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He learns about eight million dollars in mob-connected stolen gold that is still missing and becomes intrigued. Was his death accidental? Or not? When a high-profile murder occurs near Mt. Everest, he is commanded to discover the killer. Detective Sergeant D. Warren finds that the picture of family normalcy turns murkier below the surface of their seemingly wholesome life. A great series. Mac Reilly and Sunny Alvarez find themselves in the middle of romance, luxury, adventure, and mystery.

Great beach reading. What will she discover after her death? By the author of A Summer Affair. Commander Gray Pierce and Sigma Force are in a race against time. Senator, becomes an outsider as he chooses photography as his profession, and then turns down an assignment to cover the war in Vietnam. An absorbing book. Hope in a Jar Beth Harbison, F HAR — On the eve of their 20th high school reunion, erstwhile friends, Allie and Olivia, realize that although their dreams may be unrealized, that there is, indeed, hope in a jar.

The people of lower Manhattan stare in disbelief at the Twin Towers as they glimpse a mysterious tightrope walker. In the streets below, ordinary lives become extraordinary. Open a marriage bureau, of course! Her dangerous game of cat and mouse may have devastating consequences. Can hardship lead to happiness? But then something went horribly wrong and Jonathan Quinn was faced with four dead bodies and one astounding clue. A Short History of Women Kate Walbert, F WAL — A portrayal of the complicated legacies of mothers and daughters, chronicling five generations of women from the close of the 19th century through the early years of the 21st.

Great reviews for a debut novel. Does he later travel to the holy city of Varanasi, India? Once a Runner John L. Parker, Jr. But one critical book reviewer disrupts and soon terrorizes his family and his life. He decides to go out with a bang, to write the murder story of his career. She finds herself leading a book club for the film industry elite. Brimstone Robert B. Here is her life as imagined by the author in this debut novel.

A mysterious bequest from a loving mentor becomes an introduction to mystery and romance. Hennie Comfort is 86 and has lived in Middle Swan all her life. Her friendship with newcomer year-old Nit Spindle changes both of their lives. The Selected Works of T. Spivet learns that he has received a prestigious prize from the Smithsonian and then starts out on a wild cross-country trip.

Great illustrations and great reviews.


The contagion must be stopped before it infects the country. Vintage Hoffman. A lyrical first novel. Love, regret and redemption. Is she somehow connected with a suspicious death and illegal garbage hauling? Borderline Nevada Barr, M BAR — Anna Pigeon is trying to recuperate on a rafting trip with her new husband, Paul, but an attempted murder pulls her into a labyrinth of intrigue.

Recipes, of course, included. No one knew how the rare car got there, who put it there or why it was buried.

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Just before the mystery could be solved the Ferrari Dino vanished again. The tale of the split Enzo quickly unraveled into an epic and bizarre story involving a video game company, mph street races, million-dollar supercars and international criminals. What they find inside may be the former car of one of the most notorious, evilest men in history. Both cars they were locked away under bizarre circumstances and then nearly forgotten. No one knows how they ended up there or why the three people in each car didn't escape, but everyone wants to find answers.

Rupert Croft-Cooke. Soon afterward, Gilbert dies, supposedly of suicide. Cannon and Brett begin a relationship and get married, but when Brett accidentally discovers that Ms. Cannon killed both Gilbert and his first wife, Ms. Cannon kills him as well. Paul Douglas , Robert Morse. Bill Fleming Douglas is upset that his wife, Laura, is cheating on him with a man named Baxter. Bill's new friend, Phil Morse , points out a Californian law on duels that could work in his favor, so Bill challenges Baxter to a duel and kills him. Bill is acquitted, but has to pay a hefty allowance to Baxter's only child for life.

Bill then learns that Phil is Baxter's son, and is also Laura's lover; Phil and Laura plotted together to gain Bill's money and get Baxter out of the way. Gary Merrill , Joanna Moore. Albert Martin fears that his good friend, Virgilia Pond Moore , is going to be killed by her jealous husband, Joseph Pond Merrill due to her affair with her ex. Albert goes on a fishing trip with Joseph to warn him off, but Joseph confronts Albert first, revealing that Albert has been poisoned.

As Albert is dying, he weeps and tells Joseph that he has the wrong man. John Theron Macnee investigates Arthur but is unable to find the body because Arthur has ground it up in his hammermill into chicken feed. James Donald , Patricia Owens. Stella is devoted to her late husband, who died on a mountain and fell into a glacier, and refuses to move on until she sees his body. After forty years they find the body, but there is a locket on him with a picture of another woman.

