So Buttons Holiday Special #1 (smaller 6 inch e-reader edition)

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I read books last year. I also have an Ipad mini and standard and amazon phone app. Reading on the the cell phone is a pain in the ass and drains your batteries. So I can only use kindle format on the voyage. I have lots of tablets. Why go to the effort of sideloading? I retired from a large library. A high percentage of its books are borrowed through overdrive. Wow, a larger screen is by far the top thing people are asking for with a new Kindle. I really hope Amazon is listening. A larger Kindle would really help open a new market for Kindle buyers too, and it would give current Kindle owners a good enough reason to upgrade.

A lot of people say that Amazon already tried that with the Kindle DX and it was a failure, so why would they try it again? The software was too basic and was majorly outdated a year after its release, and they never updated it again. If they would have focused on it being a good PDF reader and paper replacement device, and cater to older people and people with vision problems that need larger text, it could have been a lot more successful. An 8-inch Kindle could be really popular too. Why do they only offer one Kindle size when they have three different tablet sizes?

And now that prices have started to go back up for premium ebook readers, the base Kindle Voyage costs twice as much as the base Fire tablet. Amazon is leaving a TON of money on the table by not offering different size options on their e-readers. They literally own the e-reader world and yet hesitate to truly capitalize on it. The people have spoken. It is the one area that the Kindle does not compete. Anything from 6.

I purchase most of my books for the kindle, and read most of them at home. And the second thing I wish less important though , if they could make a perfect frontlight, it would be great. So I can stop praying to get lucky each time I buy a device. Another thing would be too add hyphens and more font options.

They should drop futura, helvetica, baskerville, and add more readable options. Bookerly is beautiful but too thin and not dark enough. My partner has an original Paper White that I would like to replace for her at Christmas. A new Voyage that was at least in the 7 inch range would do the trick as I think she would be resistant to an 8 inch screen in terms of pocketbook space. I have switched to an 8 inch Pocketbook Ink Pad and could not be happier as I no longer have the reflection issues of my previous and current tablet s.

It is now my primary reader for both ePub and Mobi with one exception. When we take short trips of a couple of hours or less on the train for example, I leave the at home and use my LG G3 5. Currently using the with its original software as I was not impressed with their first update. New software update is due out in September. Would consider an 8 inch Voyage for myself if I could root it so that it could do both ePub and Mobi but thanks to Calibre could probably live with just Mobi.

It would have to be a considerable improvement over the strictly in the realm of ereading though which would be my primary use. BTW, my preference for the 8 inch scree is due to its approximation of the page size of a trade paperback which long ago became my minimum reading format prior to the ebook revolution.

I will say that putting near the max number of books on any of my readers has caused them to bog down. I usually keep under 75 books on any reader just so it reacts faster. This is totally inconvenient as I often read where wifi or cell service is unavailable. I know Amazon specializes on incremental updates but they need to do something big, or my Paperwhite 2 needs to die, before I upgrade.

Did you know that your Internet browser is out of date?

Kindle Voyage owners spend more money and yet get shafted. It is ridiculous that Amazon refuses to give users the ability to change margins, fonts, paragraph spacing, ligatures, justification, etc. Not anymore. They also used to be able to circumvent these problems with third-party solutions until Amazon prevented that, as well. Their solution to user-added fonts? Well, they gave us a new font gee, thanks and they seemed quite proud of that. No, way way too little of a fix Mr.

I have KoReader on my PW1 which allows complete control of typography and uses epub. I want to store the whole thing and not worry about transferring things basck and forth OR using their Cloud service.

Meet the Kindle Paperwhite

Reading sideways with 2 pages is more useful than it seems that it might be. Again, this is available with KoReader. Adaptive frontlighting is also next to worthless to me. The only other Kindle Voyage feature, the flush screen? Larger screen in the same form factor, and waterproof.

My guess is, even if Amazon is capable of pulling that off, they will choose one or the other, then introduce the other feature in the Voyage 3. I want as many books as possible in as small a form factor as possible. Amazon seems to be following the Apple playbook to a tee, which is incremental upgrades with each new release.

