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Again, the reality of being caught up in the third heaven and yet finding myself on earth was the unity I had felt before; a divine merger of heaven to earth. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The old iron fence that surrounded this church brought upon my spirit a sense of fear, holy fear, one of great restriction and restraint upon the flesh.

It was magnificent in stature and appearance, so much so that I was rendered speechless against a force of holy reverence at what lay waiting beyond the gates. Abroad the gate was letters composed of such unique form and design, appearing alive; breathing in perfect rhythmic motion. The sudden gust of wind brought in a distant hollow sound, a loud whisper of a faraway cry, Level Four.

Finding the gate secured was of no surprise for I had five keys left and only four levels to go, as I reached for the one made to fit. Such satisfaction ones soul is given when reaching for that which is obscure; stretching beyond mans reality and straightway into heavens gates, my soul doth thirst. Only one key left remaining to try as I held it ever so lightly in the palm of my hand, touching the grooves that would unlock the mystery before me. This small gesture of movement somehow gave me strength; authority to brave the unknown.

All at once, like liquid silver the key began to melt and travel through my fingers claiming them now as the key. This valuable insight made known. We need only to believe and to have faith in the unseen, to know that what we posses in our Fathers name, is not always made visible to the natural eye. As it says in Hebrews Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, as it was the substance of things which have come to pass; and it is the evidence of things not seen However, having such depth of knowledge being manifested physically through my body still did not unlock the gate; it remained fastened and very secure.

Now to move forward when the path seems restricted, to walk towards that which has already been given to you. I reached out and touched the words Level Four. He reveals the deep and secret things; he knows what is in the darkness, and the light is with him. Daniel Chapter Eight; Level 4 The Lions Den A deep groaning within the gate could be heard; an ancient release was breaking through as I was ushered by the Spirit of the Lord back many centuries. As I was transported through each generation I received a download of much hidden wealth that not only went untold, but were bound by mans ways and mans words, so they lay in each generation awaiting their release.

The love that I came to know passing through the generations was an endless kind of love. It was the love of the Father totally encompassing me; where every fiber of my being was saturated in his love. It was the same love encountered while taken up into the sword, except this time it was coming from within my own being. I was being used as a release point; a point of interest. Through each generation I was taken I received an impartation of awaiting knowledge from the past for the release of many saints. The hidden secrets and promises from long ago that the saints from old. As spoken of in Hebrews , what a perfect merger of Gods Kingdom.

Thus these all, having obtained a testimonial through the faith, did not receive the promise, Because God from the beginning provided for our help, lest without us they should not be made perfect. I was again ushered to the front of the gate where a woman, a very beautiful woman stood standing; as if awaiting my arrival.

The moment I looked into her eyes I knew she was Mary Magdalene. Her outer beauty was stunning to behold, but it still was in no comparison to her inner beauty. O my friends, her eyes! The color of her eyes was blue as the sea, the deep, deep sea, a spiritual blue and I was completely drawn into Christ; to the deep things in Christ Jesus. My cloak then began to feel alive and I could feel the mighty hand of Jesus upon me.

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I began to understand the meaning of the cloak I had been given, it was more than just his covering; it was his love I was wearing. It was his blood that was sacrificed, ah the cloak of love. Even the armor beneath could not withstand the evil that was coming upon the earth, without his divine love. Mary was the gatekeeper of this ancient church and she too wore a cloak of love, but of the same color as her eyes, velvet blue; a divine visitation from heaven.

Marys eyes were as velvet, and its rippling effect was the Fathers love flowing from her; bestowing such intimacy with the King and then she smiled. I have been waiting here for your arrival; I have seen the path by which you came. Many a journey of the Lords saints I have seen come by this way but some chose to fight the dragon in the deep and therefore did not make it this far. The access is not in the fight but in knowing the Fathers perfect love, his. This is the key and the access into the gate, you will then know what battle is yours and what is not.

Your path, one chosen to go into the deep where flesh is exposed but not forgotten, is seeing past ones flesh and directly into the heart of the King. The keys were given to you and to all his children upon the cross, but self keeps many bound forever never venturing into the deep. Now you may enter. Mary gently took my hand in hers and together we were united in the Fathers love. Such divine love made its way back and forth between us, like an exchange of ones thoughts and make-up; it was the Fathers love connecting our spirits.

The moment my feet touched the cobblestone pathway, I was transported again by the Spirit of the Lord into a room where the Father was waiting. The atmosphere was thick with a cloud like presence where I could barely see but a few steps in front of me. All of a sudden, I knew that I had been here before in another vision as the voice of God hit my spirit like a thunderbolt might hit a tree and I felt my heart being severed in half. Details my daughter, details, I have brought you back here for details you have overlooked in previous places I have taken you.