Seventeen-year-old David Logan Kimbrough spends a night on the town talking to various sympathetic people: a blonde in a bar Crane , a sailor Gulager and an Irish pub patron McClory , all of whom are disconcerted by David's virulent hatred of his father. However, David's father is a serial killer, and his execution is at that night at eleven o'clock. While driving across the desert to California, a Professor Carey agrees to take on hitchhiker Julie Wilcox. However, Julie brings along her father, Pops Buchanan and "brother" Harry, and the three of them take the Professor's belongings.

The Professor tricks them into abandoning him and his car, and follows them to a gas station where he calls the police on them. Brian Keith , Joanna Moore. Millionaire Dave Rainey Keith is paralyzed from the neck down and needs a respirator to breathe. He accuses his wife Cindy Moore of having an affair with her new friend, Arnold, and that they're planning to kill him; Cindy admits they're both true. That night, Arnold drowns Cindy in the ocean, because he's a contract killer hired by Dave.

Hermie Jenkins Morgan buys a coral snake for his animal-loving wife Myra Baxley , in the hopes that it'll bite and kill her. The snake, which is actually a harmless kingsnake , bites Hermie instead and he dies of a heart attack. Young gangster Art Vaughn is ordered by his new boss Barberosa White to prove himself by killing a man named Moran Matthau. Art goes to do the deed, but Moran suggests that Art kill Barberosa instead and take over the organization.

When Art agrees, Moran kills him; the counteroffer was a test set by Barberosa. Henry Jones , Dick York. In the advanced future of , life expectancy has improved dramatically. Bunce York works for the Society of Gerology, which provides the discreet service of killing the healthy elderly. John Treadwell Jones agrees to have his tiresome mother-in-law "dealt with", but once it's done, Treadwell realizes it's only a matter of time before his own children have him "dealt with" as well.

Stuart Rosenberg.

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Courtney Masterson Cotten and his secret lover Peg Adams are robbed in lover's lane by a thug Gordon. Unwilling to go to the police, Courtney kills the thug so he won't reveal their affair. Afterward, Courtney learns that his wife has had a private detective following him for the past week, and he saw everything. Steve Dunne , Beatrice Straight. Boys all over the country are buying mail-order mushrooms to grow in their cellars.

Bill and Cynthia Fortnam Dunne and Straight are worried when their neighbor mysteriously disappears after warning them that something catastrophic is going to happen. Bill posits an alien invasion by space spores that grow into mushrooms and possess human bodies after being eaten.

This is confirmed when Bill's son, Tom, acts strangely, and demands that Bill eat some of his mail-order mushrooms.

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Sam Pine Massey and his elder sons rush to get his youngest son, Davey, to a doctor after being gored by a bull. They are deliberately blocked on the road by inconsiderate salesman Ed Fratus Emhardt , and Davey dies. With his remaining sons' help, Sam confronts Fratus and seemingly poisons him; Fratus rushes to the doctor, and in his panic crashes his car and dies.

However, the drink was just liquor, not poison. Robert Morley , Kenneth Haigh. Laffler Morley introduces his colleague Mr. Costain Haigh to Spirro's, an exclusive gentleman's club. The Specialty of the House is a rare but popular lamb dish. When Laffler is about to leave the country for a business trip, he's invited by Spirro, the owner, into the kitchen to meet the chef. Afterward, Spirro tells the other members that the Specialty of the House will be served soon. Recently-widowed Confederate Peyton Farquhar Howard decides to blow up a bridge the Yankees plan to use to cross, but is caught.

Peyton is hanged but the rope breaks and he seemingly escapes. With the help of slave Josh Hernandez , Peyton travels past various Union soldiers safely and returns home to his wife Melissa. Right before the two can embrace, however, Peyton collapses with a sharp pain to his neck. Peyton is actually dead; he never escaped from the hanging. The doomed man imagined the whole escape. Laura Siddons Hiller , a teacher at a girl's college, is fond of her brightest student, Gloria Barnes Perreau. While out with her neighbor Ben Prowdy, Siddons sees Barnes with a man and assumes they're having an affair.

Siddons later learns that Barnes is actually secretly married to the man and plans to tell her parents at the right time, but Powdy blackmails Barnes's parents, causing her mother to collapse. Prowdy is arrested, and accuses Siddons of masterminding the blackmail. Norman Lloyd. Oskar Homolka , Sam Jaffe. Antiques dealer Carpius Homolka visits a monastery in order to steal a valuable icon.

