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Clarissa Allison-recchie clarissaallison. Blessed Be with Triple Goddess Moon. Virginia nannyiannone.

Tina chieftina Read at : Timdiy. Annastellasdoga annastellasdoga. Vic Metherell vicmetherell. Triskele Spiral Chart. Etsy etsy. Rosario Gonzalez marosg. Eva Serna evangelinaserna. Mailyn Peters mailynpeters. Sonia Cristina Rodrigues scmatias Samantha Smith mommykazul. Brandon U captainamerica. Crochet and Craft. Welcome to Share's Crochet and Craft Store! This is the online home of crochet designer, Shari Eicher. You will find patterns for all sorts of needs and for all kinds of crafters. Remember, any pattern that begins as a chart or graph can be adapted to any style of craft using graphs for patterns needlepoint, cross stitch, beading, etc.

Welcome to my home. Tattoo artist in Florida, b. He posted 21 free fonts in at Dafont all at once. Many of these have calligraphic or Celtic influences. There are of course several blackletter and illuminated caps typefaces, as one would expect in a tattoo parlor. South Florida-based designer of the dingbat font Faces , created via Fontifier.

Creator of the hexagonal paper-fold typeface JOVI Jorge G. Exvox Designs offers graphic design, logo design, concepting, typography, product and print services in Orlando, Florida. Jose V. At Parquillium Design, he published Futurum Parqez The idea for this typeface came to him ca. Futurm Parqez employs a square-shaped frame out of which the letters are cut using the fewest strokes possible while maintaining legibility.

Designer b. Designer of the metafont Cun runes, cuneiform. During his studies at Flagler College in Saint Augustine, FL, Josh Manning created the display typeface Thayer , which is based on the shapes in baseball catchers' masks. The typeface is named after Frederick Thayer, who developed the first catcher's mask in Petersburg, FL-based designer of the poster typeface tower It is modular, very much like the tribal mosaic Europe is reverting back to after Brexit.

Smith [Hydro 74]. Augustine, Florida, Julia Kennedy designed the pixelish typeface Blocked Florida in the greater Chicago area who graduated from Columbia College Chicago. Creator of the spurred black death and wrought iron fence typeface family Codex , Avondale Type Co. Free download of Codex. His homepage is called The Skywatcher. He writes: I work for the jawesome Sprout Social at their headquarters in Chicago. We design and build the most innovative social media engagement platform. I also founded and operate a clothing company called Shycog out of my basement.

Fueled by my love for my city and my bicycle, this venture is just getting started. Dribble link. Florida-based graphic designer who made the neon light font Electric Ship She blended Andale Mono and Baskerville to get Andille Graphic designer in Miami, FL. Creator of a very detailed caps alphabet with letters in the shape of elephant trunks, called Trunkalump Saint Augustine, FL-based designer of the display sans typeface Jellyfish Miami, FL-based designer of the modular FontStruct? Saint Augustine Beach, FL-based creator of the hairline typeface Vue , deasigned during a typography course , and of Collected and Collected Decorative Kelsey Gates Sarasota, FL combined Harrington and Lucinda when she developed the blackletter typeface Hybrid Font during her graphic design studies.

Tallahassee, FL-based creator of a psychedelic music festival poster in Kevin studied at the Ringling College of Art in Design. He created the techno typeface Overwhelm Stalwart was inspired by elements found in architecture, woodwork and tattoo lettering. Aka Khrys Kreations. Kindergarten teacher b. She is currently based in Jacksonville, FL. Creator of the display typeface Whimsy Kimberly Geswein.

She made some free fonts often handwriting styles , and also ran a personal handwriting font service [those fonts have names that start with KGD]. FontSquirrel link. Fontsy link. Fontspring link.

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Google Web Font Directory link. Family home page. Nelsson completed it to You Are Loved Pro. Nelsson, CheapProFonts. Google Plus link. Graduate of Rogier College in St. Florida-based creator of Traffix , pixelized. She created the hand-printed outline typeface Hybrid Designer in Tallahassee, FL.

