Othello Companion (Includes Study Guide, Historical Context, Biography, and Character Index)

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Narrative and Dramatic Sources of Shakespeare , edited by Geoffrey Bullough 8 vols, — comprehensive collection of raw materials. Martin Wiggins, Shakespeare and the Drama of His Time — excellent placing of Shakespeare in the context of the plays of his contemporaries. John Gillies, Shakespeare and the Geography of Difference — pioneering study of the combination of historical, geographical, and ethnographic contexts for several key plays. Andrew Hadfield, Shakespeare and Renaissance Politics — clear introductory study. Ania Loomba, Shakespeare, Race and Colonialism — balanced introduction to a hot topic.

James Shapiro, Shakespeare and the Jews — has implications well beyond the figure of Shylock. Theodore Spencer, Shakespeare and the Nature of Man — invaluable intellectual context. Robin Headlam Wells, Shakespeare, Politics and the State — very useful mix of analysis and extracts from period documents.

Philip Davis, Shakespeare Thinking — brief and brilliant study of the interplay of thought and language. Patricia Parker, Literary Fat Ladies: Rhetoric, Gender, Property — highly sophisticated approach via modern literary theory as well as Renaissance rhetoric. John Barton, Playing Shakespeare — hugely influential handbook by RSC guru, linked to superb television master class of the same year.

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Patsy Rodenburg, Speaking Shakespeare — practical advice from another leading voice coach. George T. John C. Anne Righter, Shakespeare and the Idea of the Play — pioneering study of theatrical self-consciousness. Players of Shakespeare , edited by Robert Smallwood 6 vols, — interviews with RSC actors about playing a wide range of major parts. In order to bring Shakespeare off the page and teach the plays as scripts for performance, teachers might like to try some of the exercises in the following two books:. Edward L. Rocklin, Performance Approaches to Teaching Shakespeare — contains pedagogic theorizing as well as practical exercises.

The following studies provide excellent starting-points:. A Feminist Companion to Shakespeare, edited by Dympna Callaghan — collection of essays with wide range of approaches, historical, psychological, and theatrical. Maslen, Shakespeare and Comedy — sets the Elizabethan comedies in the context of both theatrical traditions and anti-stage polemic.

Peter Blayney, The First Folio of Shakespeare — a slim Folger Library pamphlet full of essential information about the great book. David Scott Kastan, Shakespeare and the Book — excellent survey of the story of quartos, folios, editions, and now hypertext. Richard Proudfoot, Shakespeare: Text, Stage and Canon — lucid introductory lectures by a textual expert.

Michael Dobson, The Making of the National Poet: Shakespeare, Adaptation, and Authorship, — excellent on the political context of Restoration and eighteenth-century adaptations. Langston Hughes A Haunted House..

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Homer The Horse Dealder's Daughter.. Lawrence The Hound of Heaven.. Francis Thompson Huckleberry Finn.. Mark Twain The Hunger Artist.. Franz Kafka The Hungry Stones..

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Eugene O'Neill The Iliad.. Homer I'm Nobody! Who Are You? Emily Dickinson Il Penseroso.. John Milton The Imaginary Invalid.. Poe The Imp of the Perverse.. Poe Inferno.. Dante In Flanders Fields.. John McCrae Intimations of Immortality.. Wordsworth Invictus.. Euripides Israfel.. Poe Ivanhoe.. Scott I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.. Wordsworth Jane Eyre.. John Galsworthy The Jew of Malta.. Katherine Anne Porter Julius Caesar..

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William Cowper The Lily and the Rose.. William Cowper The Listeners.. Walter de la Mare Literary Terms.. Cummings The Libation Bearers Choephori.. Aeschylus Ligeia.. Poe Locksley Hall.. Golding The Lottery.. Shirley Jackson The Lotus-Eaters.. Tennyson The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.. Eliot Loveliest of Trees.. Housman Love's Labour's Lost.. Shakespeare A Lover's Complaint.. Shakespeare Lui?

Guy de Maupassant Lysistrata.. Aristophanes Macbeth.. Shakespeare Mac Flecknoe.. Dryden Machiavelli's Philosophy.. Machiavelli Madame Bovary.. Mark Twain. Richard Wright Ms. Manuscript Found in a Bottle.. Poe The Maypole of Merry Mount.. Hawthorne The Masque of the Red Death.. Poe Measure for Measure.. Shakespeare Medea.. Euripides Medicine in Shakespeare's Plays. Cummings Mending Wall.. Robert Frost The Merchant of Venice.. Shakespeare The Merry Wives of Windsor..

Shakespeare The Metamorphosis.. Poe A Midsummer Night's Dream.. Shakespeare The Minister's Black Veil.. Hawthorne Miniver Cheevy.. Edwin Arlington Robinson Mirror.. Sylvia Plath The Misanthrope.. Strindberg Mr. Flood's Party.. Edwin Arlington Robinson Moby Dick.. Herman Melville A Modest Proposal..

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Richard Connell The Moth.. Shakespeare The Murders in the Rue Morgue.. Poe My Kinsman, Major Molineux.. Hawthorne My Last Duchess.. Robert Browning Narcissus and Echo.. Ovid Nathan the Wise Nathan der Weise.. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing The Necklace.. Langston Hughes Nicholas Nickleby.. A Noiseless Patient Spider.. Walt Whitman Notes From the Underground.. Dostoevsky November Alternate Title: No!

Thomas Gray Ode on a Grecian Urn.. John Keats Ode on Indolence.. John Keats Ode on Melancholy.. John Keats Ode to a Nightingale..


John Keats Ode to Psyche.. John Keats Ode to the West Wind.. Shelley The Odyssey.. Homer Oedipus at Colonus.. Oedipus the King.. Oedipus: the Theban Plays.. The Old Man and the Sea.. Hemingway An Old Woman of the Roads.. Pindar On His Blindness.. Alexander Solzhenitsyn The Open Boat..

Stephen Crane Opera Summaries.. Aeschylus Othello.. Shakespeare Our Town.. Bret Harte The Oval Portrait.. Poe The Overcoat The Cloak.. Nicholay Gogol Ozymandias.. Percy Bysshe Shelley Pamela.. Samuel Richardson Paradise Lost.. John Milton Paradiso.. Dante A Passage to India.. Christopher Marlowe Paul's Case.. Willa Cather Peace.. She tells of her love for Othello, and the marriage stands. The Senate agrees to let her join Othello in Cyprus. In Cyprus, Iago continues to plot against Othello and Cassio. Iago uses this and other ploys—misinterpreted conversations, insinuations, and a lost handkerchief—to convince Othello that Desdemona and Cassio are lovers.

He then kills himself. From the Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library. Characters in the Play. Othello , a Moorish general in the Venetian army. Brabantio , a Venetian senator, father to Desdemona. Duke of Venice. Venetian gentlemen, kinsmen to Brabantio.