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Translated from the Dulce Fuego Mira. Dulce Fuego Mira is of vital importance to. Search this site. S PDF Download. Territorio Alien Y Orbita Mortal. PDF Download. Asimetria PDF Download. Caidos Y Alzados.

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N 1 PDF Download. Cesonia PDF Download. Creepypastas Historias De Terror 2. El Archivo Eterno Furia 1. Galatea PDF Download. Habia Una Vez Un Alma. Instinto PDF Download. Montes traced certain Spanish American regionalisms to Greek roots. Terrado's detailed scrutiny of a document from southwest Andalusia yielded a higher than expected number of Leonesisms and Lusisms.

Billick and Dworkin's useful repertory of glossaries, vocabularies, and word lists based on editions of medieval texts, contains over entries 60 based on the Cid alone. Appearing first as a series of journal articles , it was later expanded and published in book form Lapesa reviewed the rivalry between competing linguistic norms in Alfonsine Spanish, with special attention to apocope, a phenomenon that has fascinated him for decades.

Wright has offered a new interpretation of his own, namely that the glosses were prepared phrasebook-style for a Catalan or French visitor eager to pronounce Latin in the Riojan manner. Straka assessed arguments for different datings of the Silos glosses, finally assigning them to the midth century. Alarcos offers some sober comments on various aspects of early Spanish glosses, couched in a style easily accessible to the nonspecialist.

In summary, the s have witnessed major progress in many if not most of the subfields that constitute our discipline. Nonetheless, numerous questions remain open, while others will require us to gather more data before they can be properly formulated.

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Having surveyed in some detail recent and current trends, we are perhaps entitled to venture a few predictions for the s. For historical phonology, one foresees further discoveries supporting ultimate northern provenience of features associated with southern peninsular Spanish, more evidence coming to light in support of early emergence of those features, enhanced attention -perhaps aided by computer models- to the relative chronology of major phonological innovations, and more precise understanding of the effects of palatal consonants on preceding vowels.

In morphology, we may look forward to important discoveries bearing on both morphophonology and morphosyntax, especially in regard to the verbal system. In semantics, more work is needed on the ways in which verbal tenses and moods convey their characteristic shades of meaning, with heightened attention to changes in relations among, say, the future and conditional tenses, on the one hand, and the various tenses of the subjunctive, on the other. In lexical studies, the origins of numerous words await compelling explanations, the traditional reasons given for the failure of certain words i.

All these issues are sure to be debated, along with others impossible to discern from our current vantage point. In short, all indications are that we are entering an exciting decade. Consequently, they were not read by its author and are not discussed in the foregoing essay. Wido Hempel and Dietrich Briesemeister. David Kossof et al.

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