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Some call your awareness of this spirit your intuition. When you understand and trust the spiritual part of yourself, it intuitively guides your choices on every step of your path. I had been teaching Spiritual Fitness concepts at five Pennsylvania universities, and now I was getting the message to bump up my willingness to walk my talk in a much bigger way in order to save my life.

3 Keys to Physical and Spiritual Fitness

But it surely became the driver as I did a u-turn straight toward carefully navigating the trip to health. I was traveling on a journey toward survival, one I had not consciously chosen but one that required a strong inner GPS. I had to buckle my spiritual seat belt, fueled with the faith in my higher intuitive self which led me through the maze of the healing process. The process began with a combination of extreme medical treatments, energy work, acupuncture, visualization, and healing prayers.

But mostly, it was knowing that I had a purpose in life and that it was not over. I refused to go anywhere until it was complete, and that would be a long time away.

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I would never say this was easy; after miraculously getting into remission in 23 days, I was advised to continue the two to four year treatment protocol. Reliance on my intuitive spiritual guidance was needed every step of the way, having to catch errors made by my skilled but overworked medical team. It culminated when I caught an error that would have cost me my life.

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I was quickly inspired to choose a new top-notch oncology team and the rest is history. By being receptive to my spiritual guidance, a treatment that could have taken four years took only five months, with some minimal treatment for another year and a half. And no matter what your current challenge, you can do the same thing; trusting your inner guidance can override any seemingly impossible challenge in your life. How do you get to this place of receiving and trusting your own spiritual guidance? By using a Spiritual Fitness tool called the priority wheel.

Imagine a simple wheel with a center hub and spokes, then think of a list of your life priorities such as family, spirituality, work, fitness, friends and hobbies.

Rank them numerically and then place your number one priority solidly in the center hub of the wheel and place the other priorities on the spokes. Now imagine that the priority in the center of the wheel is driving and directing every other aspect on the outer spokes of your life as the wheel turns. Belief in a positive outcome. Mature outlook things which happen to me are not the end of the world.

Athlete, Be Spiritually Fit

Forgiveness for myself and others. Conviction there is something beyond myself. Bonding sensitivity to needs of others. Trust confidence in self and others. The spiritually healthy person: Communicates and listens. Affirms and supports others. Respects others. Has a sense of trust. Has a sense of play and humor.

Has a sense of shared responsibility. Has a sense of right and wrong. Has a strong sense of family in which rituals and traditions abound. Contributes to a balance of interaction among group members.

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Shares a belief core. Respects the privacy of others. Values service to others.

Produce your own life

Fosters family table time and conversation. Shares leisure time. Admits to and seeks help with problems. Your path to Spiritual Fitness: Personal. Individual counseling. Individual meditation and prayer.

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