They are much needed by you and many others in order to travel further in your destiny. Too many times my children have been given jewels and fine treasures along the way only to pass them by; their hunger for new revelation kept them blinded from what they have already received. You must once again travel this path and I will show you what before you could not see, much like a puzzle in need of the missing piece; only that which is will be.

This is level four. In all my children there is a hidden theme, a pattern, much like a. When this song is heard, when the motif is seen, then they will be able to move forward in their destiny. I knew in my heart how guilty I was of my continuous pursuit of new revelation, having already been given so much and yet not truly seen.

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I wanted to run out of this vision and tell everyone I knew what I had just learned, but I knew that this was not the time and that I too must obey and find what I had missed. We then made our way together to the top of some very steep stairs that seemed endless in their destination. Soon we were descending downward as large white clouds began to encompass us. I could no longer see the Father, but I knew he was there. As the clouds began to clear I realized that the Father had put me directly in front of him and there he was!

I could scarcely believe I had not seen him before. So thundering in size and majestic to behold, his eyes were of the purest color of green, golden green like gold in a fire; my soul was pierced. The Lion of Judah! Through his eyes came a holy fire that sent his word right through my heart. Your eyes were on the enemy and not on me, my child. This is a scheme that has worked for many generations to keep my people fighting endless battles with the enemy, when they could have been in the Throne Room with the King.

Have I not shown you what the glory of the Father can do through you, just as in the overshadowing of Peter? They even brought out the sick into the streets and laid them on quilts so that when Simon Peter should happen to pass by, his shadow might fall on them. Acts The sound of marching feet did ring in the presence of evil as men all dressed in black paraded up the stairs on both sides. Their suits were very detailed with sharp gold stitching and large gold buttons. Their eyes were fixed straight ahead; never sensing we were there, the Father quickly answering my thoughts replied: "They can not see you my daughter for you are covered in my shadow and they know not my plans.

They know only the plans given out to them by Satan, their father, and he only knows that which is repeated or uttered prematurely by my children. The Lion of Judah began to make his way back and forth in war like motion, as his words continued to penetrate my spirit. As Daniel was lifted up from the lions den unharmed, so shall my children be who are cast down into the pit. I shall lift them up, but they must keep their eyes on me. I now knew who these demons were as my eyes beheld the Lion of Judah. They were religious spirits being fed by our mindsets, our set ways, and how easy and repetitive it was to know what we were thinking.

At that moment a holy roar resounded throughout my spirit as I was lifted up and taken through the mouth of the Lion, ushered by the Spirit of the Lord at an accelerating pace. Everything in me that could be shaken dropped off like dead skin and that which remained I knew was now in its proper place.

I could see the bones of the lions jaw autographed with the names of those who had been here before. I reached out very quickly just to unite with one and my own signature became embedded within the bone. With the passing of each name they began to inscribe a message; one of a deep holiness and reverence unto the Lord.

My heart began to beat in a rhythm of urgency as the writing resounded like the beating of a drum. All of a sudden I could feel my sword getting hotter as liquid light poured out from its blade; illuminating the darkness. The handle was now made of what appeared to be ivory just like the stairs, o the saints of old! The ancient writing then came to life and I could feel the blood of Jesus merging with my own; like a holy transfusion.

Carved deep within the. And I plummeted down into a dark hole. All at once the light from my sword severed the darkness and my surroundings were that of bones, ancient bones. My spirit was quickly made aware that the bones were of those who had ventured down into this pit, but not with the Fathers intentions. They had not passed by way of the Lion of Judah but by way of greed; to the feeding of ones own flesh. Inscriptions imbedded along the walls of this pit spoke of those who had entered in full authority of the King.

There was also a dire warning coming from the bones themselves. To all who enter with unclean hands; run, retreat, go back from whence you came and repent! No returning with treasures but to run their lives to be spared. Slowly my fingers began to trace the inscriptions along the wall of all who had entered in with the Fathers permission. My heart was filled with deep remorse and love for them, their lives they sacrificed for the end time days. They had journeyed down here into this pit seeking only the Fathers will; the road of self denial, their lives to him they gave.

They had become so full of the knowledge of the Lord, his secrets, deep and ancient wealth; they too had become the message. Now with his light making that which was hidden appear; I knew that the Holy Grail was our destiny to behold, intimacy with the King; ancient destinies coming forth for such a time as this. Impure hearts could not touch that which belonged to the King, only the King could make known such wealth and only in his perfect timing.

