Contemplative Healing

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Jesus went into the desert deeply seeking the intimate heart of God. He journeyed through a dark night of the soul and into the testing of all his human provocations to finally embrace his own truth.

Caritas: Contemplative Healing

In deep prayer and mystical revelation of God he found his calling, accepted his path, and came out into the world to enact radical and revolutionary justice, and to offer healing to the world. We are not called into the desert just for ourselves, or just for our own experience of God.

Likewise, we are not called to do radical justice without the deep spiritual intimacy in relationship with God that holds us together for the mission of organizing and activism.

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Neither center can hold — neither deep relationally with God or radical justice-seeking — without our ability to look at our broken places and find space to heal them, in ourselves and in communion with each other. This trinity of wholeness provides a synchronized spiritual and emotional chemistry to help us sustain ourselves — for the pain of life, the grief of loss, and most definitely for the arduous path of organizing and activism. It is also not a solitary individualistic practice to find this balance.

We have become reliant on words like "self-care," which often become a mandate for solitary practice, sought out by an individual, and done in isolation. This is both counterintuitive to the communal nature of organizing and counter to the abundance of spiritual life.

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We are meant to be in community with each other — something often lost in our Western conception of society, where the self is both meant to strive individually and also mend individually. Self-care that is done in a silo becomes a Band-Aid for greater pain that cannot be mended or healed by a single trip for a massage or nail appointment or walk in the woods.

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Although these things are beautiful care practices, and are certainly starting points to a rhythm of life that offers deeper healing, they are not the depth in and of themselves. When we send people off alone to do one-off self-care, we also set them up for failure. I have met so many activists who feel burned out, who have tried individual plans of self-care and felt deep shame and disappointment that within a short time they are exhausted and short-fused again.

Why can we imagine that faith worship happens in community, activism happens in community, yet healing should be siloed to independent self-care practices done alone?

Deep healing also requires the resources of deep spirituality and deep community — rituals and practices that can be done alone but also shared, and become part of a larger rhythm of life that is beyond one practice and becomes a network of ways of being which move with us in every breath and heartbeat. Contemplative Healing demonstrates the following essential points:.

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Contemplative Healing communicates how the loving spirit of God and Christ function in a community by alleviating pain and bringing wholeness. Francis Geddes, DMinhas taught hundreds of people over the last thirty-five years to engage more directly in healing.

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Geddes and his wife live in Santa Rosa, California. Francis Geddes. We welcome you to any and all services at The Church of the Incarnation.

Contemplative Healing: The Congregation as Healing Community by Francis Geddes

All who seek God in Christ are welcome to receive communion at God's Table. At Incarnation, we consider beauty to be proof for the existence of God. The indescribable beauty of our music bears God into our very hearts and souls. We encourage you to participate in our ministries at The Church of the Incarnation. All levels of participation are welcome. We help the members of our community in finding ways as individuals and as a community to make a meaningful difference in serving people who need help.