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Advertisement Hide. Conference paper. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Ground squirrels sleep during arousals from hibernation. Fidone S, Gonzalez C, Yoshizaki K a Effects of hypoxia on catecholamine synthesis in rabbit carotid body in vitro.

Physiol 81—91 Google Scholar. Fidone S, Gonzalez C, Yoshizaki K b Effects of low oxygen on the release of dopamine from the rabbit carotid body in vitro. J Physiol 93— Google Scholar.

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Fons R, Sender S, Peters T, Jurgens KD Rates of rewarming, heart and respiratory rates and their significance for oxygen transport during arousal from torpor in the smallest mammal, the Etruscan shrew Suncus etruscus. Fried G, Meister B, Wikstrom M, Terenius L, Goldstein M Galanin-, neuropeptide Y- and enkephalin-like immunoreactivities in catecholamine-storing paraganglia of the fetal guinea pig and newborn pig.

Geiser F Reduction of metabolism during hibernation and daily torpor in mammals and birds: temperature effect or physiological inhibition? Graham RC, Karnovsky MJ The early stages of absorption of injected horseradish peroxidase in the proximal tubles on mouse kidney: Ultrastructural cytochemistry by a new technique. Kondo H, Kuramoto H, Fujita T Neuropeptide tyrosine-like immunoreactive nerve fibers in the carotid body chemoreceptor of rats. MacDonald J A and Storey KB cAMP-dependent protein kinase from brown adipose tissue: temperature effects on kinetic properties and enzyme role in hibernating ground squirrels.

Canadian Journal of Zoology

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Brain Res. Hammel, H. Total colorimetric measurements on Citellus lateralis in hibernation. Probing the rostral brainstem of anesthetized, unanesthetized, and exercising dogs and of hibernating and euthermic ground squirrels.

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Federation Proc. Hayward, J. Nonshivering heat production during arousal from hibernation and evidence for the contribution of brown fat, in Mammalian Hibernation III. Fisher, A. Dawe, c. Lyman, E. Schonbaum, and F. South, eds. Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh , pp. Heller, H. Hibernation: neural aspects. CNS regulation of body temperature during hibernation. CNS regulation of body temperature in euthermic hibernators. Thermoregulation during entrance into hibernation. Pflugers Arch. Thermoregulation during sleep and hibernation, In International Review of Physiology. Environmental Physiology II , Volume Robertshaw, ed.

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Drivers of hibernation in the brown bear | Frontiers in Zoology | Full Text

Luecke, R. A possible model for thermoregulation during deep hibernation, in Hibernation and Hypothermia, Perspectives and Challenges.

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Isaacson and K. Pribram, eds. Plenum Press, New York , pp. Melichar, I. Effect of hibernation and noradrenaline on acetylcholine release and action on neuromuscular junction of the golden hamster Mesocricetus auratus. Pjlugers Arch. Mills, S. Central regulation of temperature in hibernation and normothermia.

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