When Carpius kills the monk guarding the icon, the abbot Jaffe forgives him but says he must stay with the icon for the rest of his life praying for absolution. When Jeff Jensen Persoff is non-fatally attacked by his wife, Marie Williams , he assumes that Marie is suffering from tropical fever that affects the brain. Jeff arranges for his friend Mike Richman and native manservant Luiz to take Marie to a shrink.

Mike and Marie are having an affair and attempt to kill Luiz; Luiz kills Mike and follows Jeff's orders to the letter by sending Marie to a native "head doctor" who shrinks her head. Phil Canby Tully is accused of murdering Matt Thompson during an argument over year-old Canby's romantic relationship with Matt's teenaged daughter Sue Love. Canby's alibi is that he was babysitting his grandson, but a neighbor insists she heard hysterical crying around the time of the murder. When Canby is arrested, Sue has a manic fit and begins crying, revealing that she's the one who killed her father.

Paul Hartman , Robert Bray. After 13 years in prison, Potter is released and returns the money to the police, ending his parole. Barry Gordon , Glenn Walken. Rose beating up a frightened man. Iggy insists on reporting the incident to the police, but is heartbroken when the police refuse to take him seriously, and his father is too frightened to stand up for him. Thirty five years later, Iggy has become a mobster himself, and Clete sees a newspaper article of his death by gunshot. Underhill learns that Len is a juvenile delinquent and, believing Len is going to hurt him, speeds to get the attention of a police officer.

Len is revealed to be unarmed, and Underhill receives a ticket instead. Underhill is distressed at destroying his crime-free record, but Len pickpockets the officer's book, saving him. Hubert Grizzard learns that his controlling mother Sofie Collinge has been thinking of taking poison to join her late husband, Arthur. Hubert has his girlfriend Irma Baxley pretend to be a medium and convince Sofie that Arthur is lonely.

Hubert expects Sofie to take the poison alone, but she secretly poisons his drink as well. Thomas Craig Van Dyke is disappointed when his late uncle leaves his fortune to his dog Casper. Thomas's girlfriend Judy Stevens tries to have Casper killed but fails repeatedly. Judy concludes that the way to get the Craig fortune is to marry Casper herself. Audrey Totter , Joby Baker. When aged movie star Betsy Blake Totter dies in a boat accident, young Hollywood PR man Jimmy Dolan Baker exploits her death to create a massive publicity campaign and advance his career.

Three months later Betsy returns, alive and ready to take advantage of her new "legend", but Jimmy, distraught at having his success overshadowed, kills her. It is revealed that Betsy was Jimmy's mother. One night a mysterious man Lloyd shows seemingly demonic powers to defeat the brothers, and takes everyone's money.

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However, it was a con, performed by the man and the brothers together. John Shatner has an unnaturally close relationship with his mother, Claire Landis , which worries John's new lover Lottie Scala. Lottie suggests taking Claire to their favorite spot by a waterfall; John understands this as Lottie's suggestion that they kill Claire, but John pushes Lottie off the cliff instead. Ida Blythe Straight is staying alone at her cottage while a patient has recently escaped from a nearby mental institute.

A woman named Madeleine Spain sneaks into Ida's cottage, claiming that she was followed by the patient. Madeleine's rambling scares Ida, and when a man Buka knocks on the door to tell her about the female runaway patient, Ida opens the door. However, the man is the real patient. James Franciscus , Jack Weston. Dean believes Otto killed his wife, and wants revenge. Tyre does his job but has a change of heart and goes to the room just as Dean and Otto have shot each other.

While dying, Otto admits to Tyre that he killed Dean's wife, but he was hired by Dean to do it. Eric Portman , Oskar Homolka. While on a cruise ship Sir Richard Musgrave Portman sees a former business partner, Jan Vander Klaue Homolka , whom Richard thought he'd killed years ago, but is now living under a new name. Upon learning that he was also responsible for the death of Jan's wife, Richard jumps overboard.

Jan seemingly tries to save Richard, but in actuality drowns him, though he is afterward hailed as a hero for his "attempt". Charles Cavender Weaver suffers from insomnia, caused by his fear of his brother-in-law, Jack Fletcher. Charles's wife was killed in a house fire and her brother, Jack, believes that Charles let her die.

