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Two of the beds were kindly donated by Guadiaro resident Irene Kemm, and the third was purchased by the Charity from a local source. Hogar Marillac is run by the religious order Hijas de la Caridad de San Vicente de Paul Sisters of Charity and houses some 15 men, in their 40s and 50s, most of whom have been drug addicts and the majority suffering from HIV and AIDS and other physical and mental problems as a result of their drug use and poverty. The residents receive treatment for their addictions and health issues as well as joining in educational classes such as reading and writing, a basic skill many of them lack, as well as basic IT, arts and crafts, etc.

Without Hogar Marillac most of the men would be homeless and would probably lapse back into addiction and ill health, and. La Duquesa Charitable Society of St. There will also be a fashion show organised by the Saint George Charity with an opportunity to buy some top quality clothes, shoes and accessories at bargain prices. The fashion show will be held from. There are couple of stands still available so If you are interested in taking a stand at the fair please contact secretary dcso-stgeorge.

La prueba se celebra a las 1 pm el lunes 26 de diciembre frente a la estatua de Sabinillas. The swim takes place around 1 pm on Monday 26 December in front of the statue in Sabinillas. All consultations are free but CAB Spain is funded by donations, so if you feel that their advice has been valuable then please make a donation in the tin provided. Contact: info citizensadvice. CIF G One of the shops sells quality secondhand clothing, shoes, hats and accessories; whilst the other sells a wide range of secondhand furniture,decorative items, household goods, books, cds, dvds, etc.

Thanks to our generous donors there are new items in the shops daily, so visit regularly so as not to miss out on that bargain. As well as stocking some great items the St George Charity shops also rent out various items such as wheelchairs, walking aids, travel cots, etc. The shop management welcome donations of quality secondhand items, and can arrange collection if needed. We are also looking for secondhand books, especially in languages other than English, to populate are extensive bookshelves.

For enquiries either drop into the shop, call or email secretary dcso-stgeorge. Donate your unwanted items to the St George Charity Having a clear out, moving house, or redecorating? If so The Duquesa Charitable Society of St George is always happy to accept second hand items of furniture, decorative items, household goods, pictures, mirrors, for sale in our new shop in Sabinillas.

Diputado Diego Schalper: "NO QUIERO MORDAZAS para nadie en Democracia"

The St George Charity also accepts books, dvds, cds, record, clothes, shoes, and accessories the proceeds from which goes. Items can be dropped off at the new shop in Plaza de las Naranjas square in Punta Almina during opening hours - Monday to Saturday 10 am to 1. Call Gary on or email secretary dcsostgeorge.

Contacta con secretary dcso-stgeorge. Volunteers needed Too much time on your hands?

The Famous 41

Would you like to be part of a local charitable association? Please contact secretary dcso-stgeorge. Ronald Rosenfeld D. Sabinillas - Tel: Si realmente tiene problemas de conducta, conviene utilizar un collar de cabeza, ya que este. What your dog may not like Certain behaviours, whether conscious or not, and ways to interact with pets can confuse and even annoy them.

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What should be avoided? Actually by moving away from them when calling them will have a better result — it is one of the ways to teach them to come on command,. Playing with excessive energy Play is always a positive thing, but competition, no. Pull one way and then another can be fun, but be careful that the dog does not get out of control and get too excited.

Playing with their food Jose Luis Blazquez, founder of the Association for Veterinary Agesvet Management, said that although it may seem like a game to us, bringing food near their muzzle but not giving it to them is not amusing to them. As a result, the animal may show a possessive and defensive, even an aggressive attitude. Not respecting their rest periods Dogs are social pack animals and seek to relate, but they also need their space. If you really have behavioural problems, you should use a head collar, as this mimics the correction would do with their young mother: a slight pressure on the nose does not prevent him move his mouth and does not damage the neck.

Also the use of a harness is advisable. Pressing on their cheeks Cuddling them and grabbing them by their cheeks blocks their mobility and may interfere with their main senses. In fact, this constitutes some immobilisation techniques used by veterinarians. In addition, this may also touch their whiskers, and that may make them very nervous. If they have an owner then feeding them could cause a problem as they may have to be on a particular diet for health reasons or simply that they need to eat at home.

