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The variety of themes that folk art includes means that there will be a colorful collection of artwork on display, all. Many pieces deal with memory, politics, religion, life on the prairies; style types like prairie gothic, surrealism, and even funk art will be displayed together. A Prairie Vernacular will be on display through to Aug. The True Colors exhibit opened on May 31st as well. The MAG has partnered with Moose Jaw Pride to put together the exhibit, which will be set up in the temporary exhibit space, as a featured event for Pride Week.

True Colors will be on display until July 1.

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The concept of the display is an environmental statement: local community members, elementary and high school students collect garbage and then recycle the materials into artwork. If you like canines, cats and critters of every stripe, Petstravaganza was the place to be on Saturday afternoon. Hundreds of patrons passed through the doors of the Moose Jaw Exhibition Company convention centre, checking out the various wares on hand, as well as a whole host of animals on display from a wide variety of organizations.

Those who took in the event were welcome to bring their own dogs and cats and check out the many items that were also on sale for their pets as well. Marciszyn said. These tuckered out pups from the Flirting with Fido Rescue and Rehabilitation spent most of their day napping. These baby pigeons from Saskatchewan Wildlife Rehabilitation were a few of the critters on hand at Petstravaganza.

Please contact for more information. Receiving the Annual Report 2. Approval of the Audited Financial Statements 3. Antonio - Moose Jaw Express Reporter. About people from Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan were expected to attend the two-day celebration, which featured a social mixer on May 30 and golf tournament on May He thought it was impressive that the instrumentation program had developed and grown through three versions of the school.

It started as a two-semester program but expanded to three semesters in the s. The program then expanded to four semesters, or two years. About program graduates and journeymen have completed their training at SaskPolytechnic in Moose. Antonio Jaw. The anniversary celebration featured several speakers, explained Mathieson, a program instructor. Doug Martens, president of Estevan Meter and a graduate, spoke about how the industry has grown. An important part of the program was when it became. Both were instructors at one point over the years.

Antonio accredited as the program expanded, added Frank Van Breugel, a graduate and former department head. Another big change was when the program converted to Co-op education, where students went on work terms and then came back to finish the course. Tourism trolley celebrates 20 seasons trundling around streets of Moose Jaw Jason G. The trolley is important to Tourism Moose Jaw because the organization is non-profit, explained Krista McDonald, head of visitor services.

The trolley is the largest source of income for the organization and it helps keep the doors open. Starting Saturday, June 1, the trolley — which can accommodate 34 people — will be available for daytime tours seven days a week. There will be three pick-ups per day from the Tourism Moose Jaw office, while there will be.

These tours give visitors a sense of the history of the municipality before they actually go into the community to show and browse, she continued. The trolley tours also help tourists better understand the layout of the city, including where attractions are and where important historical areas are. For more information about the trolley and its tours, visit www. Riverview Alumni organization have been a great support to the South Hill Community Association over the years and most recently volunteering for the South of the Bridge day.

The Moose Jaw Police Service held its fifth annual awards ceremony on May 29 in council chambers and handed out dozens of awards to individuals and groups. The awards recognize community and police service members who have made a significant contribution to the community and its well-being. She kept working until emergency personnel arrived; however, the man died in hospital. Commissionaire Kayla Gottselig and Constables Murray Rice and Evan Schwabe received this award for responding to the medical needs of a high-risk prisoner — he had harmed himself — in custody on Jan.

Constables Melonie Ziffle and Rod Zeorb were given this award for responding to a call about a woman who jumped from a bridge and onto the CPR main yard on March 1, They provided medical assistance, but the woman did not survive. Citizens Carley Manz and Jess Blair received this award for pulling a suicidal woman off a bridge on Feb. Peacock, Central Collegiate, Riverview Collegiate and Vanier Collegiate received this award for their efforts to make the community safe. This includes combatting impaired driving and distracted driving. One of their notable activities was participating in a high-visibility check-stop during a particularly cold day.

The chapters have also worked with police on positive ticketing, held information sessions for students about marijuana, and gave presentations to peers while using beer goggles, which simulate being impaired. Police Chief Rick Bourassa left and Coun. Members include Kelly Baxter, Sgt.

