to understand. What I took away from the movie was even more respect for animals and understanding more about Japanese mythology.

I think it's so brilliant. What I want people to take away from the movie is that we need to conserve our animals, we need to conserve our nature, we need to take care of them, and make sure that we are respecting them. TV : Do you worry or think about what will become of Eleven and all of the characters on Stranger Things?

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It's not like Game of Thrones , where everyone on that set was, "Am I going to die, am I going to die, am I going to die? MBB: No, because with Stranger Things we're a little bit different than Game of Thrones because we go into a meeting and we talk about what I want to do, what the kids want to do. MBB: Mm-hmm [affirmative]. We have a big say in what we want to do with our characters because they respect our decision and our opinion. There was a meeting once where I was like, "No, that's a bad idea. Let's do this. They don't silence us. They let us choose our path to our characters, which is cool.

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TV : Do you feel like that might be setting you up for potentially creating, directing, and writing? We found the book series and we wanted to bring it to Legendary because Legendary, as well as Netflix and Stranger Things , they shine a light on youth. And they gave me this opportunity to create something that meant so much to me. I was so, so mindful of who we chose to direct the movie. We were so mindful of who we wanted to write the movie. And once we had all of those factors in, it was like, "OK, I'm going to let these people be creative people, and if I want to add my opinion in, hopefully And I was like, "Oh, my goodness.

This is what a producer means. It's the best work experience ever. MBB: I have another creative collaboration with Converse, and a collection that I worked on last year. I collaborated with Converse on a collection that I feel really passionate about, and I cannot wait for people to see it.

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MBB: [I was involved in] everything, down to the little whale symbol on the shoe, which was really fun. I feel really passionate about whales. Whales, they symbolize who I am as a person: They're loud, they're the queen of the sea. I love the ocean. I was born in Spain [on the coast], so I've incorporated whales through some of the things that I've done that's coming out in the future.

TV : That's really compelling based on what you mentioned about the animal kingdom and living, that we're sharing the planet. I think it's interesting when people talk about climate change, how they can be like, "The world is going to end. Life is going to be over. But there is a lot that is very resilient in our oceans. When he feels like the world is being threatened, he comes to defend the world.