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Beware, however, as the reverse is also true. People work more for other people than for an organization. So, leadership is critical. It is the leader who must set the culture through example and engagement and both create and communicate repeatedly the direction and strategy. It all starts at the top and it ends there too. Once leadership is grounded in a specific culture it becomes mutually reinforcing. No one needs to stop and tell anyone what has to get done or more importantly how to do it. In the Army, no one questions how things are done. We understand the culture. Every company may not be as well defined as the Army, but every company has a culture and it is always powerful — either for the positive or negative.

Start with culture. Make certain the leadership team is all cut from the same cloth of cultural understanding as the leader, and execute from there. Humans need to connect. They want meaning in life and in work.

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Intrust Bank Arena Sunday Oct. BJ and returning guest Craig Cohen discuss the various incarnations of Black Sabbath that took shape as Tony Iommi shepherded the band through the turbulent decade of the eighties and then each counts down his top ten favorite songs the band produced in those ten years. There may be nearly 40 different species of wild cat running around out there, but only four make it into the big cat club: the lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar.

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Many bands have chosen to name themselves after one of these variants, including cheetah, panther and cougar. Hear them roar on this very special episode.


In the wake of the recent dissection of the Use Your Illusion albums let's take a listen to what Izzy Stradlin has been up to post-Guns. This was a questionable way to follow up one of the most critically praised and commercially successful debut albums of all time. On this episode, Use Your Illusion II, each counts down his five least favorite songs from the 30 songs included on these gratuitous collections.

On this episode, Use Your Illusion I, each counts down his five favorite songs from the 30 songs included on these gratuitous collections. This makes a dozen episodes in the AOR? I'm gonna run out of room for the commas and exclamation points! BJ put out a request for word suggestions on the Facebook page and on this episode he plays songs inspired by the words provided.

Rock Then Roll: The Secrets of Culture-Driven Leadership - Arkadi Kuhlmann - Google книги

John Kastner from the classic Canadian punk bands the Asexuals and the Doughboys tells BJ all about his experiences in the music business, from hand to mouth punk tours in the eighties to signing with a major label in the nineties and eventually going into artist management. BJ is joined once again by Joey Haynie from Rock Strikes Ten for a discussion about the life and crimes of Alice Cooper in the 's, from new wave to hair metal and everything in between, and then each counts down his top ten favorite Alice songs from that tumultuous decade.

On this episode BJ celebrates this great, unsung band. BJ is joined by Gerald Collier from one of his favorite rock bands of the nineties, Best Kissers In The World, for a frank discussion about his adventures in the music industry. And for an encore BJ takes the Canadian Inquisition.

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