Innovation award Kelli Lemstra received this award for helping create the phone app, The Daily Difference, for youths to help connect them with mental health professionals and police services. Mark Lemstra was given this award because his company, Alliance Health, has developed several programs between and to help make the community healthier. He has also worked with the police service to be proactive and prevent health issues among members before those problems become serious or even arise. Teamwork award The South Central Child Abuse Team was given this award for its work in preventing child abuse and conducting investigations into this area.

Team members include Kelly Baxter, Sgt. This team reduces the need for police to respond to certain situations, while it also reduces the need for people to be taken to hospital. The group is composed of mental health professionals, social workers and officers working together in the same office.

Apartment building manager William Cowlin and police Supt. Ted Munro received the Teamwork award during a hostage situation on Feb. Moose Jaw police were searching for a suspect on a Canada-wide warrant and for crimes in Moose Jaw. When they found the man, he ran into an apartment building and barricaded himself into a suite with three hostages. He eventually let go two of the hostages but kept the third. The suspect told police he wanted to die by cop, or if that was unsuccessful, he would kill himself.

Heather Eby present Dr. Mark Lemstra with the Innovation award. Police Chief Rick Bourassa and Coun. Heather Eby present A. Antonio commander. Cowlin worked with police by letting them into the building, which contributed to the tactical success of the operation. Community building The Wakamow Aboriginal Community Association received this award for its efforts in promoting Aboriginal culture and activities in Moose Jaw.

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Predators who victimize children and youths should have all their rights taken away and should never be given second chances, says an advocate for victims and survivors. The goal of the week is to raise awareness about the issues facing victims and survivors of crime and about the services, assistance and laws in place to help them and their families. There, Whitmore repeatedly sexually assaulted them during a two-day period, before police rescued the boys and arrested Whitmore.

It was learned recently that Whitmore has an online profile on a pen-pal website for inmates. While speaking during the luncheon, Miller paced back and forth on the stage, his thoughts unbridled and his words flowing freely. Whitmore is supposed to be serving a life sentence in jail, yet, he has been in jail eight times previously for similar offences. If predators victimize someone, there is no coming back.

Once a preda-. Includes Car Friendly Inspection of 30 points plus Roadside assistance. Ask for Details. Miller was kidnapped at age 10 and sexually abused. He pointed out the statistics around child kidnappings are alarming. About 75 per cent of kids abducted never come home. Of the 25 per cent that do, they are dead within 10 years due to suicide or overdoses. Five per cent of abductees survive but become like the people who abducted them. Any kid who is victimized needs help. He was forced back into school two weeks after he was found and was immediately bullied.

Even his teachers made fun of him and treated him differently. He also works with children who have been rescued from abuse. Ask for details.

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It's a sizzling afternoon. You rummage around in the freezer, What happened? Did it disappear looking for something really cold. As you begin to drool, your phone — 11 7 W that you left on the kitchen table — rings. V U 10 T You lay down your treat, jump up and S rush back inside to grab it. O Q P Hint: Do the numbered dot-to-dot puzzle first. Next, complete the alphabet one. Cut away 5. Endure It was contraction Brute Indicates Protagonist Jungle Coarse file Hawaiian veranda Relieves Trap A steel wire rope Rescue Moved down the computer screen Grill Spot Frozen water Jazz phrase Rise Ancient Peruvian Expect Towards the sunset Ancient unit of measure.

Furtive looks Adult male chicken Rowed Spook Furrow maker Trickle Deprive Eat Not lower Leave out Wise one Family lines. Thrash Black, in poetry Childlike Very dry Sedate Behold, in old Rome Beloved Beer Abundant Progeny Interstellar spacecraft plural Exchange Charged particles DOWN Blown away 1. Mob Violent disturbances 2. Another time A Native American tent 3. Baby beds Awards 4. Cognizance Indian monetary unit 5. On the train Motif 6. Carried A red fluorescent dye 7. Bright thought Relaxes 8. Drying agent Probabilities 9.

Eastern Standard Time Someone held in bondage Equivocating Fitting Backside Soak Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9. Need a little help? The hints page shows a logical order to solve the puzzle. Use it to identify the next square you should solve. Or use the answers page if you really get stuck.

