Human Resource Strategies for Organizations in Transition: Symposium Proceedings: 3rd

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This topical symposium will focus on the impact of digitalisation, artificial intelligence AI and gig jobs on the future of employment, employability, industrial relations, work and labour regulation across different economic, industrial and occupational settings. We will bring together leading researchers and practitioners in employment relations, HR and labour regulation from Australia, China, the United Kingdom and other countries. They will discuss the latest developments in the application of digital technology, AI and algorithmic decision-making by employers and how these impact skills, work, employment relations and labour regulation in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and beyond, including national regulations and practices, international influences, as well as global trends, challenges and lessons.

Advance registration is essential; space is limited, so register soon if you wish to participate.

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Register today. Lyn champions the standards of HR practice in Australia and is responsible for leading the change that AHRI is overseeing as it relates to building HR capability for the future workforce in areas such as productivity and sustainability, as well as cultivating workplace cultures that are inclusive, diverse and ethical.

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Prior to this, Lyn held leadership and management roles within the education sector at Southwest Institute of TAFE and Deakin Australia, in addition to holding accounting roles within the mining and engineering industries located in the United States and Australia. Within her career she has also managed her own consulting small business, and from — , was appointed as a non-executive director of the Council of Small Business Australia COSBOA.

Professor Greg J. He has won many research grants and has served as an assessor for research councils that evaluate grant applications in Australia and internationally. He has led many research projects, including on: airlines, hospitals, manufacturing, telecommunications; outsourcing, dispute settlement, workplace change. He has conducted projects for governments and international agencies.

Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other universities have invited him to serve as a guest faculty member. Abstract: To what extent does the introduction of d igitalisation and other new technologies in different contexts lead to pre-determined outcomes? These remarks will consider various contexts, managerial strategies, styles of human resources management, employment, industrial relations, social dialogue and work organization that may help to shape the future of work and the outcomes of technological change.

He attained substantial experience in macro and micro labor and human resources management through working for central government, private, state-owned and joint ventures from to His research areas include digital economy and work market, human capital services, labor and employment policy, strategic human capital management, and human resource auditing. Since the year , he has been conducting research and providing consulting for central and local governments, different forms of companies as well as international institutions. His research interests lie in three overlapping areas: employment relations in global supply chains; worker voice; and transnational governance.

His research interests include comparative employment relations, international HRM and labour economics, with the central strand connecting all aspects of this research being to explore the relationship between national institutional configurations and firm level work and employment practices. Abstract : The growth of platform-based approaches to organising tasks, utilised by Uber, Deliveroo, etc. This paper seeks to explore the potential for delivering more favourable outcomes for platform-dependent employees, as well as for the wider society, as a result of integrating platform-based methods of organising work activities at the municipal level as part of a comprehensive and integrated approach to promoting and sustaining community wealth building.

Dr Healy studies, and engages actively in public debates about, many aspects of work and the changing labour market, including new technologies, workforce ageing, and the gig economy. His recent contributions on these topics include major reports, influential academic articles, editorial roles, media commentary, undergraduate teaching and event organisation. He holds a PhD from Monash University. His research focuses on unions and worker representation, collective bargaining, occupations and professions, and interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to work, HRM, and industrial relations.

Abstract: The gig economy continues to attract strong academic and popular attention. We argue that if significant progress is to be made in shifting gig work away from its more problematic qualities, consumer sentiments must be understood and leveraged. We situate our findings within the literature on High Road employment practices, and attempt for the first time to apply this influential framework to the gig economy. Michelle undertakes research and supervision in the area of corporate law, corporate regulation, enforcement and compliance. Michelle has published her research in leading Australian corporate law journals and a number of international journals.

Michelle has been invited to present her research at national and international workshops and conferences including the Hartnell Colloquium at the ANU in and the Fairness in Financial Services Workshop at UBC in Vancouver in The focus of these roles has been primarily on workplace and cultural change and the policies and systems to implement and sustain major improvements in performance and behaviour at the national, enterprise and workplace level. In the APS the focus was on national policies to support industrial relations and workplace reform and in the private sector as a thought leader and advisor on the development of enterprise bargaining, employee engagement and labour market reform.

Since establishing his own consultancy in , he has been engaged in the mining and resources sector, heavy manufacturing, infrastructure, government, the judicial system and not for profit organisations. This work has included advice on employee relations strategy, organisation structure, systems design, leadership development and cultural change.

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Title: 'The future of work through the lens of Systems Leadership Theory'. Abstract: Systems leadership theory posits that a cohesive culture is formed when people share mythologies assumptions and beliefs that a particular behaviour demonstrates positive or negative values. Work, or the absence of work, will be viewed positively or negatively depending on the mythologies of the social group making that judgment. It provides a different perspective on what work is and the future of work. It raises fundamental questions about how work is recognised and rewarded and the importance of understanding the culture shared mythologies within which social and political policy responses are framed.

The research Catrina conducts is inherently interdisciplinary and engages issues relevant to law, technology, legal services, legal education public and professional , ethics, sociology, psychology behaviour and public policy.

She has published widely on the subjects of: technological innovation in the legal profession; the role of law in everyday life; public understanding of the law; design of legal services; access to justice; industrial action, and; research methodology. Abstract: What was once characterised as a relatively stable profession, unfettered by the influence of modernity and strongly resistant to external forces, the legal services sector has in recent years exhibited marked change. In an environment of heightened competition brought about by deregulation, public spending funding cuts, changing client expectations, the emergence of unbundled legal services and new models of legal service delivery, technology has increasingly found its way into legal practice via commercially available software aimed at making the completion of high volume, repetitive tasks more efficient.

Drawing on the response exhibited by a number of large international law firms, in this presentation I explore the impact of digitization on the delivery and organization of legal services. Finally, I consider the issues most likely to define the digitization agenda over the coming years, and the impact of change on employment practices within the legal sector.

He also held visiting professorship at the University of Tokyo and Osaka University. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Minnesota. His primary research interest is in what firms do both within and outside their organisational boundaries, spanning most disciplinary areas taught and researched at Monash Business School. His research has been published widely in major journals in economics, finance and management.

HR Basics: Organziational Development

His research has attracted considerable research funding both in Australia and overseas, including a number of ARC grants. His current research is in big data analytics, dynamic pricing and online privacy. His areas of expertise lie in health policy and social policy in developing countries. With a Fulbright Scholarship he conducted a comparative study of health care systems at Harvard University from to As a social policy researcher he has conducted systematic analyses of health insurance, health equity, and poverty in developing countries. Lately he has been analyzing multi-level health policy implementation in China using big data.

Abstract: The sharing economy is exploding and brings about a quite new working style. Price, Daniel E. Lupton, Sarah Henry.

Executive Summary

Managing Transitions by Managing the Informal Organization. James D. Portwood, Mohamed A. Latib, Michael Timmons. Management Development in a Changing Environment. Atwater, E. Bres III, J. Nelson, R. Back Matter Pages The intent in these meetings is on the linkage of the state-of-practice with the state-of-the-art.

Particular attention was placed on research studies which were application oriented so that member organizations can see examples of ways to extend current practices with the knowledge presented by the applications. Thirty papers were presented with discussion sessions at appropriate points in the meeting. This volume contains twenty one of these papers along with an introductory paper. A short summary is also provided at the beginning of each major subdivision into which the papers are arranged.

Human Resource Strategies for Organizations in Transition

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