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She was 33 years old. She had two kids, never said a mean word to anyone. Why did she die? You can have passion without going all the way. They love that rush of falling in love. How was it working with Miley Cyrus? She loved animals. Miley and her co-star Liam Hemsworth became a real-life couple on set. How does that change the dynamic among the core creative group?

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Only in a positive way, because one of the most important things that you need in a film like this is chemistry between your couple. So it worked only in the positive sense. Your books always involve someone in mortal danger. How much does your work serve as a catharsis? Well, less than you would think. You want to move the viewer through the entire range of human emotion.

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Thrillers are supposed to thrill you and horror is supposed to scare you and comedies are supposed to make you laugh. No one can recall seeing a neighbor barbecuing on the fire escape, an illegal activity that the Fire Department warns is dangerous, and subject to immediate enforcement. In the past year, code inspectors from the city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development issued 1, violations throughout the city for items blocking the way on a fire escape, like bicycles, flowerpots or clotheslines. Earlier this summer, an inspector did ask Ms.

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Santos to remove some of her 20 or so plants. View all New York Times newsletters. Santos readily complied because she wants to keep the fire escape open for safety reasons, and for her own enjoyment. A storage locker, the fire escape is not. Happy Hours and Alfresco Dining. They venture out during the baseball playoffs -- especially if the Yankees are involved.

They do so at Christmastime to refrigerate soda and food, and to mount holiday lights.

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But the season with the greatest mileage, of course, is summer. And the busiest time of the busiest season is late in the afternoon, with Fridays arguably being the peak. It is the neighborhood's answer to happy hour, with alfresco dining and drinking always an option. It is a time for stickball, courtesy of the men and boys of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage. They live on the more established northwestern half of the block, closer to Broadway and the Hudson River, away from the soccer-partial southeastern half of recent Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants.

Diaz, the Yankees fan. You stink! It is a time for loud music. This summer, Ms. It is a time for people like Miguelina. On a recent Friday, with the sun slowly fading, there she was, writing notes on pink notebook paper and raining them on her friends. What, pray tell, did she write? Her friend, Leslie Grullon, who moved away from the block to the Bronx last year, revealed that they touched on ''what to wear,'' ''when are you going to the pool,'' that kind of thing.

And it is time, too, for people like Iris Miranda of 35 Arden, who is a fixture up there on Fridays and Mondays. She is off those days from her job at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, where she scans medical information. Miranda, 44, an Arden lifer, calls the fire escape her penthouse, with its pleasant breezes and lovely views of Fort Tryon Park. A serious Mets fan, she hangs a team banner over the fire escape every baseball season. Her younger daughter, Amanda, who is 11, has whiled away many hours up there with her cousin and best friend, Natasha Ortiz, Amanda knows that she cannot go out there by herself, and that she should hang on to the railing.

Oh, and one more safety rule, her mother adds: ''No partying! On one recent afternoon, the two girls slurped ice cream sodas, legs swinging from the fire escape, eyes glued to the clothes that their neighbors were wearing on the street.

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Natasha was playing her own brand of commercial-free FM radio, constantly switching between hip-hop and Top 40 stations. Another afternoon, Amanda was reading a book assigned to her for her coming seventh-grade class at Mott Hall, a school in upper Manhattan for gifted children. Her mother came outside later. Miranda said. It's like our home. She looked at her watch.

That's what happens -- time just goes by. The Last of the Mohicans. On Arden Street, the fire escapes have such a gravitational pull that even those who don't have them want them. Those who do, meanwhile, say that the escapes are conducive to daydreaming and help to foster neighborhood loyalty. Diaz can relate to all of that. As a bachelor and the unofficial mayor and neighborhood watchdog of Arden, he lives on the ground floor of 45 Arden.

But he has visited just about all of the fire escapes, since he helps his brother-in-law, Carmelo Ortiz Jr. Diaz, who, at 39, has had three heart operations. Like just about everyone else on Arden, Mr.

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Diaz fondly said that the culture of fire escapes may have peaked last summer during the blackout, when neighbors ate, drank and slept outside. And yet, for all of that short-term community bonding, some longtime residents sense that the street is on the cusp of transition. A few years ago, the southern end of Arden was addled with drug dealing and other troubles. But after the police cracked down, and the Police Athletic League established a summer presence, residents began to reclaim their fire escapes.

And now, artists and white-collar professionals from Greenwich Village and Chelsea are gentrifying the neighborhood, attracted by the advantageous rents, the proximity to the 1, 9 and A subway lines and the beauty of Fort Tryon Park.

Soon, a new tenant will also replace Ms. Joseph, the last member of her family to leave a block where they first settled in The new digs are great. But she misses her friends. And few, if any, of the newcomers have embraced the fire-escape tradition.

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Joseph said. Miranda is preparing to move on, as well. She is sorting out the family's finances, and hoping to buy a two-family house within a few years: half for her, her husband, Ralph, and Amanda; the other half for her year-old daughter, Janice, an administrative assistant at J. Not long ago, Mr. He escorted her to one resident's outdoor terrace, and taught her how to water the plants properly. He also told her that if she studied hard and chased her dreams, then maybe someday she would be able to do whatever she wanted on a terrace like this one, and not just on her beloved fire escape.

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