Can you find the hidden words? They may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards. Each piece in the collection was constructed using just garbage, gathered by the students and repurposed into material, and its impressive the things they were able to procure for the project.

One piece uses a broken Smartboard as a base for a collage of garbage materials. A patio umbrella serves as the structure in another piece. Another thoughtful piece uses discarded electronics — an old TV, a computer monitor, discarded charging cables, and so on — to depict how technology dependence is creating waste. This is the sixth year the exhibit has been featured, as a collaborative project organized by the AXIS Committee and the Youth Advisory Committee here in the city.

It helps for the future. This is the first year that Caronport has participated, and they took home the trophy for Most Garbage Collected — an exciting moment for the kids involved. Both Dyck and Orescanin hope to see the annual exhibit continue, and maybe even expand to include more of the community. A lot of ef-. The community of Briercrest will celebrate its heritage at the annual Heritage Day in the museum. Doors open to the school, converted to a museum, at 10 a.

Sessions in the museum are old-time music and cowboy poetry in between ice cream and home-made pie. A show and shine will display vintage cars, trucks and tractors, most of them also entered in the 2 p. The day winds up with a roast beef supper and dance. Briercrest is 20 minutes southeast of Moose Jaw. These are proceeds from their Trade Fair admission, that was held on March 30th.

The Cosmo Centre also provides a hall where residents can hold weddings, fu-. Lori Friars, a spokeswoman for Moose Jaw and District Seniors Association, tells council the organization has only six months before it shuts down since it needs sustainable funding for the long-term. Antonio nerals, dances, meetings and other activities. Some of these events attract people from across Canada, who stay in Moose Jaw and contribute to the economy, he continued. While Cosmo does some fundraising, it has had difficulty keeping up with increasing expenses, such as utilities, while it has also depleted half its reserves during the last few years, Smith said.

These reserves are for emergency situations, such as fixing aging furnaces. Smith pointed out the municipality subsidizes other city-owned buildings, such as Mosaic Place and the library. All Cosmo wants is to be given the same consideration financially. Its lease with the municipality expired in and has remained on a year-to-year tenancy at the same terms, she continued. Despite several attempts, the association has been unable to negotiate a new lease with the municipality or Moose Jaw Housing Authority. The municipality promised in to give the organization an adjacent parking lot, but turned it into a public lot instead.

Since parking costs have risen regularly, there has been a decrease in participation for events such as pickleball and dances. We offer 24 programs every week, with users. However, it used savings both years to wipe out those deficits. The next regular council meeting is Monday, June Council discussion Neither organization has said how much money it would need from council, said Coun.

Scott McMann.

He noted both organizations run similar programs, so council needs to know whether they have made an effort to work together. All claims against the above Estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned on or before the 28th day of June, A. Box — 1st Avenue N. Thomson Solicitor for the Executor.

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Council provides funding to the library and other organizations because they are open to everyone, regardless of age. Crystal Froese. She thought the way through this problem was for a new agreement to be signed between the association and municipality. It is about strengthening the relationship through both of these. Dawn Luhning. She worried that this issue would become caught up in bureaucratic red tape; summer is also coming, while the organizations could shut down in a few months.

Therefore, council needs to make a decision soon. ALL claims against the above estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration with the particulars and valuation of security held, if any, may be sent to the undersigned before the 26th 10 clear business days after the last publication day of June, Julie Knox Solicitors for the Executor. All claims against the above Estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration, and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 19th day of June, Those are some of the changes proposed to update the Traffic Bylaw.

City council discussed the amendments during a recent executive committee meeting. Council is now looking for public feedback on the proposed amendments and could officially approve them in June. Feedback can be sent to cclerk moosejaw. Bylaw background. Council enacted the current Traffic Bylaw on June 11, With the bylaw in place and used efficiently for almost a year, the Transportation Services Advisory Committee TSAC suggested several amendments to ensure the bylaw continued functioning well.

Although it took some time, city administration and the transportation committee recognized the parking challenges that residents with special needs have, along with the service that veterans have given to the community, said Coun. Chris Warren. Free parking permits.