Dogs also have ticklish spots. Experts explain that to touch the footpads can be irritating. The pads are a sensitive area and it is advisable to check that there are no small cracks or wounds. The nose and ears are also sensitive areas: to blow on them is uncomfortable for animal.

Decano de la Rota Romana

A staircase without a banister A dog, in good health and without vision problems already has an average of three and a half diopters of myopia. Low Fat or No Fat? Are you still on a low fat diet? In fact, eating enough fat is essential if you want to lose weight without starving yourself. I'm not talking about just any old fatty foods such as McDonalds, fried breakfast or donuts, because, if eating refined fatty fast foods made you lose weight, do you think we would be seeing incidences of obesity and diabetics in epidemic proportions?

The fats I am talking about are the good healthy fats that help make up a healthy balanced diet. Which when combined with good protein and quality carbs, mainly fresh vegetables and fruits for your carbs. Remember staying away from refined carbs and sugars is a must if you want to lose weight and get a lean healthy body!

When you clean your diet up and start playing around with your macronutrients, protein and carbs get the most attention. Not surprising since protein helps you. Well for starters fat provides the energy necessary to run all of your vital biochemical processes so you can live! Fat boosts your immune system to protect you from harmful diseases and it provides structural integrity so you can have healthy joints, skin, hair and nails. And when you're on a lower carb diet, consuming ample amounts of fat satisfies your hunger and keeps you from feeling deprived.

Needless to say, fat is super important. And getting enough fat in your diet is key to a healthy, strong and lean body! You probably already know that eating foods like nuts exception of peanuts and seeds provide you with good healthy fats. And they do Omega 3 fatty acids anti-inflammatory in nature.

Table of contents

Now to explain the benefits of coconuts I must geek out and give you a little scientific background, so bear with me. Dietary fats are composed of a chemical structure known as triglycerides. Technically speaking triglycerides is a combination of glycerol and 3 fatty acid chains. Most naturally occurring dietary fats are made up of long fatty acid chains. The length of these fatty acid chains dictate the way our body metabolizes fat. And this is where coconuts have a healthy. Coconuts, unlike most naturally occurring dietary fats, are made up of medium chain fatty acids not long chain fatty acids.

The medium chain fatty acids actually act more like carbohydrates than fats, so they're more water soluble, easily digested and it's immediately utilized by liver for immediate energy use. Much like the way sugar is metabolized without the unwanted insulin spike, so you don't have to worry about unwanted fat deposits. There's even been studies that indicate consuming coconuts can increase rate of fat burning and help prevent fat accumulation!

Talk about literally, eating fat to lose fat! Coconuts are also one of the most stable forms of saturated fats, so it doesn't get oxidized very easily, which makes it great for cooking in high heat. Although olive oil is by far the most popular cooking oil, it can't handle high heat, so it's best to use olive oil for cooking with low to medium heat instead. Coconut oil is your best choice for cooking! Lately coconuts have become somewhat trendy, but that's a.

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  4. Coconuts comes in many different forms, like coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut butter, coconut flakes, coconut chips The great thing is getting healthy fats has never been easier, so you have no excuse for not getting enough healthy fats in your diet. And if you're tired of eating nuts and seeds and want to try something different - next time you're picking up groceries - try coconuts.

    I'm addicted to my morning java, but it's not the worst thing in the world : Plus a little indulgence goes a long way in keeping an overall healthy lifestyle! Stay lean and fit,. Remember, train wiser, not longer! For any info on how to get fitter, leaner, stronger then get in touch, but remember to speak with your GP before starting any new exercise regime. Electricity meters from euros Top quality installations. All areas covered. Los Corales Junto a Mercadona. The Gecko on the Wall The world of golf through the eyes of Calum McGregor My passion for following the royal and ancient sport was rewarded with yet another incredible month, with victories coming from not one, but three golfers who have ties to the Costa del Sol.

    The hugely televised European Tour thrilled us with The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, where the celebrities from around the world teamed up to play alongside the greatest golfers in Europe. It was nice to see Danny Willett team up with his caddie and together they went on to win the doubles category while Tyrell Hatton shot a very impressive total. As an avid spectator of the game I was thrilled to see the inaugural Hero Challenge take place the day before the tournament. Flames, floodlights and a Frenchman called Levy. Bringing fun into the game is not only great for the spectators but it is also great for the players and the future of Golf.