Charles confronts Jack at his apartment and, after a struggle, Jack is killed. That night Charles sleeps peacefully, and does not wake up when his heater catches aflame and burns his apartment building down. Myron McCormick , Linda Lawson. When gangster "Little Dandy" harasses Georgia, she pours a drink over his head, humiliating him. The next day a detective informs Bert that Georgia has been killed and questions him, discovering that Bert knows enough to have Little Dandy arrested.

However, the "detective" is one of Little Dandy's goons, and takes Bert away. Irene and Joe Helmer Adams and Slate are in dire financial straits. One night Joe sees a man collapse and, thinking him dead, steals his wallet. Later Joe finds a card in the man's wallet stating that the man suffered from a cataleptic illness that only looks like death. Joe goes to the police to confess and save the man, only to learn that the dead man is a pickpocket and the wallet was stolen from someone else.

Hilton A. Helen Parch Canova enjoys abusing the party line. One day she's warned by policeman Mr. Atkins Dano that a man named Heywood Miller Johnson escaped prison and may come after her. Years ago Helen refused to let Heywood use the party line to call the doctor, which lead to the death of Miller's wife. That night Heywood breaks into Helen's house, and when she tries to call the sheriff's office, the party line is busy. Brian Keith , James Best. Herbert Morrison Keith is on death row for murder and wants to die with dignity, refusing his lawyer's attempt for a stay of execution.

When Herbert is taken to the gas chamber he kills a guard and is taken away. Afterward the warden tells Herbert that his lawyer obtained a stay and found a witness to clear his name, but since Herbert killed the guard he'll never be pardoned. Hermione Gingold. Wellington picks up the new governess Miss Hope Gingold from the train station, and is quickly thrown by Miss Hope's outspokenness. For the next few days Miss Hope teaches the Wellington children with enthusiasm, but Mr. Wellington are appalled by her unorthodox methods and fire her.

Miss Hope leaves in good spirits, because she's actually wealthy aristocrat Lady Charlotte; Mrs. Wellington mistook her for Miss Hope, and Charlotte enjoyed the distraction. Bob Sweeney , Robert Bray. Three years ago a bank employee, Arnold Mathias, was convicted of stealing money from the bank, and Arnold recently died in a prison escape attempt, though his cellmate made it out.

Henry questions William aggressively, believing that Arnold was framed and William stole the money. William, believing that Henry is Arnold's escaped cellmate, tries to make a deal with him, but Henry is actually the police officer who killed Arnold and is trying to make amends by arresting the true culprit.

When their car breaks down in the desert, criminals Marsh and Lemon Hamilton and Stanton steal a tanker from Andy and Bill Davis Bell and Reynolds , unaware that Andy and Bill know how to survive in the desert. The next day the police find the tanker, also broken down, along with Marsh and Lemon's bodies. The kidnappers turned on each other when their water ran out, not realizing that the Davis tanker was carrying water.

Ray Horton is married to an older woman, Gladys Segal , but has dalliances with younger women. Ray's latest love is Nyla Foster Francis , who resists his attentions and inspires him to kill Gladys so they can be together. One day Ray takes Gladys fishing, hoping to drown her, but Gladys knocks him out first and throws him overboard. It was all planned by Gladys, Nyla and her father, because Gladys and Mr. Foster are lovers.

Bixby and the Colonel's Coat ". Audrey Meadows , Les Tremayne. Married Mrs. Bixby Meadows receives an expensive coat from her lover and wants to keep it without arousing her husband, Dr. Bixby Tremayne 's suspicion. She has the coat pawned and pretends to find the pawn ticket, which she gives to her husband to retrieve the item. Bixby is dismayed when her husband gives her a small mink stole; Dr.

Bixby's nurse has the coat, implying that he is having an affair with her. Dick York , Gena Rowlands. One stressful day, Ralph Jones York argues with his wife, Lucille Rowlands , and then mysteriously travels two years back in time, to when he was still a bachelor. Ralph finds Lucille, but what should have been their first date is a disaster. Broken-hearted, Ralph jumps into the river and wakes up back in his regular "present". Later, Ralph's psychiatrist tells him the episode was just a dream, but Ralph has a set of baseball cards he brought back from his travel.

Betty Field , Walter Matthau.