Free parking permits for metered parking could be issued to city council members, while the mayor could issue such permits to select groups. These groups include: MPs, MLAs, visiting dignitaries, Victim Services volunteer workers, non-profit health-care and continuous care groups, eligible city employees, and day-long passes to anyone the mayor deems fit.

Bike helmets A voluntary fine option could be offered to people who violate the bicycle helmet provision. Under the bylaw, helmets are mandatory for everyone older than age This would alleviate parking pressures, especially when there are events at Mosaic Place. However, the committee decided not to suggest this change since it was one business owner who had concerns, which stemmed from the Scotties curling tournament. The next executive committee meeting is Monday, June Record volume of water treated last year at Buffalo Pound water plant Jason G.

The plant produced 37, Broken down, Regina consumed 31, One megalitre is equivalent to one million litres. An Olympic-sized swimming pool holds 2. Regina consumed 2. The reason is demand was greater in Regina, while drought conditions also contributed to consumption levels. Buffalo Pound Lake is 2, hectares acres in size and can hold 90 million cubic metres of water. Meanwhile, water quality at Buffalo Pound Lake continued to improve, but the plant had. As the lake draws down, water releases into the channel and then onto Buffalo Pound.

The WSA identified issues at the plant from its inspections, Johnson said. One problem was the plant did not have an updated quality assurance control policy. A second issue was access hatches did not meet standards. Another issue was the process waste lagoons no longer met the permit to operate since solid waste was too high and was overloading the system. Brian Swanson was concerned about the projected cost increases in water supply from the water treatment plant. Swanson added that it is about priorities and where to spend money. To provide for the development of Temporary Work Camps.

Council will also consider written comments received at the hearing or delivered to the undersigned at the municipal office before the hearing. The proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment will allow Council to exempt barbed wire fences from the required setbacks. The proposed amendments are general text amendments. They will affect lands and future developments in the Agricultural District. Any person may inspect the bylaws at the RM of Rodgers No. W in Moose Jaw, SK, during regular office hours. Copies of the bylaw will be made available. W in Moose Jaw, SK.

The purpose of the public hearing is to hear any person or group that wants to comment on the proposed bylaw. Issued at the RM of Rodgers No. Issued at the Rural Municipality of Huron No. Daryl Dean Rural Municipal Administrator. He also thought it was important to increase the number of users accessing water to lessen the costs. The water treatment plant is located 30 kilometres northeast of Moose Jaw on Highway Notice is hereby given that Saskatchewan Ltd. Written objections to the granting of the permit may be filed with SLGA not more than two weeks from the date of publication of this notice.

Every person filing a written objection with SLGA shall state their-name, address and telephone number in printed form, as well as the grounds for the objection s. Petitions must name a contact person, state grounds and be legible. Each signatory to the petition and the contact person must provide an address and telephone number. Frivolous, vexatious or competition-based objections within the beverage alcohol industry may not be considered, and may be rejected by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Licensing Commission, who may refuse to hold a hearing. Council approves changes to bylaws around property tax, sewer and water May 24, Changes to the property tax bylaw, an amendment to the city administration bylaw, and an amendment to the sewer and water utility bylaw are now official.

City council authorized all three bylaws during its most recent regular meeting after giving each three readings. Council voted to approve the property tax bylaw and unanimously approved the amendment to the city administration bylaw, while it voted on the sewer and water utility bylaw. Jason G. Agreement CETA is new Sewer and water utility bylaw amendment The purpose of the amendments is to reflect the changes in the waterworks utility rate schedule and the sanitary sewer utility rate schedule made during the budget committee meeting on Feb. The rate increases have been applied only to the water supplied and not to the fixed monthly service fee, as was past practice.

This is the in-city rate and recognizes the contribution from the operating fund covered by the citizens of Moose Jaw. Warriors development camp an exciting time for team, players Total of 23 players, families in Moose Jaw for special team orientation event Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express. When Denton Mateychyuk was chosen by the Moose Jaw Warriors with the 11th overall pick of the Western Hockey League Bantam Draft, the waiting game and the anticipation officially began. The first date circled on his calendar? The Warriors annual development camp, taking place this past weekend at venues throughout the city.

