Le cercle secret 3 (Le Cercle Secret - Saison 1) (French Edition)

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The four members of the Bletchley Circle have to meet covertly, hiding their detective work behind a facade of knitting and shopping with ration coupons. The men who broke codes during the war are more recognized. There have been plays, movies and novels about Alan Turing, the visionary mathematician who developed an early kind of computer to decrypt the German codes and was badly rewarded for his accomplishments.

Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. The Secret Circle — Rate This. Season 1 Episode 3.

The Secret Circle S01E22 - Family

All Episodes Just as the kids find themselves individually powerless comes a lone man, knowledgeable, upset and aiming to end their witchcraft by killing one of them, and he doesn't care who. Director: Colin Bucksey. Writers: Andrew Miller developer , L.

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Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Britt Robertson Cassie Blake Thomas Dekker Adam Conant Gale Harold Charles Meade Phoebe Tonkin Faye Chamberlain Shelley Hennig Diana Meade Jessica Parker Kennedy Melissa Glaser Ashley Crow Jane Blake credit only Louis Hunter Nick Armstrong Natasha Henstridge Dawn Chamberlain Logan Browning Sally Matthews Dave Baez Yet, she has a heart and sometimes cannot bear the emotional burden of some events, such as after her break-up with Jake or when she discovered her grandfather was dead or else when the Circle ganged up against her correctly accusing her of being reckless, unconscious, dangerous, and mostly bitchy.

According to Adam this isn't the first time she almost killed someone, and the rest of them had to clean it up. At the end of the day, though, she appears to be caring, nice, and loyal towards her Circle, her mother, and others she cares about. She also appears to have inherited traits fom her parents, such as being brave, emotionally strong, and determined. Like her mother Dawn she is power-hungry, but unlike her mother she will not willingly kill innocent people to get it, she doesn't like being inferior to people, and is jealous of Cassie, because of her dark magic, that allows her to use magic, outside of the circle, she is also rude, selfish, impulsive, never thinks before acting first, never thinks everything through, never thinks of the consequences and is sarcastic, when she temporary had the Circle's magic, she abused it and almost burned down her high school.


She has fine cheekbones and full lips, which are pale pink. She is tall, standing at 5'7. She was once referred to as "one of the prettiest girls in school" by a jock and even Callum said she had a nice smile. She often wears dark makeup, dark colored clothes, and usually wears a leather jacket, boots, and goth-like dress or skirt. After the circle was bound, she lost her individual power, much to her dismay but that didn't stop her from searching for new ways of getting her power back or performing capable use of circle magic.

When Abaddon was possessing Melissa, she was able to combine her powers with those of Adam and Diana to overheat the knife the demon was holding.

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Due to her Chamberlain lineage, she was able to connect with the residual energy of her dead grandfather that was trying to contact her. Faye grew up without a father and has only been raised by her mother, her model, which makes Faye and Dawn are really similar on some points, such as their determination.

Despite the fact they can argue sometimes, the two seems to really care and to be there for each other when it's needed. Faye and Jake used to date before he left Chance Harbor, they broke up after he broke her heart. She still had feelings for him though. When he became close to Cassie Blake , she became jealous, but later came to accept that Jake has feelings for Cassie. She claimed to be over him after they slept together. But later on she tries to interact with him as often as she can.

Drama spinoff will be on the streaming service in the U.S. and ITV in the U.K.

Ever since Prom , both seem to admit their love for each other. Lee used Faye to make his ex-girlfriend return from the dead. But he fell in love with Faye. They at times had really sensual scenes.

When Lee's ex-girlfriend did come back from the dead, he found out that he loved Faye. Faye and Melissa are best friends and hang out together more often. Faye became her best friend when Diana was seeing Adam. Faye and Melissa care for each other and even help one another through troubling times. She would often tell other people like Nick to be nice to Melissa. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Tell me how to stop it or I'll use this power to turn your life into a living hell.

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Contents [ show ]. Faye : " You're a one-woman relationship wrecking crew! Faye : " Tell me more about this Devil's Spirit thing. It can open up your mind, free you from inhibition.