Can you blame them? By the look of all the positive reviews concerning the new PW3, it seems the typical Paperwhite user is hardly demanding and willing to settle for average. It baffles me because I ordered the PW3 turned it on and almost threw up in my mouth. I was so disgusted at the lighting and contrast I immediately packed it up and returned it. It seems Amazon is more concerned with looks rather than functionality. So expect thinner, bigger, and faster just like Apple. As for actually useful things aside from size, things like buttons, SD card, audio, color, more fonts, more size options and more customization forget it.

If your basic e-reader is selling like crazy and has great reviews and loved by everyone why should you drastically change it? I also returned the Paperwhite 3 due to poor contrast that was worse than the contrast on the Kindle Keyboard. The lighting was not good either as it was too yellowish. I really was expecting better from Amazon. I have a Kindle Voyage. I would like to see in Voyage 2: larger screen, a casing that is more comfortable to hold, physical page turn buttons not haptic , eliminated refresh rates, downloadable fonts and waterproof.

How about a warmer tone, to lessen the blue light in your eyes? Might be a nicer read at bedtimes….

2. Audible membership

It seems to me that there is only one way to change the Kindle platform: return every book you are not comfortable reading, because of bad formatting, typographical irregularities i. The book is not in tune with what little options the device offers , missing real page numbers etc This is the only metric Amazon understands….

For me, I would definitely upgrade from my Vogage 1 if a Amazon finally resolve the issue of even screen-lighting b make it waterproof and c change the colour of the device from boring black or give us some colour options! Keep haptic feedback, I much prefer that to touch-screen page turning. A larger screen size 8 in or 10 in , better justification and kerning, more fonts, audio book option maybe and waterproof. I would pay more for these things. I read over books last year. I own two Paperwhites and a Voyager. I also own a standard Ipad and Ipad mini and I have the kindle app on my phone.

Nothing substitutes the experience of the E reader and for a person who likes to stuff the reader into her person or jacket pocket, making it larger would be a negative not a positive. I do, however, like reading on the Voyage better. Paperwhite has a slightly longer battery life whereas the Voyage flips pages more accurately with the side buttons. When Kobo came out with 6. Cost is probably a big factor. Then that would skyrocket the price of ereaders to be way more than tablets, and the 6-inch ones are already more expensive than tablets. Plus frontlights are less even on larger displays.

I would like a 7. I think with the price should come the ability to store on the device at least 10, books. Larger screen! A touch screen would be nice. Last updated on July 15th, 57 Comments Share. Amazon Kindle , eBook Readers. Nothing Reply July 15, at am. Ali Reply July 15, at am.

Do you have color on your Voyage eReaded? Ulla Reply July 15, at am. Rick Reply July 15, at am. Dz1 Reply September 17, at pm. Doc Reply July 15, at pm. Betternewt Reply July 15, at pm. Ingo Lembcke Reply July 15, at pm. Kimberly O.

The Best Tablets For Reading – Our Top 10 Picks For Best E-Readers & Tablets

Reply July 15, at pm. JohnS Reply July 15, at pm. The one thing which would me seriously consider buying a Voyage would be a larger screen. Steve H Reply July 17, at am. Cherril Reply August 6, at pm.

Change Font Size on a Kindle E-Reader

Steve H Reply August 20, at am. We need more flexibility, more font size options, weight adjustments, justification control, more fonts. And for the love of God can we please get the book cover in sleep mode!!!!! I predict LOL that we will see one before the end of the year. Speaking of which…I think that their best bet is to get rid of the Oasis altogether, and fill that spot with a larger Kindle with physical buttons…with a whole battery included in the reader.

I think it is appropriate for kindle to upsize the kindle. But the one feature i do so wish they would improve is the mechanical voice when listening to a book being read. That voice is very nonrelenting and annoying. I listen as i work sometimes then realize it is grinding my senses.