Mateychuk was among those and as the first round pick, the final player to step on the stage. That includes touring various pertinent parts of the city, a couple of ice sessions at Barkman Arena in Caronport and even a Miller Express baseball game. Warriors first round pick Eric Alarie has seen it all before, having taken part in the camp last year, and was also looking forward to another kick at the can this time around. Western Hockey League goal, that coming during the playoff series with the Saskatoon Blades back in March.

We want to give them some of those tools to take back home and learn and get better. Moose Jaw was a hotbed for club basketball in the province during May 25th weekend, as a total of 57 teams from throughout Saskatchewan took part in the Premier Prairie Classic Club Basketball Tournament at gyms throughout the city. That included no less than 16 Moose Jaw teams from the host Spartans, Ballers and Jam programs — and in no way were they simply there to fill out the draw.

The Spartans ended up taking tournament victories in the Under and U13 boys divisions, to go along with second place-finishes for the U11 boys, U13 girls and U15 girls. The Ballers, meanwhile, posted a series of wins of their own, including a second place showing in the U15 boys division. For the U17 boys Spartans — a squad composed mostly of players from the Central Cyclones provincial champions — it was a continuation of their success from high school.

They defeated the Swift Current Surge before downing the Ballers in the semifinals and battling through a war with the Queen City Hornets before taking an win in the final. The Moose Jaw Ballers took on the Regina Hornets in the U15 boys gold medal game and ended up taking second place in the tournament. We had some good stops when we needed it, it was fun and great to see the guys come away with the win. For the U13 Spartans, it was a matter of keeping their solid weekend going in the.

They expected a tough contest in the final and got exactly that, eventually holding on for a win over the Hornets. Six runs in the second, seven runs in the third and that was about all the Moose Jaw Miller Express needed on the afternoon of June 2 against the Yorkton Cardinals. The Express pounded out 14 hits and built a lead through three innings on their way to a win over the Cardinals in Western Canadian Major Baseball League action at Ross Wells Park.

The Miller Express opened their season on Monday, May 29 and took a heart-stopping win over the Melville Millionaires that featured a run-down tag-out at third to end the game. Game time is 7 p. Blake Gallagher delivers a pitch during first inning of the season opener against Melville. Junior golf tournament a chance to tee-off season Larissa Kurz The weather on May 28 was sunny and beautiful, and the perfect day for golf — a happy coincidence since Lynbrook Golf Club was buzzing with high school golfers from around the province for the annual Moose Jaw Invitational golf tournament.

Organized through the Moose Jaw High School Athletics Association, this particular tournament functions as a fun, non-competitive way to get the golf season rolling. Tournament commissioner Vern Schafer has been organizing the invitational for a few years, but the tournament itself has been bringing golfers together from within the city and surrounding area for 18 years. The Lynbrook Golf Course welcomed around 50 high school golfers for the day.

Schafer frames the tournament as a nostress chance to enjoy the sport, or to even give it a try for the first time. Jenna Grund, a student from Peacock Collegiate. But most of all, Schafer hopes that the Invitational gives golfers a chance to enjoy the game. Jenna Meili, a student from Vanier, takes a practice swing. You just go there and have fun. Block breaks district shot put record, just misses mark in discus Cornerstone Christian School midget girls competitor a medal favourite at provincials after season filled with record-setting performances Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express.

Cornerstone Christian School throws specialist Aliyah Block had her eye on a pair of records at the South Central district track and field championships. Sure enough, the year-old Grade 9 competitor cleared She hit While her goal was to rewrite both marks, Block is more than aware that success in the sport can be a day-to-day thing.

To forfeit the extreme heat and humidity in Florida or the Central Valley of California during summer months to coach one of the premier collegiate baseball leagues in the country here in Moose Jaw was the reasoning behind new head coach Rich Sorenson joining the Moose Jaw Miller Express for the Western Canadian Baseball League season, which kicked off their slate of 56 games this past week. The whole situation came out of the Express needing a coach quickly after original hire Tanner Spencer ended up taking a full time job with Minot State University. A small plane that crashed after taking off from Medicine Hat, Alta.