In , he created the squarish typeface family Quest and the monoline sans typeface Austere She created a pen-drawn alphabet in Creator of a photo-play font called Fingerhot Pepper Born and raised in Miami, she is presently in New York City. During her studies, Laura Pol Pol Designs created the free blackboard bold display typeface Wamed and the modular typeface Aroma Bold and Light , free. In , she designed the alchemic typeface Tyde, the sans typeface Kohmar, and the free geometric sans typeface Aqua Grotesque that reminds us of the s.

In , she designed the free squarish typeface Novu-M. American designer of Pipeline , a modular plumbing-inspired typeface. Direct access.

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Orlando, FL-based graphic designer who created the Slutvetica poster in He also produced a typography booklet in This web site, related to Joshua Smith's Hydro 74 foundry in Orlando, FL, offers original creations, both free and commercial. They specialize in vintage signage type, display type, the Western look, scary typefaces, art nouveau, tattoo type, psychedelic and Victorian styles. Type designer from Punta Gorda, FL, who designed an ornamental outline typeface in In , he patented a squarish outline typeface.

Miami, FL-based designer of the display typeface saint Sylvestre Tallahassee, FL-based designer of Dragonrune Creator of Labour , a free horizontally-textured typeface. Josh Wilhelm is an artist, musician and comedian who lives in Florida. It is possible that he also is a reverend. His original type designs were presented at Spork Thug Typography.

Some time before , he moved to Life Without Taffy. Miami, FL-based graphic designer who created Rede Black modular display face in Creator of the stiletto-themed typeface Skeleton Key Creator of Under The Sea , a slightly grungy typeface. Creator of the art deco typeface Ryder , which she calls a hybrid of Braggadocio and Britannic Bold. Ryder was developed during her studies in Sarasota, FL.

She also made a condensed sans typeface called Camus , which is named after the existentialist philosopher Albert Camus. Sarasota, FL-based designer of the display typeface Order This typeface was develope d during her studies at Ringling College of Art and Design. She created the hairline sans typeface Satin Creator of the Cyrillic simulation typeface Menhir Jacksonville, FL-based graphic designer. He created the identity of Chevalier Bakery He created the display typeface Numetrica Sarasota, FL-based designer who created the teardrop script typeface Unicorn Penmanship in for a typography course.

Fort Lauderdale, FL-based designer of the modular techno typeface Omicron Located in Orlando, FL, Burnette b. In , he designed MB Block Type. Miami, FL-based designer of Vela , a display typeface inspired by sailboats. Augustine, Florida, Matthew Conner designed the display typeface Metaverse Mathhew hails from Orlando, FL.

West Bradenton, FL-based designer of Dinosaurus Text , which includes a set of dinsaur doodles for children. She also created an icon set called Under The Sea Creator of the Victorian typeface Ephemere Megan Tamaccio [District 62 Studio]. In , she added the brush typeface Halcyon. Her typefaces include Cherokee and Dashes , dot matrix font. During her students in St. Miami Beach, FL-based designer in of a monogram typeface in It was designed as an easy-to-learn and simple-to-use alternative international alphabet.

See also here for MesaAnalogMedium Michael Stacey. ITC Wisteria is an exact reproduction of an alphabet design copyrighted in multiple through popular publications by Ross F. George, co-inventor of the Speedball pen.

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Saint Augustine, FL-based designer b. She created Pratt Slab in , a slab serif with a wood style. Creator of the great experimental octagonal typeface Mobio Floridian designer, b. Creator of the flared display typeface Diligent List of fonts seen at Disney. Subpage on pirate fonts. Milan Zrnic b. In , Milan created Idyll , commercial sans serif font while in the Chank Army.

In , Milan created and released the free typeface Raedr. Creator of the thin monoline sans typeface Hilo , which was designed by merging Apex Sans and Museo. Creator of the elegant hairline sans family ULT Sans She says that, inspired by FF Milo and Stainless, it took her over two weeks of straight work just to get the beta out.