    Padraig Harrington rolled back the years and picked up a victory at The Portuguese Open, pipping the defending champion Andy Sullivan by one shot. How amazing is it to see someone, who won their first professional event on The Gecko Tour four seasons ago, now playing in the Ryder Cup and Defending titles with such fortitude.

    Johan is now a three time European Tour champion and a four time Challenge Tour winner. A week later my boys dazzled again in China at The Hainan Open. To cap off the month, yet another one of my really good friends and a local Casares resident during the winter, Ondrej Lieser, won the. Prague City Golf Open. With an incredible final day round of nine under par. Closer to home it was also a pleasure to see my good friend and winter neighbour, Rob Brazill, competing live at the Sotogrande Young talents trophy.

    Rob who hails from County Kildare in Ireland, spends his winter residing in Casares. Who says golf is boring? Next month sees the return of the Gecko Tour Follow our local golfing talent in The Resident as they compete across the globe. For regular updates visit www. Professional golfers from around the world come to the Costa del Sol for the winter months, in order to prepare for their following summer seasons. When the rest of Europe shuts down for golf, The Gecko Tour provides players with a competitive professional winter tour in the temperate climate of Southern Spain.

    A special opening event will take place at the only flood light course on the coast, La Dama de Noche, just outside Puerto Banus on Friday 11th. Resident readers will be pleased to know that we will be doing a special Gecko Tour section each month with tournament results and behind the ropes reporting, that will include player interviews and anecdotes. Con la ayuda de voluntarios locales y el siempre atento personal de Estepona Golf, la tarde fue un. Tras el coctel, vino la alfombra roja, donde la belleza y el talento iban de la mano.

    Enhorabuena a los ganadores. The Costa del Sol once again lived up to its name and provided the visiting players with perfect golfing conditions. The day started at Accompanied by the celebrity guests, all the players mingled and introduced themselves while waking up to the superb hospitality of the Estepona staff. A shotgun start commenced at The fantastic golf course and perfect conditions, coupled with the fun and friendly Estepona staff made it a delight for everyone taking part. La Sala kindly sponsored the halfway hut cleverly nestled in between the.

    After the tournament, everyone, including the media, enjoyed a delicious and well deserved outdoor barbecue, kindly laid on by Tango Restaurant in Puerto Banus. A Solidarity raffle and prize giving ceremony took place at the club, raising money for The Global Gift Foundation, Cudeca Foundation and The Marie Keating Foundation, where the winners took home fabulous prizes that ranged from Nike sports gear to the use of a brand new Porsche for the weekend, all whilst the celebrities were being photographed and interviewed by the local, national and international press.

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    Popi Hams, gave the Spanish touch with their plates of cheese and ham. The cocktails gave way to the red carpet where beauty and talent went hand in hand. Singer and Global Gifter, Melissa Nkonda, had all attendees on their feet with her powerful and energetic performance. Ronan Keating added the final touch of the evening playing some of his. Nowadays, Ronan is the most internationally famous Irish Singer with ten albums on the market and several compilations, which have sold over 25 million copies worldwide.

    Keating is also an active member of the Global Gift Foundation. He is socially conscientious and the founder of the Marie Keating Foundation, in honour of his mother who died of cancer at the age of Congratulations to the winners, we look forward to watching you in the near future! Congratulations to everyone that took part and associated sponsors for making this such a truly inspirational fundraising spectacular. As a testament to the events success I am honoured to have been invited to assist in the organising of many more future events.

    The tournament, taking place from the 28thth October had a true international feel, with over 20 different countries being represented. With the age range being between 9 and 23, the tournament executed its goal of providing a European Tour. Experience to Junior Golfers young and old, an opportunity many will never forget. In blustery conditions, the course proved to be a very tough test over all 3 days, with some high scores being posted.

    The run away winner in the U25 Ladies category was Austrian superstar Hannah Mitterberger, who went into the final round with a 9 shot lead! The U25 mens category, however, turned out to be much more of a dog fight, with 3 players within. With the wind being a constant factor, Hidalgo was always going to be tough to beat with his exceptional ability to flight the ball, but despite all his efforts, Papunen was up for the challenge and managed to hold on to win by 3 strokes, with a final score of level par.