Nancy Filteau confirms her son, Justin Filteau, 26, a Saskatchewan football player and judo competitor, died when the plane went down on its way to Moose Jaw late Saturday. Maybe I have to become a pilot, too, now! Peters said the flight was scheduled to be about 90 minutes long, but when it did not arrive, a search for the aircraft began. He said the plane was found Sunday morning in Irvine, Alta. All three people aboard were pronounced dead. Justin Filteau played football for his high school, and later for the Saskatoon Hilltops and the University of Saskatchewan Huskies, winning numerous championships.

We love you and miss you more than we will ever be able to express. Nancy Filteau said her son was bullied as a young child. He believed in setting goals high and he pushed really hard. The Express played their first game on Monday, taking a victory over the Melville Millionaires, a contest that came after a quick turnaround from most of the players arriving in the city Monday. The key now will be learning what his troops are capable of and where they best fit the team.

We have the knowledge base, equipment and experience, to handle large scale jobs and have an expanding resume of international projects. Our commitment to quality is applied to all contracts, large or small. A warm, sunny and slightly windy day might seem like the perfect conditions to see all sorts of track and field records fall, but it proved a difficult task at the South Central district track and field meet at Gutheridge Field on Wednesday, May 29th. Only two records were broken and two tied in the day-long run of action, two of.

Olivia Mowchenko of Peacock flies through a senior girls triple jump attempt on her way to winning the event, clearing Ellertson, who both ran the same time way back in Like close races? The difference between first and fourth? Check out MooseJawToday. Crozier Holmes leads the field down the stretch in the senior boys metres and would win in Central distance specialist Kal McGillis right would go on to win the senior boys 1, metres in a time of Saturday p.

Wednesday p. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins. Life N Untold Stories of the E. Untold Stories of the E. My Lb. Louis Blues. Squelettes Discussions Galas ComediHa! Paid Prog. Life N My Lb. Life Tamy becomes a hermit. At the Heart. Professionally maintained. Set up for towing behind RV At present set up for winter running Phone 1 For Sale: Ford 2 ton box and hoist. New Electric bike, the Eco Rider, with fatty tires and foldable to put in your trunk. For fun, fresh air and adventure, this is the one. Set up or in the box, 4 in stock. Call or text Shimano gears, disc brakes watt.

Ride or cruise, tons of fun. Call or text For sale: One snowbear 4 by 8 ft. Also western riding saddle. Spacious open concept on the first floor with east patio deck. Underground heated parking with wash bay, storage locker, guest suite, multi purpose room for group entertaining. No pets no smoking. You pay power. A spacious, bright furnished bedroom on the main level of our home. Ideal for a single working person, a student or apprentice.

Includes use of kitchen supply own food shared bathroom and laundry. Use of exercise equipment in family room. Located near schools and bus route. Must be a quiet tenant; no pets allowed; no parties; no smoking indoors. Available immediately. References required. For more information please call Moose Jaw. One bedroom suites for rent, near corner store, Crescent Park and quick walk to City Transit stop. Call or message House for rent or rent to own.

House for rent: Stadacona St W. Call REAL ESTATE For Sale: 2 bedroom condo, walk-in bathtub with shower can switch for conventional tub ,20 year old 15 unit building, new appliances, flooring, window coverings, paint and flooring just 4 years ago, underground parking, desired central location. Phone: For Sale: Several guitars, phone for more info. Good condition.

Phone Helene at Plate frames. For sale: Kenmore deep freezer 42 by 23 by 33 deep cub ft. New oak fern stand. Old country kitchen table 5 ft. White frame. Top has been sanded. Contact Call Mens and Ladies bicycles with wide tires. Moose Jaw call or text 5 drawer lateral file cabinet in good condition. Yellow in color. Found on road in Prairie Oasis Trailer Court.

Will meet at a location that suits seller. Call or text I am looking for a lever or pump 22, and a smaller 22 bolt action rifle in either 22LR or Magnum. Call or text Free pickup of your unwanted snowblowers, tillers, generators, ice augers, or any other yard and garden equipment, in Moose Jaw and area. Call or text Tractors. I pay cash for tractors up to 50 HP running or not, and 3 point hitch equipment.

