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The Ballad of Tammo - The Long Patrol

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Brian Jacques - Redwall 10 - The Long Patrol

Applegate Ages Animorphs Alternamorphs by K. AR Levels 5. Redwall Ages Mossflower Ages Mattimeo Ages Mariel of Redwall Ages Salamandastron Ages Martin the Warrior Ages The Bellmaker Ages Outcast of Redwall Ages Pearls of Lutra Ages The Long Patrol Ages Marlfox Ages The Legend of Luke Ages At the forefront is the young hare Tammo, the lead sword in one of the most ferocious battles Redwall has ever faced. As in the other Redwall books, the combination of an absorbing plot, robust characterization, and detailed description make the novel a page-turner.

But the Long Patrol—that fighting unit of perilous hares—is called out to draw them off…and fight them to death if need be. And the lead sword of the Long Patrol will be taken up by the young, inexperienced hare Tammo—in one of the most ferocious battles Redwall has ever faced….

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Tamello De Fformelo Tussock wants more than anything to join the Long Patrol, those staunch and stalwart hare warriors who make their home at the top of Salamandastron Mountain. But Tammo, as he is called, is too young and inexperienced.

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  • Or is he? Guided by the nomad squirrel Russa, Tammo makes his way to Redwall, where the Long Patrol has gathered to protect their beloved Abbey from the great rat Rapscallions.

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    And as the mighty rats rear their ugly heads and ancient Redwall warriors fall, young Tammo learns what life, death and honor really mean as a new generation of Redwall heroes comes to the fore to save their home from evil. Brian Jacques was born in Liverpool in He left school at age 15 and found work as a docker, a truck driver, a policeman, and a stand-up comic, all before turning his attention to writing. He wrote his first… More about Brian Jacques. Whoever wins will take his army either on land or on sea. This will be determined by the tradition of flipping Gormad's sword.

    One side of the blade is wavy for water, and the other is straight for land. Damug kills Byral and takes over control of the army, which moves inland.

    The Long Patrol (Redwall Series #10)

    At Redwall Abbey , the inhabitants discover that the south wall is mysteriously sinking into the ground! Foremole Diggum and crew believe the best thing to do is to knock the wall down, and re-build it. During the night, a storm brought a tree down on the wall, making the moles job easier but also leaving the Abbey open to attack. Within the tree was an owl of Mossflower , Orocca. The broken wall revealed a tower of the ancient castle Kotir.

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    After a harrowing journey, they find the treasure of Verdauga Greeneyes , the long-dead lord of Kotir Fortress. The Long Patrol goes to Redwall, hoping to inform the denizens about the threat posed by Damug. The spirit of Martin the Warrior appears to Tammo, instructing him to go in the company of the hare Midge Manycoats to Damug's camp.