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This Name is normally translated as "Lord of Hosts. The Name refers to God's leadership and sovereignty.

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Interestingly, this Name is rarely used in scripture. It never appears in the Torah i. It appears primarily in the prophetic books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi, as well as many times in the Psalms. Jews do not casually write any Name of God.

This practice does not come from the commandment not to take the Lord's Name in vain, as many suppose. In Jewish thought, that commandment refers solely to oath-taking, and is a prohibition against swearing by God's Name falsely or frivolously the word normally translated as "in vain" literally means "for falsehood".

Judaism does not prohibit writing the Name of God per se; it prohibits only erasing or defacing a Name of God.

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However, observant Jews avoid writing any Name of God casually because of the risk that the written Name might later be defaced, obliterated or destroyed accidentally or by one who does not know better. The commandment not to erase or deface the name of God comes from Deut. In that passage, the people are commanded that when they take over the promised land, they should destroy all things related to the idolatrous religions of that region, and should utterly destroy the names of the local deities.

Immediately afterwards, we are commanded not to do the same to our God. From this, the rabbis inferred that we are commanded not to destroy any holy thing, and not to erase or deface a Name of God. It is worth noting that this prohibition against erasing or defacing Names of God applies only to Names that are written in some kind of permanent form.

Orthodox rabbis have held that writing on a computer is not a permanent form, thus it is not a violation to type God's Name into a computer and then backspace over it or cut and paste it, or copy and delete files with God's Name in them. However, once you print the document out, it becomes a permanent form. That is why observant Jews avoid writing a Name of God online: because there is a risk that someone else will print it out and deface it.

The Names of God in the Old Testament

See a discussion of the issue at The Sanctity of God's Name, Part 1: Erasing Sacred Texts from a Computer Screen if you're interested, but be aware that the lengthy article is thick with technical religious jargon, not always explained. Normally, we avoid writing the Name by substituting letters or syllables, for example, writing "G-d" instead of "God. See Hebrew Alphabet for more information about using letters as numerals.

Nothing in the Torah prohibits a person from pronouncing the Name of God. Indeed, it is evident from scripture that God's Name was pronounced routinely. The Name was pronounced as part of daily services in the Temple.

YAHWEH - The only TRUE GOD!!! PROOF - God's Name YAH Is Written On Your Face & Throughout Creation!!

The Mishnah confirms that there was no prohibition against pronouncing The Name in ancient times. In fact, the Mishnah recommends using God's Name as a routine greeting to a fellow Jew. Berakhot However, by the time of the Talmud , it was the custom to use substitute Names for God. Some rabbis asserted that a person who pronounces YHVH according to its letters instead of using a substitute has no place in the World to Come , and should be put to death. Instead of pronouncing the four-letter Name, we usually substitute the Name "Adonai," or simply say "Ha-Shem" lit. The Name. Although the prohibition on pronunciation applies only to the four-letter Name, Jews customarily do not pronounce any of God's many Names except in prayer or study.

The Great Bible Confusion | The Original Scriptures

With the Temple destroyed and the prohibition on pronouncing The Name outside of the Temple, pronunciation of the Name fell into disuse. Scholars passed down knowledge of the correct pronunciation of YHVH for many generations, but eventually the correct pronunciation was lost, and we no longer know it with any certainty. We do not know what vowels were used, or even whether the Vav in the Name was a vowel or a consonant.

See Hebrew Alphabet for more information about the difficulties in pronouncing Hebrew. How difficult is it to comprehend that a title beginning with "the" can never be a name! Let alone being an original name!

World English Bible

They rely on Exodus to prove this nonsense. Now, let's assume for a second that "Yahweh" is a name, which is really ridiculous since its English translation starts with "the". Exodus that Christians are so big on using was revealed to Prophet Moses peace be upon him. How many years are there between Adam and Moses peace be upon them? Probably thousands!

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If not even millions! That's all a bunch of nonsense!

The Webster Bible

He didn't say "Yahwahoi"! Therefore, any Christian who decides to act stubborn and reject the crystal clear fact that GOD Almighty's original Holy Name was indeed "Allah", because of fearing that it would prove Islam to be the faith of Truth, is guilty of sinning against GOD Almighty!

What Does Hallelujah Mean in the Bible?

Well first of all, the Arabic Bible uses both "Allah" and "Yahweh". It is important to know that "Yahweh" is not an Arabic word. So them inserting the word "Yahweh" in the Arabic Bible is stupid and self-contradicting, because if you choose to call GOD Almighty "Yahweh" in Arabic and force the Hebrew word into Arabic, then you can't call Him "Allah" at the same time! You said "Allah" wasn't the word for God in the Bible.

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  6. It starts out right at the beginning and continue throughout. The verse you quoted is also rendered in English as Yahweh, not God; so what is your point? We are talking about the normal designation for the One True God. You ignored, moreover, that this is also the case in the Christian and Jewish dialects of Arabic. It is also the case in the Christian liturgies, as for instance in the Maronite liturgy. What more do you want? God is Allah; Allah is God, and Allah should be translated, not transliterated. Why did Jesus choose to say the Aramaic "Eloi" to the Hebrew speaking people?

    Why did Jesus sacrifice Hebrew and spoke the Aramaic "Eloi" despite the fact that the people around him were Jewish and spoke Hebrew? admin