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When Harry learns about this, he pays her back the money by borrowing from his "friends". A week later, Helen learns that Harry died to get the money for her. Bernie Pollack is a ceramics teacher at a summer camp, and is protective of Aaron Gold Gordon , a boy who dislikes athletics but loves sculpture. As Aaron has no other accomplishments, the camp's performance-driven owner Stern Maxwell orders that Bernie "finish" Aaron's sculpture of a one-armed knight to show off to Aaron's father.

Bernie adds the arm, which upsets Aaron deeply, because the statue is a tribute to Aaron's father, who only has one arm. Phyllis Thaxter , Zachary Scott. Miss Dent Thaxter was secretary to married Mr. Blake Scott , but was fired the day after they had a liaison. After weeks of being avoided, Miss Dent finally corners Mr. Blake at gunpoint and holds him hostage through his train commute in order to talk to him so she can move on.

Katherine Squire , Clu Gulager. Elderly Miss Lowen Squire learns from Detective Berger that her niece Margie has been exchanging romantic letters with convict Rod Collins Gulager for the past two years, and Collins has just escaped prison and may come for her. Unknown to all, Miss Lowen is the one who's been writing to Collins using her niece's name. Ricardo Montalban , Constance Ford. Tony Lorca Montalban is an outlaw who arrives at a small town during a blizzard. However, "Tony" is actually Pepe, the real Tony's brother.

Tony died a year prior and Pepe has been pretending to be Tony to swindle people out of their money. Gary Merrill , Patricia Breslin. Cash Bentley Merrill is a former champion hurdler who's bitter that his glory days have passed. Despite his wife Louise Breslin 's protests and Cash's physical limitations, Cash keeps racing whenever he's taunted by others. One night Cash gives Louise his gun and asks her to fire it so he can race one more time. Louise, unfamiliar with guns, accidentally shoots him. Small-time crook Larry Loggia gets a job with wealthy Stefan Bregornick Kuluva , who knew Larry's father and is an importer of stolen goods.

Larry's girlfriend Angie Dowling is angered at Larry's giving back the money, but Larry explains that he now has Bregornick's trust, and a bigger opportunity to steal will come his way soon. Barbara Bel Geddes , Alexander Scourby. Horace Meade Scourby 's new wife Sybilla Geddes is perfectly obedient and agrees to all his unconventional demands. Despite this, Horace grows uncomfortable with her and tries to poison her, but is mysteriously thwarted. Horace concludes that Sybilla knew about the poison and has made contingencies with her lawyer in case she dies, and his only choice is to keep her alive and healthy.

After ten years of marriage, Sybilla dies of natural causes. Horace learns that there was no contingency plan, and realizes that he loved her in the end. While browsing mugshots, elderly Alice Wagner Byington finds a photo of a man who looks like her beloved daughter's husband. She's assured by policeman Lt. Meade Dunne that it's a coincidence, but she's later shocked when both her daughter and son-in-law are revealed to be wanted criminals.

Sarah Marshall. Scatterbrained Mrs. Barrett Marshall conspires with her lover Philip to kill her husband James while he's away on a business trip. She mistakenly mails an incriminating letter about the murder plan to James, and frantically tries to get it back, but fails. Arthur Hill. Despite being tempted, he reports it in so that it can be returned to its owner, casino mogul Mr.

Newsome kidnaps Benson's wife, demanding that Benson "return" the missing money. Ulrich is highly protective of Lisa and refuses to let the pair marry. Dane leaves town heartbroken, and learns through a friend that Lisa has fallen seriously ill. When Dane returns, Ulrich has died of exhaustion from his work of "saving" Lisa by turning her into a clockwork automaton. Julie Adams , James Franciscus. Not long after Phyllis and Ben Kendall Adams and Franciscus move into the house they've bought from elderly Amelia Gastiell, their daughter Katie claims she's made a new friend, "Lettie", whom her parents never see.

Phyllis suspects that Lettie is Lauretta Bishop, a Puritan girl who died in Claire Trevor , Biff Elliot. Meade's abandoned daughter Eileen as their own. Meade teams up with private investigator Phil Ames Elliot to kidnap Eileen, but it turns out to be a trap, as Phil is a friend of the Birdwells. Keenan Wynn , Jan Sterling. Joe and Wanda Ferlini Wynn and Sterling are a husband-and-wife escape artist act, though their marital relationship is strained. When Joe performs a dangerous water escape, Wanda switches his keys, causing him to drown.