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Preferably a flat surface with hinges. Call or text Mark Would like to find people that play Mahjong, or I will teach you how to play. Will meet 1 afternoon a week. Call or Avonlea, SK. Email: osirus1 sasktel. Outings, companionship, exercise, healthy meals, house keeping etc. Reasonable rates. Please contact Joanne at Wanted: Garage to rent proferably in downtown area.

Wanted: Downtown rental space for a store. Reasonable cost or will also supply security maintenance, cleaning. Can be boiler licensed and have a excellent recommentations for last 50 years. Phone Seeking committed, evangelizzing Christian business partner. Male, female or fmaily. Well organized sale! Saturday, June 8, 8am-2pm. Better water for better living High quality water delivered to your home or office Better water brings out the best in your family.

For nearly two decades, the Tree of Memory ceremony has taken place in parks in and around Moose Jaw, offering a chance for those who have lost loved ones to create a special memory. One that will last for all time. Close to people took part in the event, taking advantage of the outstanding weather to watch, listen and participate in the tree-planting project designed to give patrons a memory and legacy that will last generations.

Domingo Salido and a reading of the hon-. Patrons of the Tree of Memory ceremony make their way through Crescent Park to the planting site of the northern pin oak that will serve as the Tree of Memory. That way the roots of the tree will spread through the messages for eternity. Ferguson said. It will grow to a height of around 26 feet in the next 10 years and. Blair Scott with Jones-Parkview Funeral Services mixes some of the messages to loved ones into the tree planter, so the roots will grow through the messages for eternity.

Patrons also had a chance to take home a white spruce sapling to plant themselves the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery. Workers place the special messages to loved ones who have passed on into the planting hole for the Tree of Memory, so the roots will grow through the messages for all eternity. Identity Crisis Just recently, I completed an assignment that required writing my identity statement. I have collected prophetic words, inheritance scriptures, songs and meaningful notes or words that have been given to me as well as recognized my strongest passions.

I then spent some time, with the guidance of Holy Spirit, and compiled an identity statement. This statement is written with the knowledge of this is how heaven knows me. This is how God sees me. It has given me greater confidence to just be me, the real me. Did you know that He looks at us through Jesus, so what He sees is actually Jesus in us? When we get a true revelation of that, we will never have an identity crisis! The identity message is being taught throughout the world right now.

It does not matter how other people see you. It matters how you see yourself. Romans reiterates that when we are born again, our old man dies. We have all of heaven rooting for us and all of earth waiting for us to emerge into our full identity. Just start where you are at and begin practicing the real you This is going to take some faith Your first step is to gather your inheritance words or verses or songs that have been spoken over you. Ask a friend to pray over you. Take them on Athabasca East a journey of Your love. Reveal how You see them and Minister: Rev. Jim to Tenford then give them the tools fulfill their destiny on this Music Director: Karen Purdy earth.

Friend, you were created for such a time as this! Be blessed! A few questions and concerns from BASP parents based on news articles and conversations from all medias. They should have had a plan in place for the before and after school program BASP if it was that many months ago instead of leaving it until after the announcement was made. How can operating expenses be that high?

April 29, 12222

Small Moose Jaw is a lot different than Regina, the capital of the province. We have different needs and budgets. Will there be any next year? Numerous home daycares close over the summer so lots of families depend on those camps. So, drop them off at daycare then go back to take them to school, go back to work and then do it again after school? Employers will not allow that. Besides the licensed facilities are rumoured to all be full for school age spots. What are the numbers? They are the heart and soul of the program yet they were tossed aside.

Instead they were told they would have to apply? Many of the school age leaders at the BASP have been working there for years, working through school providing caring and quality programs. How are these workers not considered for their own jobs first? Will Regina staff have seniority over Moose Jaw locals? Our children trust and love the workers they have now. Which is it daycares or a new building location?

How do our kids get to school from the daycare? Kids need stability E-mail: st. Glenn Galenkamp, Rector We are told there is no transportation after June 28th so how are our kids getting to excursions? What if there are storms? Our weather is unpredictable. What about weeks off school? If you open new spots in different school locations, the same question remains. We brought our kids here because they accommodate real life.