As I looked around at my surroundings I knew that I was standing in the lions den where Daniel had been thrown and many others. It is what Daniel had shared with me in a past vision but I could only remember the stripping thereafter. Now today I could feel the thickness of fear wrapping its arms tightly.

It was a holy fear, the fear of God making himself known; an enveloping beginning from the tips of my toes and all the way up through my head. A covering in his blood in deep protection from self to find what was buried here and quick! There appearing before me was Daniel, his face beholding such love from the Father I had a hard time not bowing before him. But instead we took hold of one another in a heavenly embrace; a divine impartation of what Daniel had received when thrown into this pit. There was no fear that day of the lions ravishing hunger, because Daniels hunger for God was so much greater, even unto his death.

There was a holy fear he encountered that day, a holy fear to receive down in this pit the divine message; the holy transferring of legal documents that could not be just handed over. One had to receive them in the deep. The Archangel Michael who appeared unto Daniel that day, not only shut the mouths of the lions, but he imparted unto Daniel a protocol.

Daniel knew his journey was to descend into the deep; only to then ascend with this profound call within his bones. Daniel gently touched my cheek with the familiar sense of the King himself, whispering unto me that which I too knew he heard when given such wealth.


I and all the saints from old have been waiting for this time, to see the mantles of destinies passed down to their rightful owners. Be wise in your choice of imparting such wealth, for there will be many who will come your way in the same way as some who proceeded you down here. They, with impure hearts who wish to take that which is holy unto themselves. Divine order is coming that will remove those who are not in their rightful positions, either by choice or by force.

Daniel quickly disappeared and lying before me was a lion, his tail moving in an orchestrated thumping of obscene and vile anger. I must have been holding my breath for escaping from my lungs was a deep grasping for air as I inhaled the word of the Lord: I shall tread upon the viper and adder; I shall trample under foot the lion and the great serpent. Psalms From beneath this raging lion, beneath the depths of the earth was a treasure chest. Although only visible in the spiritual, I knew I had to bring it up in the natural as I made my first step towards this angry beast.

The claws of the lion began to dig deep within the harsh, dry clay as his hair stood up on his back like the hard bristles of a brush. For it was not I who was facing this wretched creature alone upon the terra firma of time, but the Spirit of God residing within me. All of a sudden the lion lunged towards me and I felt my knees begin to buckle, but instead of feeling the claws of the menacing adversary; I saw the lion stop dead in his tracts.

Standing in holy boldness before me was the Archangel Michael wielding a long silver sword, and with each passing of the sword over the lions head an aroma was given out. A scent from the deep, a fragrance like unto olives and wine, a rich, delicacy of manna from heaven; that catapulted this lion into oblivion and I to my knees.

This bouquet of incense was the blood of Jesus, the ancient cup of the Lord passed down from generation to generation. Upon the cross he shed his blood for all to partake in; the forgiveness of sin, destiny in Jehovah Jireh, upon the Mount of Olives he will stand! While they were eating, Jesus took bread and blessed it and broke it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take eat; this is my body.

Then he took the cup and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Take, drink of it, all of you. This is my blood of the New Testament which is shed for many for the. But I say to you, henceforth I shall not drink from this fruit of the vine until the day when I drink it anew with you in the kingdom of God. And they offered praise, and went out to the Mount of Olives.

Matthew Such divine invitation from the King to be joined together in holy matrimony; the souls surrender and spirits call. Michael then lifted the sword above my head and I no longer could see him but only the sword; lit up and aflame with the glory of the Lord. The fragrance filled my senses as the sword came crashing down! I could feel a dividing shift occurring in my mind, as if it were being severed from my body.

Like the church, severed from religion, like unto the red sea parting, and the Mount of Olives split in two. I then looked into the eyes of Michael and they too were aflame, and I saw written in his eyes the very words Mordecai spoke to Queen Esther. Think not in yourself that you shall escape because you are in the kings house, more than all the other Jews. For if you altogether remain silent this time, then relief and salvation shall arise to the Jews from another place; but you and your fathers house shall be destroyed; and who knows whether you have been called to come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

Esther , 14 There came smoke arising from the very spot the enemy had before tried claiming, as Michael withdrew his sword and disappeared. I arose to the occasion of the time set before me, and I began to uncover layer after layer of dry earthen clay; until beholding in front of me the treasure chest of the King. Again, it was the color of deep rich burgundy wood, appearing almost black, heavily drenched in the blood of the saints; the blood of the Lamb merging together as one. As I blew away the dirt that had gathered atop this ancient gift, inscriptions did appear carved deep within the wood, no longer hidden but made known for such a time as this.