However, at the funeral a coroner opens the coffin, revealing to the public that it's empty. Joe's agent privately arranged that Joe be buried somewhere secret as a final "escape", but due to the stunt Wanda goes insane. Although Fred and von Croft believe it's a regular horror film, Morty has reworked it as a horror parody that embarrasses von Croft. In revenge, von Croft dresses as a vampire and kills Morty before committing suicide. Dean Stockwell , Patricia Collinge. Billy Weaver Stockwell finds accommodations in the house of a friendly landlady Collinge.

The landlady keeps referring to two other tenants but Weaver never sees them. One day Weaver drinks a cup of tea prepared by his landlady and becomes completely immobile. The landlady has a hobby of collecting and stuffing her "pets", which include the tenants she likes. The two men meet, and the older and more sophisticated Cyril frames Eliot for beating Cyril up. Enid refuses to believe the truth and leaves Eliot for Cyril. Ernie Walters Torn is newly released from prison after serving 6 years for a crime he was only just proven to be innocent of.

In order to get back at the detective and district attorney who convicted him, Ernie robs the tax office and leaves just enough "flaws" in his plan that the detective and DA suspect that he's the culprit, but are unable to pursue a case against him. Claude Rains , Ed Gardner. The newest arrival at Father Amion Rains 's church is Sheridan Gardner , a gambler who believes that prayer has caused his recent success at the horse races. Father Amion disapproves of gambling but, due to shortage of funds to fix the church, gives Sheridan his life savings on a "sure" winning horse.

Father Amion is quickly remorseful and prays that the horse lose instead. Sheridan returns with news that the horse just missed winning, and declares that he will stop gambling, which pleases Father Amion. However, Father Amion is surprised to get his money back with a little extra, because Sheridan put his bet on the horse to place , not to win. Traveling salesman Leon Gorwald Fiedler is arrested for jaywalking in a small town and placed in jail with a suspected serial killer Jaeckel.

The suspect escapes just before a lynch mob storms the prison, and Gorwald is mistakenly taken to be hanged, but is saved by the sheriff at the last moment. However, the escaped suspect was an innocent man, and Gorwald is the real killer. Arnold McKay is controlled by his domineering but invalid wife, Elizabeth Fitzgerald.

When the attractive Miss Greco Bower is hired as Elizabeth's nurse, she and Arnold begin an affair and slowly poison Elizabeth by overdosing her medicine. Before she can die, Elizabeth catches them kissing and fires Miss Greco. Elizabeth then hires an older woman to be her nurse, not knowing that the woman is Arnold's mother, who helps him continue to poison Elizabeth. Larry Gates , Myron McCormick. Hollister Gates is curator of a small museum that displays trinkets and human remains.

He's visited by Newton B. Clovis McCormick who claims to be an archaeo-psychologist. Hollister tells him that the museum's collection was made by his son, Ben, who died after being erroneously convicted of first degree murder. It's revealed that the modern skeleton in the museum belongs to the district attorney who convicted Ben, and Clovis is investigating that murder. Eileen Heckart , Don DeFore. Lucy Heckart has waited on her malingering mother her whole life, to the point where she isn't allowed to get married. When Lucy's lover Arthur DeFore proposes for the last time, Lucy overdoses her mother's sleeping medicine successfully.

However, after Lucy marries Arthur, she discovers that Arthur's mother is exactly the same kind of demanding, malingering woman. Fred Sheldon Philips is a con artist who targets wealthy married women. His current con on Lisa Talbot Scala is threatened by private detective Alvin Moss Collins , who knows about his past. Fred murders Lisa's husband, but then learns that Moss was hired by Lisa, who used Fred to kill her husband. Peter Falk , Paul Hartman. New York, Meyer Fine Falk is a casino owner with a crippling fear of death. When he makes a mistake that threatens his business, his former partners put a hit out on him.

Meyer is terrified of waiting for them to act, so he begs his loyal valet, John Hartman to help kill him first. Charlotte's current lover, Mark Cassidy , makes Charlotte accept so they can live on Howard's fortune when he dies. However, Howard lives on for years, and Mark marries someone else and has a son. Howard finally dies at 90, and to Mark's dismay, Charlotte begins a new love affair with his son, Billy, who is 20 years old. Polly Bergen , Joe Maross.

Successful singer Crystal Coe Bergen tried to erase all evidence of her sordid past, and the only person who knows the truth is Tony, her husband, who spent 7 years in prison after taking the fall for Crystal's petty theft. Crystal shoots Tony and makes it seem as though she was protecting herself from a random stalker.

