A Howling Zombie with a Vampire Twist (The TellTale Heart Book 1)

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Interaction with the uncanny offers no thrill of contact. Instead, it compounds local paranoia and misery. Human society is punitive, suspicious and credulous, its puritanical patriarchy shot through with a hypocritical sexualisation: women suspected of being witches are stripped before being stoned to death. Survival, if not peace, is maintained through mutual preying and destruction: the Little Red Riding Hood-like character of the young protagonist who walks through the forest to visit her grandmother is the daughter of a hunter.

As she drafted The Bloody Chamber collection, Carter simultaneously worked on this translation of Charles Perrault fairy tales, which were published in You may not reuse the material for commercial purposes. When a wolf does indeed attack the girl, it has red eyes like the devil.

This is not a world in which natural justice prevails but one in which whoever is left standing is the winner. Society allows no place for debating moral rights and wrongs; the story satisfies its characters while leaving the reader morally unmoored. The story is soaked in panstick, limelight and plastic sequins, and told as if accompanied by a church organ playing a tune of hysterical extremity. Yet its hammy trappings conceal true horror. This village, in which common fairy tale characters and magical abilities manifest, is not a place of creativity and delight but one of isolation and vengeance.

The woman remarries and has a son. He turns back into a wolf, is murdered by the second husband whereupon he turns back into a man. When the woman sees his corpse and cries over it, the second husband beats her. Wolf-man or full-man, these husbands are exactly the same in their abuse of women.

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  • The second part of the story looks at the set-up of Little Red Riding Hood again. The girl is on her way to visit her grandmother, but meets a man in the woods. He is not a wolf, nor is he a naked man-wolf. He is, instead, ordinarily human, clothed, charming and jovial. The girl immediately and unquestioningly takes the bait, giving him her basket with its weapon inside it. There is a horrible murder scene that is redolent of rape: the man strips naked to attack the elderly woman on the bed. In a sharply sick twist — so common in this collection and part of its unnerving genius — the young girl on her way is a willing martyr to his abuse.

    Or is she?