My soul began to hunger for this knowledge as my spirit quenched in thirst of this awakening, my eyes began to see what was once before a foreign language, now unveiled. From the conception to the birth, the eyeless probing in the night to the awakening of dawn, the confession of our souls conceiving, the deep secrets of God made known. To cut away the flesh that binds us, to cultivate the hardened ground we abide in, to press way beyond our carnal habitat and into his embrace. The inscription read as follows: I am Aleph and Tau, the beginning and the ending says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.

Revelation Having read this verse many times in the past I thought I had known it well, but this time the very breath of God was illuminating his names carved within the deep. The seven Spirits of God being made manifest throughout the earth, thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. My soul doth hunger, its expression seven-fold. Dare I open the gift before me, dare I risk the exposure again of the reality of my flesh; the tearing away of the things I thought I most desired, my true nature and my weakness lay bare?

I knew I had not come this far without the mighty hand of God leading me, directing me and guiding me into the deep. And so it would be, only by his Spirit could I now even attempt to open that which has been hidden so long. Poetry did meet my soul; a foreign object of words they did sound, until my spirit captured its depth and broke out into song; even so Lord Jesus, come, even so Lord Jesus, come! Positioned in its array was the most exquisite piece of artwork I had ever beheld, fresh as the day it was painted, colors unknown in words; touched by heavens kiss.

I dared not touch or even breathe too close for in fear of causing it harm. But the longer I stared into the painting the more it came alive, until I was holding the transcendental image in my hands that once before lay only on the canvas. It was likened unto the base of a lamp but of roots of the tree I encountered in the valley. Ascending towards heaven in four separate paths, like the fingers of a hand stretched upward, dipped in blood red gold.

In the center was a globe of the world in which we live, one solid mass of gold and on fire; the amber fire of God. In the midst of the fire was an eye, one eye, the all seeing eye of God. Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon the righteous, upon them that hope in his mercy. To deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive in famine. Psalms , 19 To know that the eye of God is upon us during the dark nights of the soul, during the famine of the night, he will keep us alive in his bosom.

No longer able to hold this precious vessel I wavered back and forth; until there before me did the Lord Jesus appear. He was a torch, a red flame drenched in blood. He reached out his hands from within the fire and took from my hands the nations; the four corners of the earth and engulfed them into flames.

Out from the fire came the voice of thunder, and the vessel, now a golden cup filled with new wine, his wine, his blood, the blood of the Lamb. As his word echoed within the cave, the cave became his word, as the walls filled with a liquid fire and my vision magnified greater than ever before. Silence, Silence, Silence! As the last Silence resounded in my spirit I knew that I, that We were being summoned from the innermost part of our being, the core of self is hushed when God appears.

Our dominion in Christ made known; the recognition of his Spirit residing within us. A holy roar came from within the Fire and the Fire spoke: And when he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about the space of half an hour. Revelation The Father beckoned me to come into the fire and drink of the cup. Stillness devoured my soul and in my weakness, in the quiet of this welcome; I was made strong in him.

Now on the greatest day, which is the last day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, If any man is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. John Will you drink of this cup my daughter, will you drink it unto me; the cup of eternal sacrifice I offer unto thee. There can not be one without the other; will you drink this unto me?

I knew in the deepest part of my soul there hungered to drink of this cup thereof. But I also knew that I could not do it on my own, that it was Holy Spirits admonishing to do so; for by flesh it would be in works. To do everything as unto the Lord takes pride away from ones own flesh, and delivers unto God his rightful position in our hearts.

The wine of the Bridegroom is being offered unto those who are willing to be emptied of self; the uncorking of the new wine, the reuniting of his kingdom within us and the Glory of the Lord will fill this place. As I placed the cup to my lips there arose in me a vision within a vision, like thread woven within fabric being exposed, as the Fathers eyes penetrated the very deep things of my heart. The wall of the cave opened up before me and truly the most beautiful artwork was presented, they were paintings from the deep. I could see Jesus torching the painters of the earth with his vision, with his touch and they would begin to unveil the canvas within themselves.

A divine commissioning unlike any artwork the world has ever seen, and yet it has always been here awaiting its release, it was Destiny. And one of the elders said to me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Scion of David, has prevailed and he will open the book and the seven seals thereof. Revelation And the Fire did consume me. Chapter Nine Welcome To Hollywood Immediately I found myself again standing with the Father upon the stairs where before evil had come marching. This time a hastening in his voice was heard; a quickening of his word to make its way into the natural realm.

I could see before me an hourglass and his words fell like the sand in the glass, and I knew that this message was dated. My daughter, I have kept many hidden for this hour, having given to them their assignments in the deep. Their gifts have been sealed but are now ready to be birthed. All my children must find their missions, their assignments in my secret place; for there in my presence my plans will not be altered.