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  3. Witching Culture: Folklore and Neo-Paganism in America (Contemporary Ethnography);

She also made the squarish stencil typeface SquareX , the mechanical typeface Incognita , and the semi-serif typeface ChanorSans Her latest: the gorgeous constructivist-marries-didone headline typeface Modern 9 , and Melor , a simple sans family in two styles done for Miphol Studio. Aka mitch Robert Allgeyer's MusiQwik series of music fonts is now hosted by me. In , Allgeyer wrote: Welcome to my now-obsolete home page.

In early , I removed my web site from the Internet. I have done enough of it, and reached the stage in my life where I want to spend time doing other things. I have left this page for a couple of extra months, so that occasional visitors can find it, before I finally remove everything. My name is prominent on the Internet due to my music fonts, fiction, essays, and travel comments. However, do not confuse me with the Midwestern jazz musician, the artist, the dancer, or any number of others with my same name. In , he added NoteHedz. Floridian web and graphic type designer. She created the leafy caps typeface Pavo STD This was a news design blog run by Friesen, a news designer at The Oregonian in Portland, OR, who has dabbled in daily newspapers for nearly 20 years.

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The page went dead some time in Designer in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Her work includes the decorative oblong typeface Petulia She is currently a freelance graphic designer residing in Sarasota, FL. Nicole experimented with hybrid typefaces. Boston-based photographer and typographer who is studying at Ringling College of Art and Design. The letter Y inspired her to create the experimental family Weye Ninth North is a new design studio located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Happiness is a Filet Crochet Book!

Type and graphic designer in New York City. In , he created Grail Grotesque. Free font Akira Mac. The other fonts are commercial. Mac only. Not top quality. Miami, FL-based creator of the free athletic lettering typeface SP Complex , the alchemic typeface Relic , free , Chronicle , a free hipster font , Ao , free hipster font , and Glyphs , alchemic. Another Behance link. Brian Haines designed Matchbook , retro sans. Font Squirrel link where one can download Matchbook. Natasha Maria Fernandez-Fountain's home page.

He made the experimental typeface Molecule Iconk is a set of icons for Android. Brocha is a free brush font, while Magnitude is a free sci-fi typeface. Behance link for OX Lab. Student at the University of Tampa, FL, who created a decorative sans serif typeface in In , he published the headline sans typeface PC Navita, Versa Block elliptical sans , Darla Script, Quantik, Provoke an inline family , the free squarish typeface Beepo, the sans family Greenstyle, and the free wide sans typeface Broadwell.

Paul Thompson Tampa, FL created a Smart Night poster in that seems to use an original decorative caps typeface created by him. Graphic designer and typographer in Miami, FL. Behance link Creator of the beautiful Wood Cuts font , which attempts to simulate something cut out of linoleum. Illustrator and designer in Stuart, FL. He drew a stylized Braille alphabet The oily typeface Tomstaint was created by S.

Kaltenbach at Flagler College in Florida. Aka Phipman, Philip Schlenoff b. Graphic designer in Miami, FL, who created a wonderful connect-the-dots typographic poster entitled High Society Floridian designer of the modern Tuscan typeface Monoslam , which is inspired by The old Boston Redsox's Circus style serif font as well as Luis Hernandez's work.

Typefaces from Night Wryter, Meduza blackletter. Designer of the free outline typeface Flexion Other fonts include Arcadia a flared display face , Chardonnay a vintage typeface , Vyshyvka the Ukrainian word for embroidery , Girlhood connected handwriting; its grunge version is called Shattered , SweaterVest a patterned wavy face. Aka melita Signage business involved in truck lettering, truck decals, custom signs, vinyl lettering, pinstriping and font design. Located in Lee County in Florida. Their free fonts: Armament , Blackchalk Down , Bumrush , brush face , Dispatch Black , reminiscent of wood type, and Bajenna , simulated brush face.

At Dafont, they use the name phallicymbal. For a period of time, he permitted distribution of his library to International Type Fonders, but now his fonts can be bought from MyFonts. The typophiles raised an argument about Soraya , which seemed very close to Cirkulus Michael Neugebauer, Letraset. Images of some of Nayeri's typefaces. The Prime Graphics typeface library. QJS Graphics is a design company, est.