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Real working parents. We were told that this would be an option for us. After a long and courageous battle with cancer, Teresa passed away peacefully at the Wigmore Hospital May 25th. Her happiest moments came from time spent with them. Teresa was a fiesty little woman with a contagious smile. Stubborn to the end, her body conceded to cancer long before her mind did. She was a fighter and a true inspiration with the spirit and strength she showed battling this disease. She will be missed. Thank you to Dr. Janzen as well as Dr. Heatherington and all the nurses at the surgical ward for the excellent end of life care.

Wishes to express a sincere thank you to family and friends for their support during this difficult time. The many kind expressions of condolence have been greatly appreciated. Story told in Devil to Pay. Former thief and prostitute, born in London to teenage prostitute Penelope Maynard. A Master vampire, sired by Ian in at the age of Hit-man and bounty hunter. Best friend of Spade , cousin and friend of Ian Flannery.

Husband of Cat Crawfield. Claims Katie as his child. Story told in the Night Huntress series. Hunted and killed vampires since she was Enhanced strength and speed. Former agent for a Paranormal Unit of Homeland security. Daughter of Justina Crawfield , mother of Katie. Turned full vampire to stop a war with the ghoul nation, sired by Bones.

Wife of Bones. Chance — sired by Bones , now master of his own line. Charming and dangerous, never gives up. Mate of Isabella Spaga. Story told in Happily Never After. Elise — rescued and sired by Mencheres after a suicide attempt. Lost everything during the great depression, including her husband and daughter. Has spent years living in virtual isolation. Saved Blake Turner from demon possession. Sire and mate of Blake Turner. Wrongly transported to a penal colony in New South Wales, where he killed an abusive overseer and escaped. Found near death and sired by Mencheres.

Practitioner of magic, a collector of rare and unusual things. Cousin and friend of Bones. Mate of Veritas. Story told in the Night Rebel series. Justina Crawfield — mother of Cat Crawfield. Intense hatred of vampires, desire to see all of them destroyed. Kidnapped and turned by Gregor against her will. Had a love affair with the ghoul Rodney , who was killed during her rescue.

Briefly worked for the Paranormal Unit of Homeland security. Grandmother of Katie. Kira Graceling — a former Chicago private investigator. Married to a corrupt cop at 19, husband sent to prison on her testimony. Raised her younger sister Tina Graceling after the death of their mother. Has a natural shield from vampire compulsion. Sired by Mencheres to save her from execution by corrupt Law Guardian Radjedef.

In training to be an Enforcer. Mate of Mencheres. Story told in Eternal Kiss of Darkness. Maximus — born Rossal de Payen in France in Unknowingly fed vampire blood, vastly extending his life. Sired by and best friend of Vlad Tepesh. Mencheres — the former 4th century Egyptian Pharaoh Menkaure , grandson of the builder of the Great Pyramid. One of the most powerful vampires in existence. Vast magical knowledge.

Mate of Kira Graceling. Transported to the penal colony in New South Wales when he assumed the debt and sentence of his gambler father. Regal and chivalrous. Best friend of Bones , friend of Ian Flannery. Sired by Mencheres. Mate of Denise MacGregor. Story told in First Drop of Crimson. Imprisoned, raped and tortured as a boy. Known for his brutal, merciless ways. Fanatically protective of his people and his country.

Even as a human, lead his armies from the front. Vast pyrokinetic powers. Mate of Leila Dalton. Story told in the Night Prince series. Most ghosts are like replays of their former selves, stuck on an unending loop. Some, though, have part of their consciousness stay on the earthly plane. Because they are so often ignored and overlooked by other supernaturals, they are perfect for intelligence gathering and surveillance.

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Some ghosts possess more power than others, and over time they develop the ability to manifest a physical form for limited periods of time. Fabian du Brac — died in at the age of Desperately lonely for years, taken in by Cat Crawfield. Used for surveillance work. Boyfriend of Elisabeth. As undead sister-races, vampires and ghouls are both powerful and resilient. Ghouls are sired from receiving the heart of another ghoul and raised by the blood of a vampire.

When they awaken, they do so with a blinding hunger for human flesh. Because they have fewer a similar level of power and fewer weaknesses than vampires sunlight, silver , and can only be killed by decapitation, there are some among their numbers who believe that ghouls should play by their own set of rules. Marie Laveau — also known as Majestic.