The enemy cannot share what he does not have. This is not to say that you will not see pain or physical death, but it will be in my will and in my timing for my purpose to be birthed through them. I became very silent as I pondered on these words; for many times in the past I had stepped out of God's order thinking I was in his will; when I was none other than working for self. Sensing my sorrow the Father gently placed his hands upon my shoulders and whispered in my ear.

The more you learn that it is I the Father in you, moving you, the more my power will flow more freely through you. Tell my children to seek me with all of their hearts, laying aside their learned mindsets and into my presence. It is then when I can open up the hidden things thereof and move them into their destiny. Remember my daughter that you will always have these walks with me, even when you do not see me you must remember that I will never leave you or forsake you.

Follow me; I have something to show you. Nearing the end of my travels upon the staircase with the Father, total darkness again spread before me and I knew I was to jump. As I awaited the call of the Masters voice to beckon me into the shadows below, I was transported onto a beach and before me stood the Apostle Peter. He was wearing a skin colored, one-piece loincloth like the merger my soul was beginning to feel with my spirit. In his right hand was a long, silver bladed sword with a very rustic looking handle wrapped in leather.

I was positioned just behind Peter in ankle deep waters, facing the ocean together, as the waves began to rise higher and higher up to our waist; as they claimed their destination upon the shore, Peter was staking his. O the death to self, the pain, its putrid hold, as the water, Gods word, brings much exposure to the soul; but it is in the deepness of the water that one will find true gold. As Peter began to raise his sword up high my spirit began to soar with the blade; I knew now that the destination of the sword would also claim me and yet I found myself unable to move.

This was the Sword of the Lord,. Before I had time to ponder any longer, Peter plunged the blade of the sword deep into his right shoulder and straight through mine. Somehow because this was a vision I half expected the pain to be only spiritual but to my extreme dismay, it was not. The physical pain came from the dullness of the blade at having not been used for such a long time, only then to be sharpened by the continual act of total surrender.

It did not pass through me as quickly as it did Peter and the pain was almost unbearable, until it finally broke through and I could feel my blood, mixed with the blood of Peter running down my back. Again, a merger, a holy union of saints coming together in perfect unity, the royal priesthood that Peter talked about in 1Peter But you are a chosen people, ministers to the kingdom, a holy people, a congregation redeemed to proclaim the glories of him who has called you out of darkness to his marvelous light.

I was no longer standing on my own but the sword was now holding me upright. In this moment of total dependency upon the sword, Gods word, I could feel his truth piercing my darkened soul and allowing his light to flow more freely through. This sacrifice could not be done on ones own merit or device but on the continual surrendering to the Father, to know that his strength is made perfect in weakness.

This time I found myself all alone at the base of the steps and the jump into total darkness seemed almost inviting for the pain that I was in. To die for Christ was to truly live for him and to live for Christ was to die to self and I jumped! The sudden stop on another step took my breath away, thinking I was falling from a much greater height and then feeling ground so suddenly, completely took me by surprise.

O that one would continue to fall daily from such a level as this, to not. The ground began to shift in an upward motion and I found myself in an elevator, a crystal clear, glass elevator, overlooking a very large city; I was totally covered in divine protection. As I looked to my left I could see the "Welcome to Hollywood" sign and although I knew I was in a vision, I physically felt present in this city and that it somehow held a very special key in the next move of God.

This wasnt a revival that would sweep a city, state or even a nation but a move of God that would change the hearts of man throughout the world. The view from the elevator was like peering from the window of an airplane until the Father gently guided me over to a beautiful, solid gold telescope.

YouTube Jakob Lorber The Unknown Prophet Part 1 of 5 (German, with English and Portuguesesubtitles)

As my eyes began to peer beyond my vision and through the eyes of the Lord, the whole city opened up before me and I fell to the ground trembling in shock of what lay before me. The comforting hands of the Father gently lifted me up and placed me once again before the telescope. I knew the Father was asking me to again look through his eyes and that only by his grace would I be able to survive. Never before had I seen such mass grossness, mass destruction of mankind in one place as the hordes of hell were set loose. The men in black were stationed as far as the eye could see, positioned and ready for war.

They were hovering over cars and standing on buildings, movie studios and churches, even in the graveyards the religious spirits were everywhere. And then the attack began! The men all dressed neatly in their black suits reared their ugly heads and became the evil that they were. They looked like walking robots with flesh hanging from their bodies like rotting meat; as slime came oozing out from between their missing flesh. Their teeth were like the teeth of a lion gone mad, ripping and tearing at whatever came their way.