Creator of the techno typeface Quin Randy Ford Sarasota, FL has been designing typefaces since In , he created Sporedom. Fontm link. Hialeah, FL-based designer of the hipster typeface Arqsquare Web type news, edited by Richard Fink Naples, FL , a web developer, research analyst, journalist and critic. Weston, FL-based designer of an experimental alphabet based on the emulation of letters on a CRT screen. Rena Martinson. Rena's main contribution is to the icons and floral elements in Canvas Rena's Flowers.

Honduras-born graphic designer and illustrator who is based in Miami. He created DMesh , an octagonal or paper-fold typeface, about which he writes: In I came across a beautiful app called DMesh. The program itself used Delaunay triangles along with a complicated algorithm to turn any image into a beautifully stylish work of art. I got in touch with the creator of the app, Dofl Yun, and told him that I was interested in fleshing out a typeface inspired by D in the DMesh logo.

He was excited about the prospect of there being a proper typeface related to his app. Dofl gave me his blessing and the result was the project you see here. Augustine, FL-based designer of the arrowed typeface Sharp Turns Renowned calligrapher, carver, designer and sign painter who has been involved in the sign industry over twenty years. A frequent contributor to SignCraft magazine, he is probably best known for his slate carving techniques. Roger Black. He was a major partner in The Font Bureau, Inc.

In , with Eduardo Danilo, he set up Danilo Black , a publication consulting firm. Cofounder in of Type Network. His current interests include web typography, typeface delivery for the web and small portable devices, newspaper design, and newspaper web design. Typographer, designer and journalist educated at Indiana University, where he has been teaching typography since He has been graphic design consultant since Russ Ward is the Orlando-based designer of the RussMusic music font. PC Beach, FL-based designer b.

In , he made the Western style slab serif typeface Bottoms. In , he designed Grunge and explains: Grunge Bold is based on the distorted font used by MTV mainly on Minutes from approximately I've spent a long time piecing together multiple sources recordings of Minutes, etc. FontStruct link.

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Graphic designer in Lake Worth, FL. Creator of Pretentious Hipster , a rhomboid typeface. Ryan Martinson [Yellow Design Studio]. American designer of Blocks As a student in Odessa, FL, he created the display typeface Vicey Born in , Ryan Tempro St. Augustine, FL created the experimental shadow and light typeface Fragment Young man b.

Sabrina Mariela Lopez [Typesenses]. American designer of the modular futuristic typeface Above Earth Miami, FL-based creator of the display typeface Bloom He made the ornamental typeface Chronograph Sarah mixed Aspect and Neutraface Slab and created a mutation called Primavera Graphic and web designer in Orlando, FL, b. He seems to be located in Cali, Colombia. At least, the Sebastian Mejia in Cali designed the decorative typeface Inspira Aka Serena Kittehpawz. Floridian designer b. Tampa, FL-based designer of Aussie Grill Type , Retroactive a hand-drawn retro grunge font and Slimey slimy social media icons.

Gainesville, FL-based designer of Agency , a high-contrast all caps sans typeface family and Diamond Type , decorative caps. Tampa, FL-based designer of the frilly display typeface Prida Sarasota, FL-based designer of Neverland , display typeface. Orlando, FL-based designer, artist, writer and seamstress b.

Augustine, FL, Sierra Thomas designed a modular hexagonal typeface Floridian designer of Neo-Punk Handwriting Florifian designer of Neo Punk Handwrite Stormlaks, IA, , who has reengineered most of Monotype's and Adobe's fonts in the s. It was not a foundry, but copied fonts. Incredibly, the Postscript versions came without AFM files and were thus useless. Apparently, the kerning present in the TrueType versions or the IBM PostScript versions is the pits, so the whole set is worthless, and proves that King, who is being sued by Adobe, knows nothing about fonts and does not care about quality.