    With some young, seriously talented golfers on show, the Sotogrande International Young Talents Trophy certainly lived up to its name and combined with being hosted at a top European Golf Course, that is La Reserva de Sotogrande, the tournament is a must, for those looking to enter an event run to the highest quality, replicating the experience of being a Touring Professional.

    Table Tennis is now another activity available for local residents to enjoy, with the formation of the Manilva Table Tennis Club. Founded by John Ullger with the aim of providing an opportunity for those wishing to practice or take up the sport from scratch to do so locally. The club meets at the Sabinillas sportshall every Tuesday between.

    So whether you just want to enjoy a knockabout with friends or get up to tournament standard then contact John Ullger on or email ajit gmail. Manilva Netball Club have now been going for 6 years. They are a group of local ladies that love playing this wonderful game, and would welcome into the club anyone who has played before, or would like to learn to play. They have Spanish speakers, so if there are Spanish or other nationalities that would like to give netball a try, join them at training on Tuesday nights from 6.

    The first session free so. The season is from the end of January until the end of May, then from mid September until early December. On an almost monthly basis there is a tournament, either played here in Manilva, or at Laude School, in San Pedro which gives them match practice. Don't worry if you haven't played for years, it's all about meeting new people and having fun. For more information join Manilva Netball Club, on Facebook. Touching Distance from Africa is the story of a South African golfer who moves to Casares with a suitcase of clothes and a head full of dreams. Calum has wrote his innermost feelings and emotions down in a breath-taking rollercoaster ride that is his pursuit to find love in his new home country.

    Calum would also like to thank another local resident, David Hewitt for not only designing the new Gecko Tour logo, but also for the cover design of his latest book. I had never seen one of these creatures in the flesh, but I had seen the famous outline of the animal in the huge black metal replicas dotted around the landscape, visible when driving on the motorways, proudly displayed as the symbol of Spain. Today I was going to see more than one, in fact six in total and more than likely they were going to show me their flesh along with their blood as they died in front of me.

    The Corrida de Torres, as I now thought I had learned enough to call it by its proper name, literally means the running of the bulls. It is the name attached specifically to a traditional Spanish bullfight carried out under the current regulations. Most usually with the killing of two bulls each by three fully fledged matadors. I obviously had an idea about what I was going to witness as I had watched a few clips on You Tube and read about it for the last two days.

    But I was wrong. I was not prepared for what was about to happen to me. I was not prepared for the feelings and emotions I was about to go through and witness from others. Some may surprise you and others will sicken and disgust you. Some are even going to amaze and bewilder you. I hope to bring you so close to it because I think contrary to Mr. Hemingway, I am going to write this in such graphic detail that you, my reader will be able to describe a corrida to anyone you wish too when I am done with it.

    If you want the. Deans Charter Fishing from Duquesa Port are putting together a winter fishing club. The idea is to get local residents who enjoy a day of fishing to compete in monthly. You are just about to walk into a bullfight with me and I am taking us to the front row seats. After what seemed like a few minutes the first bull came running out, released from his cage into a completely foreign landscape of a red dirt floor marked with two concentric lime circles.

    This empty confinement surrounded by a shoulder high wooden wall. Pounding the floor with its hooves and tossing its massive horns at the very sight of any movement. Its Muscles honed like that of Mike Tyson in his prime, flexing and bulging underneath a shiny black.


    He was pissed off and ran around the ring going for everything. The crowd let out a collective sigh at the demonstration of brute power and for a few minutes the bull ran around the ring, ruling it with a display of sheer magnificence and grandeur. Juan Bautista from France strode out to meet him, man versus beast. With a few shouts and taunts he got the bulls attention. It started to smack its hoof into the red dust on the ground that shot up in clouds around its legs. Slamming his horns loudly into the cape with a sound of beating a carpet with a stick, tearing it right out of the matadors hand and throwing it out into the side of the ring as he stood exposed in the center.

    The bull turned and faced him for a millisecond before charging at him again and with a dive to the side he rolled to relative safety when the other matadors arrived and waved their cloaks like clowns at a rodeo. I picked my jaw up off the floor and stared scanning the bullfighter for telltale injuries like I would at a rugby match. Just like watching the Springboks from the grandstand, seeing Schalk burger in a crunching tackle.