Many saints could see the evil and they began shooting the demonic horde with their guns; but when they pulled the trigger all that came out. However, some saints were walking in such a high level of peace that they did not seem to even notice the chaos before them. Like a pack of dogs, demons would charge their way but would be abruptly stopped in their tracks and turn around in fear. They had not wielded a weapon or spoke even one word for they were walking in the authority of the King; they had become a walking weapon of God. I saw many churches in the area that seemed to go unharmed as the demons left them alone.

What I thought was the hand of God upon them soon told me otherwise as I was brought down into the courtyard. A Pastor was sharing with one of the deacons about how they were going to raise money for the expansion of the church. They finally agreed that they would begin charging for special services that they would hold on the weekends, healing services, revival services and the money they raised would be used to expand the church even more. At first this all seemed very good, like a pastor wanting to feed his sheep and bring in the lost. But then my eyes were opened even more and I could see this man's future.

Yes, he would build a larger church and yes, by Gods grace souls would be saved; but he would soon be so overcome with greed that he was going to fall and fall hard. The enemy knew this and was setting the pastor free from his attacks because he was already on the road to destruction. Habakkuk All at once my attention was brought to an overpass and into a television station; like peering into the center of the world through a large screen.

I could see the men in black still in their suits, shooting tiny black darts into many talented artists who then would produce shows for television, from sitcoms to reality shows that were directly from the pit of hell. Some had missed their targets while others had no effect, and some hit dead on causing much chaos and destruction.

Unrecognzied self-proclaimed republic

Many of the darts being shot were alcoholism, drug addiction, lust, greed, jealousy and bitterness. From suicide to murder just to name a few. The moment they entered the victim you could see their faces change into that condition. However many souls were also flowing in the Spirit of the Lord and they were producing shows straight from heaven, the moment upon feeling the enemys darts hit they would break forth into song before the Lord and the darts would immediately fall to the ground.

Watch and see true beauty arise from the ashes of this grave, watch and see the dead awaken; as if they had only been asleep. I was so overcome with love for Hollywood that I began to see what the Father had been speaking of; the artists that he was raising up straight from his heart. They would be so full of his love and vision, no religion in their ways, no judgment in their talk only pure brave heart freedom straight from the Kings chambers. They will lift up their swords, their words and their gifts, they will raise them high towards heaven and the heavens will shout back in freedom and in liberty; for what was once bound by religion was now set free.

Ancient poetry will arise from the deep, Native tongue will fall from the writers lips, that when spoken forth will heal many. New songs will emerge in unique beat, a cadence that can not be duplicated or manufactured by man. When this sound is released even the earths atmosphere will shift to reveal the perfect reflection of the King. The earth began to quiver in agreement to this truth as I bid the city farewell; until we would meet again.

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In Diagon Alley , he reads about the later careers of Hogwarts prefects , just before he starts his sixth year. Harry first thought of his career after Hogwarts when he discussed it with fake Moody in his fourth year. Moody suggested that he and Hermione Granger would be suitable to become Aurors. We actually only see Harry's careers appointment with McGonagall, and also do not hear about the discussion she must have had with either Hermione or Ron, or with Ginny in the year after that. Grading on routine homework seems to be along the same lines as that for Muggle students. Hogwarts students also have more difficult exams as they progress higher in the system.

They are the wizarding equivalent of Muggle O-levels. To progress to N. This grading system is also used on W. There is one exam for each subject. In fifth year instead of end of the year exams, students set their O. Ordinary Wizarding Levels , the score they achieve on these is what allows them to progress to N. In order to progress to N. Extra points were given for how pretty the snuffbox was, points were taken off if it still had whiskers.

These exams were not set in place due to Dumbledore's decision to cancel them due to the events in the Chamber of Secrets that year. A separate room stood at the ready, if a student overdid their Cheering Charm. The Transfiguration exam was said the contain difficult tasks, as when finished students emerged " limp and ashen-faced. Some students' tortoises still had tails, could breathe steam, and had willow-patterned shells.

Points were taken off if students could not get their batch to thicken, as was required. The History of Magic exam may have included questions on Witch Hunts, as students were required to complete homework on the subject. The Defence Against the Dark Arts exam consisted of an obstacle course. As nobody was mentioned as having failed the exam despite several students admitting they were just making things up, it is likely that anyone who at least pretended to see something would have been given a pass. The score made by a student on a particular O.

Each exam has a written and practical assessment, so students can demonstrate their practical and theoretical knowledge. The exams are also taken over a two week period. Not much are known about these exams. Some students do not take these exams at all, some careers in the Wizarding World do not require N. A first year is a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who is new to Hogwarts and in their first year of magical education. First years are typically eleven to twelve years of age.