Paul King was condemned in court in February for violation of copyright. King's legal troubles continued on another front: he was arrested on July 2, , for allegedly paddling a child so hard he left bruises. In all, he faced eight accusations of alleged child abuse. The trial started in August He was convicted in November and was sentenced on December 30, On December 31, , Paul King was sentenced to three months of jail term see also here.

SSi ceased operations. Larry Tate retro. Florida-based designer of Paint Pen , the art deco typeface family Multiplicity , the monoline typefaces Crispy Bacon , Toasted Marshmallow and Cozy Caps , Shadow Lines , the display typefaces Buttered Popcorn , Love You Lots for Valentine's Day and Elementary School , the monogram typeface Patterngram , the upright script Indulgence , the script typeface carefree , the display typefaces Georgia Bound and Dessert First , and the bilined typeface Double Vision Stella Roberts [Stella Roberts Foundry].

Stella Roberts Foundry [Stella Roberts]. Type designer in Sunrise, FL, who created a coop style foundry for a charity that pays for the medical bills of her siblings. The list of typefaces: Ali SRF By Ray Larabie. Austrual SRF By Jeff Levine: star dingbats. Named after Stella's father, this is a seventies retro face. Cardholder Dispute SRF Consonant SRF By Jeff Levine based on an old Ray Larabie font. Dastardly Deeds SRF A stick font by Ray Larabie and Jeff Levine. Devama SRF A mini-stenciled typeface by Ray Larabie.

Dirty Money SRF A dollar bill font designed by Brad O. Femi SRF : a black monoline grotesk caps face. Fenimore SRF Fitz Sans SRF By Matt Yow. Hem and Haw SRF A stitching font by Ray Larabie based on his earlier typeface Stitchen. Infantry SRF By Jeff Levine, an update of his old freeware dingbat font Infantry Mancave SRF A stone age typeface by Jeff Levine. Marginal Notes SRF A hand-printed typeface by Ray Larabie. Mevada SRF Ovala SRF Playya SRF A graffiti tag font by Ray Larabie.

By Jeff Levine, based on an old freeware space-age dingbat font. Seminar SRF Transaction SRF A dot matrix font by Ray Larabie. Wesley SRF A Ray Larabie original. Wrenchworks SRF Ray Larabie and Jeff Levine cooperated to bring this mechanical octagonal outline face. View the typefaces at Stella Roberts Foundry. Orlando, FL-based designer b. Venezuela of the vernacular brush typeface Splatacular This typeface was created during her graphic and web design studies.

Granados b. View Richard Granados's typefaces. Pandemic comes with the following chilling story: On Vozrozhdeniya Island in the Aral Sea, the strongest recipes of smallpox were tested. Suddenly I was informed that there were mysterious cases of mortalities in Aralsk. A research ship of the Aral fleet came to within 15 km of the island it was forbidden to come any closer than 40 km.

The lab technician of this ship took samples of plankton twice a day from the top deck. The smallpox formulation gr. After returning home to Aralsk, she infected several people including children. All of them died. As a result, the epidemic around the country was prevented. I called Andropov, who at that time was Chief of KGB, and informed him of the exclusive recipe of smallpox obtained on Vozrazhdenie Island. In , Barry designed the free sans display typeface family Byway.

Stone Type Foundry [Sumner Stone]. He studied calligraphy with Lloyd Reynolds at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and then went to work for Hallmark cards as a lettering artist. In , he became type director at Autologic, and in , he became the Director of Typography at Adobe Systems until Stone Phonetic with John Renner, Stone Print Stone Type Foundry , These are extensive informal humanist sans text families that could be used as Greek simulation typefaces. Munc Stone Type Foundry , The uncial version of Magma.

It has some Basque influences. Silica Stone Type Foundry , A humanist slab serif. Arepo Stone Type Foundry Part of a new identity of the San Francisco Public Library. Roman inscriptional typefaces. Cycles Stone Type Foundry , Cycles comes in 7 optical scales: 5, 7, 9, 11, 18, 24 and 36pt, each in numerous weights and figure styles.