However, she learns that Tony filed for an invention patent and the police are tracking down his beneficiaries. Susan Harrison , Henry Brandt. Lonely high school student Susan Harper Harrison pretends that she was attacked by a masked man in order to get attention. She is successful, but when the community moves on to the next big news, she strangles the school's most popular girl to makes it seem as though the "masked man" is responsible.

Susan is pleased to be relevant again, but her actions have inspired a copycat masked man, who attacks and strangles her. George Nader , Audrey Totter. When he's held at gunpoint by young robber, he shoots the boy, killing him. Although Gerald is exonerated by the police, the boy's mother, Mrs. Philips Trotter , confronts Gerald with a gun, demanding to know why he made three killing shots in a row.

After a stand-off, Mrs. Philips puts the gun away, but Gerald is triggered by her gun and shoots her repeatedly. James Howard wants to divorce his wife Marjorie Donahue but has no grounds for it. He reluctantly hires a private investigator who tails after Marjorie, and is shocked to hear that his wife has been throwing parties and has an actor as her lover.

James is jealous and reconciles with Marjorie, but later learns that the PI had been following the wrong woman, an actress who looks very similar to Marjorie. Jo Van Fleet , John Emery. Successful author Kerwin Drake Emery receives a surprise visit from Molly Fleet , the wife he walked out on 22 years ago. Kerwin has made a new life for himself and refuses to acknowledge Molly; instead he tells his friends that she's his cook. Later Kerwin visits Molly at her apartment and, after an argument, strangles her to death. The murder is witnessed by one of Kerwin's friends, who was at the apartment to hire Molly as a cook.

Crahan Denton , Jeanette Nolan. He stops at a bar and is tricked by a young woman named Angela into getting drunk, and all his money is stolen. Later Harry goes to his estranged wife Edith Nolan 's house for a reunion, and is dismayed to meet Angela there — she is his daughter. Gordon Hessler. Leonard Thompson Balsam is tired of being stuck with his invalid wife Elise Nathan and longs for adventure anywhere else.

He buys poison and makes lavish arrangements with a funeral home, but it isn't for her — instead, Leonard commits suicide. Diana Van der Vlis , James Best. While Bish's wife is away, Elise's husband walks in on the pair and shoots Bish dead. When the police call Bish's wife, she confesses to the murder, thinking that Bish drank her poisoned saccharin. Leslie Nielsen , Harold J. District attorney Rudy Cox Nielsen has been hiding his relationship with racketeer Marc Davis Stone , who saved his life in the war years ago. Davis secretly meets Cox to tell him that he's going straight and will leave the business.

However the next day a crucial witness is killed and Davis's only alibi is that he was with Cox at the time of the murder, but Cox refuses to acknowledge Davis. Paul Ford , Billy Gray. A college student is caught cheating and runs into more problems while visiting his professor. A boy plays with his uncle's gun thinking it's a toy. A monkey bought by a carnival man is really a female midget in disguise. Walter Matthau.

Two robbers try to a silence a witness who saw them killing a messenger. A housewife asks a detective to keep her company when she claims someone is stalking her. Burt Brinckerhoff, Barbara Steele. A fraternity plays a prank on a student by convincing him he's committed a murder. A leather glove is the only clue detectives have to find the man who attacked a young woman. A retired hit man is blackmailed into returning to his job. A police captain sends a private investigator to spy on his wife. Robert Redford , Joby Baker.

A burglar gets shot in the ankle and receives treatment from a pharmacist. A woman is suspected of killing her husband. A woman learns unsettling information about her husband-to-be. Robert Duvall , William Schallert. An actor auditioning for a play kills his rival. Claude Rains , Bill Mumy. A boy helps a man remember who he is.

Barbara Baxley, Robert Loggia. A con-artist uses the case file of a real-estate entrepreneur for blackmail. Andrew Prine , Olan Soule. A faith healer cures a mechanic's ulcer. Lola Albright , Charles Bronson. A woman is forced to help an escaped convict. A man fakes disability to collect insurance money. Brian Keith , Eduardo Ciannelli. A lawyer tries a chemical test to determine if his client is really guilty of murder. Robert Webber , Whit Bissell. A marketing man uses a safe-cracker in a publicity stunt for his "burglar-proof" safe.

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A babysitter plans a robbery of her employer's home. Bernard Girard. Henry Jones. Following his retirement, a man plans to empty the vault at his former place of employment and share the money with his mistress.