First years arrive at the castle by crossing the lake with the Keeper of the Keys in boats separate from the older students. They are not allowed to own a broomstick or be on one unless they are attending Flying class. An exception had been made for Harry because he joined the Gryffindor house team due to his exceptional skills with a broomstick. School carriages being pulled to Hogwarts castle. A second year is a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who is in their second year of magical education.

Second years are typically twelve to thirteen years of age unless a student had to repeat the second form. The second year is the first year in which students are allowed to go with the rest of the school in the school carriages pulled by Thestrals up to the castle. Unlike first years, the second-years' timetable does not include Flying , although they are allowed to bring their own broomsticks.

At the end of the year, second-year students choose two or more classes they wish to study as electives the following year. A third year is a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who is in their third year of magical education. Third years are typically thirteen to fourteen years of age. The third year is an important one for students, as it is the first year that they are permitted to sit elective courses. Third year classes consist of: Potions , Herbology , Defence Against the Dark Arts , Transfiguration , History of Magic , Astronomy , Charms , and the two or more electives the student chose the previous year.

A fourth year is a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who is in their fourth year of magical education. Fourth years are typically fourteen to fifteen years of age. The fourth form is almost identical in its structure to the third; students sit two or more elective courses in addition to the core classes and are allowed in Hogsmeade during selected weekends. Although, fourth years typically get more work than third years, to prepare for their O. A fifth year is a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who is in their fifth year of magical education.

Fifth years are typically fifteen to sixteen years of age. The fifth year is enormously important for students, due to the fact that it is the year in which they must sit their O. The fifth year is also the year in which students receive career counselling from their Heads of House. It is during this meeting that they will be advised as to what N. Before the beginning of the year, one boy and one girl are selected by the Headmaster from each house to become prefects. A sixth year is a student who is in his or her sixth year of magical education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Sixth years are typically sixteen to seventeen years of age, although some may be older, if they have had to repeat a year like Marcus Flint did. The sixth year is the first year in which students sit N. Sixth years may also elect to take part in Apparition lessons for a fee of twelve Galleons. Based on students O. If the student doesn't meet those requirements, they cannot attend the N.

While students do have the opportunity to choose whether they wish to continue in particular subjects, those who begin studying N. Sixth year students are initially excited to have more free time, but this extra time is intended to help them study and do homework, as many, if not all, teachers assign more homework and give more difficult lessons in their N. A seventh year is a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who is in their seventh and final year of formal magical education.

Seventh years are typically seventeen to eighteen years of age, although some may be older if they have had to repeat a year. The seventh year contains the most important exams given at Hogwarts — the N. Students conclude their N. A student in the seventh year would have the same schedule he or she had in the sixth year and would sit only those classes in which they received O.

However, not all students take N. Every year, a male and female seventh year are appointed Head Boy and Head Girl. In most cases, the Headmaster selects the Head students from the seventh year prefects. However, students that have never been prefects, for example Harry's dad James Potter , can still be selected.

Professors McGonagall , Snape , and Umbridge. The day begins at a. During breakfast, the mail arrives in a flurry of hundreds of owls. A bell chime signals the start of the first class at 9 a. The bell chimes again in one hour to signal the start of the next class.

There are two class periods before lunch though N. After lunch, there is another break and two more classes. Dinner is served in the Great Hall toward evening, after which the students are expected to be in their house common rooms for studying and socialising. There is an Astronomy class at night on Wednesday every week usually midnight. The students must be in bed or in the common rooms by a certain time, after which is called after hours.

The times are different for different years for example, fifth years are allowed to be in the halls until p. Each year, the Hogwarts Deputy Headmaster sends letters to eligible witches and wizards who will be eleven years old. These letters invite the children to be students at Hogwarts. If for any reason a letter does not reach its intended recipient, owls will continue delivering letters until the person receives one as was Harry's experience when he turned eleven. The letter contains a list of needed supplies, signed by the Chief Attendant of Witchcraft Provisions , Lucinda Thomsonicle-Pocus , which includes uniform clothing , spell books, and cauldrons.

Letters are also sent to existing students to inform them of the new supplies needed. Students usually obtain school supplies at Diagon Alley in London. They also assist the family in regards to buying supplies and gaining access to Diagon Alley. Harry's letter was sent via normal owl delivery , since Professor Dumbledore, had presumed that the Dursleys had explained to Harry about Hogwarts and the wizarding world. When no response came from the first, several more letters, each reflecting Harry's new location, were sent. Ultimately, Hagrid was dispatched to hand-deliver Harry's final letter.

