Haunted Boston

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Boston Ghost Tours With Ghosts & Gravestones

Some say he never left. Baseball greats like Babe Ruth stopped in for drinks and dinner. And famous politicians have frequented the elegant hotel. Parker House has also hosted famous performers since it is near Boston's Theater District. While the Omni Parker House continues to be frequented by notable names, it's the ghosts that are the center of attention around holidays like Halloween. Stories of a bearded man and noises in room are common, even told by current guests.

The third floor, however, is the paranormal hotspot at this historic Boston hotel. Charlotte Cushman, a renowned 19th-century stage actress who played both male and female roles, such as in the Shakespearean plays "Lady Macbeth" and "Hamlet," died in in her room on the third floor. Now, one of the elevators often travels on its own to that floor, even when no buttons are pushed.

She said it was a heavy set older man with a black mustache. He just looked at her, then faded away. She came downstairs, a bit jittery, and security went up to the tenth floor. They checked it out, but reported they could find nothing.

Haunted Hotels: Boston’s Omni Parker House

To those who knew Harvey Parker, such sightings — which have not been reported for two decades now — could hardly come as a shock. A perfectionist who kept his hands in every detail of his restaurant and hotel operations, he played the ultimate host to ordinary folks and world-famous guests.


A host, it would seem, who could never really bring himself to leave. Guests reported that at the same time on two consecutive mornings there were people whispering outside her doorway. Each time she opened the door she found no one outside.

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It must be stated her room was at the end of the hallway so there was no way someone could make a quick exit. Choose your scare, or enjoy them all.

by broom, by trolley or by foot

Plus, a lights-on tour and guide through all the attractions and backstage. The Jamboree is free to visit—no admission required.

Watch out for the creepy creatures that wander the park, always looking to strike terror into visitors. Route , Main St.

The Most Haunted Places In Boston

Factory of Terror promises nothing but scares at all three of their New England locations. This haunted house experience is not for the faint of heart. At the Fall River location, visitors will enter a deserted factory where—so the story goes— workers were murdered, and work their way through such spine-tingling sections as the Bloodworth Dungeon and the 4D Blackout.

A unique set of chills and thrills await at each location, offering up plenty of options for haunted house aficionados. Multiple locations, including Grafton St. Take a journey through time this Halloween at the Alden House, the previous residence of Mayflower voyager John Alden.

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