    There was no limp but then after the second step I spotted it, it was a slight limp, and again with the other step, he was injured. When he turned to face me I could see him showing something to the other matadors that had distracted the bull while he retreated to the bull ring wall. Januario teaches him this way to earn money- "hacerse dinero sin arriesgar un ochavo en el juego. Mentions men who don't work on monday, not for any other reason than to sober up after Sunday's debauchery.

    Peri gets involved in fights because they catch him cheating people. Peri is in the hospital. Critiques the lazy treatment of nurses at hospital. Januario tries to justify his stealing of thing Then, Peri responds that when a man is determined to do something, he'll justify it however he wants. And just because there are many thieves doesn't make it ok to steal. The servant yells, "Ladrones! He gets roped in because he's wearing the same sarape as Januario.

    Some guy sees him in jail, feels bad for him and helps him out Get married and wants to spend her money walking around town. Finds out- "mujer hermosa es una alhaja que excita la codicia del hombre. Critique of the influence of malos escribanos on judges, which can cause corruption. Friends make fun of him in jail. Start to throw urine on him! I don't want to remember what follows, but So, tells his friend Domingo to hide out in his room and do what needs to be done in case that guy comes by.

    So, when the marques tries to sneak in one night and maybe rape his wife, Domingo gets him! Also: includes life-like dialogue - e. But, wife doesn't want him to be killed. Rhetoric : my wife told me these things just as I am writing them. Plants tobacco in clothes given to Peri to set him up, make him look like a smuggler. Faces jail again. Freed when Marques is on his deathbed, confessing sins. I acted badly because of the example of mis malos amigos. Might have been better if they were virtuous folks, like Don Antonio who's on his best behavior to get out of jail and go home to see his wife.

    Then, Antonio leaves and he starts hanging with gentuza again. But, one day that guy got off his rocker and beat some people up. In jail, Peri was robbed of the things Antonio had given him. He has "delirios de grandeza" and thinks he might be able to get out of jail claiming relation to nobility.

    And even gets to live at his house! Pedro critiques malos escribanos. Tells about a criminal who falls in the hands of justice. He confessed his crimes because they were undeniable. Escribano says he can't really help him. But, his sister begged escribano more on his behalf. Then something bad happens and sister says, "I had you taken for an hombre de bien , but what you did wasn't right.

    It's even easy to confuse escribanos instruidos con criminalista trapaceros. Tells another anecdote i wasn't paying good attention Tomo III. He was drunk one night, down and out, when God sent an old man his way who knew his mom. Mentions how he's been through several amos, parents dies. Man offers to help him learn his trade. Practices shaving people-starts by tying up the dog and a pobre indio!!! Did a terrible job taking out a woman's tooth!

    So, he becomes something of a druggist. One day, accidentally gives the guy arsenic instead of magensium His amo gets in big trouble for this. Now, he works with a doctor Dr. Purgante, nonetheless. Says there's no risk because if the person dies, then you say, "God knew it was their time" and if they live, you take credit.

    Talks about a sick man who he simply annoints with various foodstuffs. Then, another man who he helps to poo. Some of his quackery as a doctor-expensive drugs, unintelligible names. Responsible for many deaths, but it didn't matter since they were 1 poor, 2 he was already famous 3 only the living could testify to his ability to heal. A plague comes in the town. So, he leaves. He goes into a store, People in store recognize his cape as on that "Periquillo Sarniento" stole. So he goes and 'looks" for the thief sin acabar de encontrarlo con ir tan cerca de mi".

    Ends up blaming another little person. Later, gets in a fight. More writing of local dialect. Mentions a guy and says, "The state doesn't need the rich to stay rich, but rather for there to be a more egalitarian distribution of wealth. Mentions how you should dress according to your name. Peri is interested in going out with a woman. She's a cook Top news. Jump to: Password 1. Version Differences Primer For Beginners. We have 73 questions and answers for Pokemon Omega Ruby. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system.

    With these Action Replay video game cheat codes from Cheat Street! Featuring alot of legendary pokemons. Action Replay Codes for. Cheat codes for Pokemon Pearl - action replay. Max Stats Pokemon 1. Pokemon Omega Ruby Forum. Compatibility With X and Y. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire;. Get the latest Pokemon Omega Ruby cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, hints, guides, FAQs, walkthroughs, and. However, a Beast in the Maze could make a dungeon bypass a bad thing for the heroes.