Once he found Harry, who was with the Dursleys in their vain attempt to keep all wizarding knowledge from Harry, Hagrid explained all about Harry's parents and what had really happened the night they died. While Remus Lupin 's father was a wizard, Dumbledore personally visited the family to invite the boy to Hogwarts given Remus being afflicted by lycanthropy. Remus noted that it was only after Dumbledore became headmaster that he could have been accepted at Hogwarts. Students are allowed to bring a cat , an owl or a toad , but exceptions such as rats and Pygmy Puffs are made.

Moreover, students do not have to pay tuition fee, because the British Ministry of Magic covers the cost of all students' magical education. While most wizards and witches in Britain are educated in Hogwarts, they are not obligated to attend if they do not wish to, as some parents are noted to have home-educated their children as Lyall Lupin originally intended to do so for his son due to his condition or send them abroad as Lucius originally intended for his son Draco to Durmstrang Institute. This was temporarily changed in the — school year , in which the new Voldemort-installed regime mandated all eligible children to attend, and weeding out Muggle-borns from the institute.

Tryouts for House Quidditch teams happen at the very beginning of the school year. The Heads of house have a list of applicants and pass them on to the team captain, so the captain can schedule tryouts at their leisure. First years are usually prohibited from joining a Quidditch team, because they are usually inexperienced with brooms and are forbidden to own them in the first place. However, exceptions have been made on both counts. Harry Potter is a noticeable exception, he was allowed to join the team in his first year and was the youngest Seeker in a century.

Teams have different reputations; before Harry joined in , the Gryffindor team was noted by McGonagall to be on a losing streak and that she could not bare any more of Severus Snape 's boasting. The Slytherin team is considered to have no qualms with cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct. It has been noted that the Slytherin team employees players of brute strength, rather then skill. The students who choose to remain are treated to a feast along with some of the faculty. When Christmas holidays end, classes begin again.

It was not continued after he left the school. The Easter holidays are not as enjoyable as the Christmas ones, as students are overloaded with homework in preparation for their exams, which are taken at the end of the year. Students are not allowed to use magic over the summer holidays until they turn seventeen, magic is also banned in corridors. Harry Potter in Hogwarts' male uniform.

The students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are required to wear a uniform. Students must wear their uniforms during all lessons, and while eating meals or studying in the Great Hall. Students are allowed to wear their own clothes after lessons in their House dormitory and during the holidays. Most students are seen still wearing their uniforms in their house dormitory, most probably because they would need to change into their pyjamas to sleep before they go to bed, so they may feel that it is troublesome to change into their own clothes, then change again into their pyjamas.

Hermione Granger in Hogwarts' female uniform. Often they are the biggest wine producer some years Italy is biggest and they have many different kinds of wines. Their long tradition in winemaking has led to very high standards. Wikipedia about French Wine. French wine is produced all throughout France , in quantities between 50 and 60 million hectolitres per year , or 7- 8 billion bottles. France is one of the largest wine producers in the world.

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One British pound of was 20 shillings and each shilling was 12 pence, so there were pence to the pound. There were 12 inches to the foot and I have forgotten about yards, furlongs and miles. Just try to calculate the surface of something. During the French revolution the French came with a system based on the 10, the decimal system, in which the next measure was tenfold the first: 10 millimeter was 1 centimeter, 10 centimeter was 1 decimeter, 10 decimeter was 1 meter and meters was 1 kilometer.

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Reuben, France, has an abundance of strength, excellency of dignity and power. And Moses gave unto them, even to the children of Gad, and to the children of Reuben, and unto half the tribe of Manasseh the son of Joseph, the kingdom of Sihon king of the Amorites, and the kingdom of Og king of Bashan, the land, with the cities thereof in the qoasts, even the cities of the country round about Numbers And when they came unto the borders of Jordan, that are in the land of Canaan, the children of Reuben and the children of Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh built there an altar by Jordan, a great altar to see to Joshua The Trans-Jordan tribes have a special relationship with each other, due to their geography and their history Joshua-Judges.

They showed great independence by wanting to live outside the original borders of the Promised Land Num ; , and also in their construction of the Great Altar Josh They were frequently subjected by Moab and Aram. The USA Manasseh suffers from regularly returning isolationism, and today written in , invasion of Iraq they operate mainly by themselves on the world stage. Switzerland Gad is so independent, that they did not even want to be a member of the United Nations for 45 years. That revolution with its writings was an extra impetus for the French Revolution of There remained a bond between the two countries.

In Napoleon sold the last French possessions, the Louisiana Purchase, for 15 million dollars to the United States.