Boost Your Mental Arithmetic

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For example, consider the table and question below. How many more employees have to join team that work on project A if the company wants to finish the project within 72 days?

To improve your mental arithmetic competencies for numerical reasoning visualize the steps involved in the above calculation and do not use the paper to arrive at the correct solution. This kind of practice will go a long way to help you perform computation in real aptitude tests quickly and correctly.

To see further examples how your skills can be employed in objective standardised examinations view mental arithmetic section. To further advance your mental computation skills attempt to practice currency conversions problems.

12 Practices to Improve Students’ Mental Math + Downloadable List

Try to transform in your head one currency into another , for example pounds to dollars or sums of money in one currency to another. Try to form the steps in your head how to arrive at the correct answer and use calculator only to calculate the exact answer.


You can review our currency practice test guide which shows you how to make such calculations and provides you with variety of sample questions ranging from simple to advanced conversions. Alternatively, you may undertake practice related to converting units of measure where you can convert different units of customary or metric systems.

For example, you may try to convert feet to yards, inches to feet or ounces to pounds or pounds to tons. Again, this kind of exercise is invaluable and will help you enormously not only to improve your mental arithmetic skills but also will boost your numerical thinking approach.

To achieve proficiency in mental arithmetic undertake systematic course of preparation and attempt to make as many computations as possible in your head.

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Continue the game until one player runs out of cards. Have your child count out five small objects such as pennies, marbles, or candy and have him close his eyes. Then hide some of the five objects, while leaving the rest uncovered.

Math Trainer — Practice Mental Math

Ask your child to calculate how many objects he sees and how many objects are covered. Practice this activity until your child can quickly solve these simple equations. Add one additional object once your child has mastered that level to increase difficulty.

IQ GAMES - Verbal Reasoning

For older children, start with objects. The object of the game is to score as close to without going over. Players take turns rolling the dice.

It’s mental math practice time!

As you roll, you can either take the number as a one or a ten. For example, if you roll a 5, it can be used as 5 or Players keep a running record of their total as they play. This game is a great way to build mental math strategies as children often think critically in regards to what number they need to roll next. Give your child a piece of paper and then say a number. Give them one minute to find as many ways as they can to make the number using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

4 Fun Ways to Perfect Your Child’s Mental Math Skills

MATH [ 1. Multiplication War With this fun card game, your child will master his multiplication facts in no time! Mental Mystery Have your child count out five small objects such as pennies, marbles, or candy and have him close his eyes.