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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! When her mother suddenly moves them to a new town, Zoe is unhappy about leaving behind what passes for a normal life.

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And when the first person she meets turns out to be Beck, who rules her new school with a mixture of intimidation and outright violence, she is dismayed. But she has no idea how bad things will get. Unsure of herself and merely trying to fit in, Zoe is initiated, painfully, into the Beckoners, a twisted group of girls whose main purpose is to stay on top by whatever means necessary. Help comes from unlikely quarters as Zoe struggles to tear loose from the Beckoners without becoming a target herself, while also trying to save April--or Dog, as she is called--from further torment.

A chilling portrait of the bullying and violence that is all too common in schools, The Beckoners illustrates the lure of becoming tormentor rather than victim, and the terrible price that can be exacted for standing up for what is right. About the Author Carrie Mac is an award-winning author of ten novels for Young Adults, and a whole lot of other writing that's significantly less interesting to most.

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She happens to despise author bios, so if you're curious about anything, ask her when she gets up there. Let's see, what else? In addition to being a storyteller, she's also a mama, an artist, a paramedic, a world traveler, and a fairy godmother. She lives in Vancouver at the moment, but often gets a serious case of itchy feet, which usually means packing up everything and moving. Help Centre.

The Beckoners by Carrie Mac

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The Beckoners The girl was still there, on a swing, pumping hard, so high the chain slackened before letting her down. Then suddenly she stopped, digging her bare feet into the sand.

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As The Beckoners moves toward its climax, the story becomes more and more violent, culminating in a final, very upsetting scene. The Beckoners has some decent elements to it.

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But reading this story is a bit like falling into a cold, scummy pond for a few hours. You just want to forget about it when you manage to crawl your way out.


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  1. "The Beckoners" Novel Summary by Justin Ma on Prezi.
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