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As uncomfortable as it may be, dating someone in your inner circle dating anyone , really comes with the possibility of breaking up. If something sees the light of day , it is produced or made available to people, often after difficulties. This book might never have seen the light of day without the enthusiasm and support of my editor. Few minute films ever saw the light of day, even in those days. Note: You can also say that something sees the light. All this may change with the news that Christopher Isherwood's diaries are now at last to see the light.

But there is a good reason for it. We wanted to go to Manarola at sunset, so we decided to head to Riomaggiore first. We wasted an hour waiting for the train in Corniglia and it was also going to get dark at around 5PM in the period when we visited. So upon arrival, we went straight to the most beautiful place — the tiny waterfront area of Riomaggiore with the famous postcard-view that you have probably seen in the travel brochures.

If you have more time, you can explore the old town with busy shopping streets. We arrived in Manarola about half an hour before sunset. Just enough time to walk through the village and get to the scenic viewpoint — the best place to be at sunset in Cinque Terre. It was the perfect end to a beautiful day in Cinque Terre.

After dinner we took a train back to La Spezia. And one train was cancelled again low season? A long, but a beautiful day. So, this is our sample one day Cinque Terre itinerary. As I said, there are many ways to explore this beautiful coastal area. And remember, we visited late October, when it gets dark at around 5PM. If you come in spring or in summer you will have much more time, so you can certainly make this exact same trip in one day. TIP: Try to avoid visiting Cinque Terre in summer as the tiny villages are swamped with millions of tourists.

It contains a lot of information and should answer any questions you may have. Check it out! If you found this post useful, please bookmark it for future reference and share with your friends. Are you on Pinterest? Pin this image! Going in October We are staying in Florence for 4 nights. And planning a day trip to Cinque Terre. And I also heard from a friend that a sunset you can eat dinner and listen to someone or a group sing opera? Any idea what village that is? Enjoy your trip! My boyfriend and I are visiting Italy at the end of July and we will be based in Florence for 5 nights.

I really want to visit Cinque Terre and your blog post has only made me much more excited to do so! I am really torn between staying a night or making a one day trip. If we stay a night I am thinking that we will stop by Pisa along the way.

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Perhaps a silly question, but will the Cinque Terre day pass include the train ride to Pisa? I am wondering if the pass includes the whole train line or if it can only be used between villages. After stopping by Pisa, we will head to Monterosso then hike to Vernazza and Corniglia.

The next day will be used for afternoon leisure maybe if we stay in Monterosso visit the beach, or if in Vernazza take a walk around and then complete the day with Riomaggiore and Manarola. Will head back to Florence after dinner in Manarola. Do you think spacing it out this way will leave us with too much ample time?

I also want to note that we are not the earliest risers out the door by 10AM is the most realistic knowing us. So if we were to do a one day trip, we will not stop by Pisa and perhaps consider skipping Corniglia or Riomaggiore if we find ourselves short on time on the day of. Cinque Terre is one of our top priorities when in Italy. However, if we do have enough time we are considering a day trip to Venice or a Tuscany wine tour. Please let me know what you think. You run a wonderful blog — I get lost in time when browsing your posts! Hi Nikki, Thank you for your kind words and glad you enjoyed reading our blog.

Also, you are traveling in July. It will be so hot, so you may want to take it easy, maybe go for a swim, and just spend the warmest hours sitting in the shade and eating gelato.

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If you have some extra time, and since you say you wanted to do a wine tour, there are several wine tours available in Cinque Terre as well check here. And if you get bored I doubt that , you can always take a boat and visit Portovenere as well.

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This article was really wonderful and gave a lot of details. My wife and I will be in Florence and we wanted to do a day trip to Cinque. Dear Jurga Thank goodness, I discovered your detailed article just in time! Looking forward to do the 5Terre your way!

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Thank you so much Kindest Regards. Ho Johlene, glad you found this useful. Not sure if you saw it already, but we also have articles about Portovenere and also about the best things to do in Milan in one day. Does that sound doable? In your recollection, which port might be easiest to access for the grandparents walking well but with a cane for stairs? Another really nice place to visit is Portovenere — the Cinque Terre boat also stops there. The harbor there is well accessible. Thank you so much. I read your travel story to Cinque Terre and I would follow your route with a small change in routes as follows: 1.

La Spezia to Riomaggiore by train 2 Riomaggiore to Monterosso by train 3. Monterosso to Vernazza by train — lunch, we would not take hiking option due to 2 hours time is quite tiring for us, particularly in the summer time. Vernazza to Corniglia by hiking — 90 minutes 5 Corniglia to Manarola by train , until sunset and dinner 6 Manarola to La Spezia by train What do you think of my plan? Your advice and suggestion are highly appreciated. Thank you. Hi Julius, your itinerary should be easily doable. There is also a very good ice cream place by the harbor in Vernazza, so you can always have lunch earlier and buy a gelato once you get there.

Thank you very much for your advice, Jurga. It would be definetely useful for us. Hope we could enjoy our trip by 30th June to see the best of Cinque Terre! Thank you for the article, I wanted to visit CT on my trip to Italy this year but was baffled by where exactly I should go, and this makes it all clear!

Also if you guys know whether there are lockers available near the beach in monterosso for valuables? Hi Tina, we took a train from Riomaggiore to Manarola and the ride itself is just a few minutes less than 5 min if I remember well. I think they are still closed now, but you can always ask at the tourist info center when you visit. Thank you so much for your tips. I went to Cinque Terre yesterday. I went to Monterosso first by train. Then I hiked to Vernazza. You are absolutely right that the best view is from above.

Absolutely breathtaking! I went the rest of the way by train, skipping Corniglias. I also went to Riomoggiore before ending the evening in Monarola. I was even able to be there for sunset, sitting in Nessun Dorma in Manarola. Despite my limited time in Cinque Terre, I am thoroughly impressed.

It would have not been as amazing without having read this first. The only thing I would have changed, would have been eating fish in Riomoggiore. The smell of the food was mouthwatering. There is mostly cheese, meat and bread…and wonderful drinks. Thanks for sharing your experience in Cinque Terre and glad that you managed to make the best of your time there with our help. When we visite, the food was simple but excellent. I would give up any warm meal for that view, so to us, it was still absolutely worth it! It might be very helpful to our other readers. Happy travels! I came across your site when googling for a trip to Cinque Terre.

This site is very helpful to me since I plan to stay only 2 nights and 2 days exploring the area. I wanted to travel in the fall but since our anniversary is in July and my wife really insisted , we decided to go for it in the hot season. Then a train ride to Riomaggiore and a boat ride to Portovenere for dinner. Hope this is going to be fun. Just wondering, how do the locals manage the walk up inside the flats.

Do they have elevators? It would be hard for the seniors to live up there. Hi Fred, sounds like a great trip you have planned! Cinque Terre is indeed a very hilly area and I think locals are used to it.

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There are many places in the world like that we just came back from Croatia where many towns have countless narrow steep streets accessible only via staircases. Thank you so much for a detailed description of Cinque Terre! Great article of value to travelers! Excellent — travelling here for 1 day with friends and was wondering how to fit it all in — going to follow your route.


Can you tell me do you have to purchase a pass to go into Cinque Terre on the day you are visiting — i thought i had heard this as they only allow so many visitors a day? Great article! When we visited, we just bought the Cinque Terre card at the train station in La Spezia the evening before just because we were passing by — you can easily get it on the same day. This pretty much took care of all my planning! Very appreciative of the time and effort you put into this.