I changed the voice type and it helped but robot is not my forte. The American English ones sound like Stephen Hawking to me. My experience with a 6. I am extremely angry at them for wasting their and our time with gimmicks like the useless Fire phone or countless near-identical Kindles, when they are sitting on seriously cool technology.

Hard to believe Kobo has beat Amazon to the punch on larger devices, first with the H2O, then with the Aura One and again witht the soon to be H2O edition 2. They probably conducted an extensive study of how many sales come from what platform along with how many people use tablets as opposed to ereaders and found it was simply not worth it. In Amazons eyes, nothing needs to be fixed.

Best device for audio books

Especially when Kobo is at the very bottom of the totem pole. This is the problems with Monopolies, absolute power corrupts absolutely. In the end we the consumers suffer. Competition breeds innovation. Which is the primary reason Amazon will continue to hynernate and sit on their ass. Look at Android, they have beautiful phones, top notch specs, 4K screens, 6gb ram, customization options galore, wireless charging, etc and yet their sales pale in comparison to Apple whose hardware is way behind that of Androids.

Well despite Amazon having a better inventory, I have still migrated to Kobo — because of the Kobo Aura One and if Barnes and Noble had come out with the larger ereader, I would have migrated to them. I read a lot on my iPad mini, but truly prefer e-ink. I always said whoever came out with the larger e-ink device would get my exclusive business and Kobo did. Amazon is in my rear view mirror and I will not go back unless they match the KA1 in size. You might have to go thru some extra hoops to buy the KA1 but the device is worth it because it is exactly what is wanted.

Maybe if more people migrated to Kobo instead of settling for the small Kindles Amazon would wake up to what they needed to do. In order to force Amazon to make products that most consumers want, I would like to give other competitors a try. At least, they take customers into consideration and renew their products regularly. An active ereader market should not be the monopoly of Amazon! The only way Amazon will budge is if their Monopoly hold on ebooks is at risk.

This is unlikely to happen as books are not in those respective companies forte. They have bigger fish to fry so to speak. Very much doubt they will release bigger Kindle for a few simple reasons: 1. Amazon has hyper-profits on e-books given that distribution cost is marginal in comparison with brick and mortal way of printing, reading and buying books.

Yes, you might remind me about Kindle Oasis. Stock the pop-corn and watch the show, I can bet that it is not going to last long on the market. One major reason is their reluctance to provide epub support on Kindle devices. A large portion of those in the market for a larger reader have probably already purchased one of the larger readers on the market and they are all based on epubs. So for Amazon to lure any of these buyers to a larger Kindle would mean that they would have to give up their existing library. It would be great if Kobo and Barnes and Noble decided to really go after Amazon.

I suspect that they make way more money selling content than they do devices anyway. Then they could both brand the same hardware and allow users to purchase books from either the Koko or Nook stores. It seems to me that the other e-reader manufactures are going to have to team up if they want to truly challenge Amazon. I love everything about the Aura One except the screen, not the size as I love that but the screen was a major disappointment!

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This was apparent especially reading at night where the text looked gray and the background light kind of blended in with the text. I will love a larger screen. The battery drain issues with the Aura One have been fixed for most people with software updates, but it does have less battery life than other ereaders. See my Kobo Aura One review for more details about it. I called them two times some weeks ago and tried to get some information. One of them let out some clues that it will be a larger ereader. This ereader will be revealed first at the book fair in Frankfurt in October.

And I expect an 7. Beside ImcoSys at the IFA fair they showed an 8 inch tablet with e-ink display and there will be two versions Windows and Android at the end of the year , Icarus and Tolino I also expect Amazon to release an 7. Note to Jeff Bezos. I have stubbornly held on to my Kindle DX, even though it is heavy, old and clunky compared to the newer models the big screen makes it worth it. When you come out with a large screen model, I will be one of the first in line to buy it.

Will Amazon Release a 7. Last updated on March 11th, 25 Comments Share. Amazon Kindle. Suz Reply March 11, at pm. Rick Reply March 11, at pm. Bob Reply March 11, at pm. Jay Reply March 11, at pm.