Gehe nicht in die Dunkelheit! (German Edition)

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Last modified: Line count: 32 Word count: Gentle Reminder. This website began in as a personal project, and I have been working on it full-time without a salary since May was kind to me With many bunches of flowers. The girl spoke of love, Her mother even of marriage, - Now the world is bleak, The path covered by snow. I cannot choose the time Of my departure; I must find my own way In this darkness. With a shadow cast by the moonlight As my traveling companion I'll search for animal tracks On the white fields.

Why should I linger, waiting Until I am driven out? Let stray dogs howl Outside their master's house; Love loves to wander God has made her so From one to the other. Dear love, good night! I will not disturb you in your dreaming, It would be a pity to disturb your rest; You shall not hear my footsteps Softly, softly shut the door!

Text added to the website between May and September Last modified: Line count: 32 Word count: This song is perfect, except some of the translations are off. I would have to say Rammstein is now even with Metallica on the awesome scale. Good day. Sadly, in my country stories such as that or worse happen almost weekly, ometimes even more frequently.

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I remember hearing from that story. What a sick story.

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What did go trought this man head to do that to is own daughter?? It has lots of power and anger!!! The guitars are loud and i like it a lot, lots of drive! I really love how Rammstein used samples of wolf sounds, it really makes you feel like being trapped out in the wilderness. I was looking forward to this song, seeing how well Rammstein did with Mein Till. This does not dissapoint, really expresses the tragedy of what happened well. Well, i love the song, just has many say creepy, and i get thinking of all that happen.

I think for this guy, should be cut to pieces, and make him suffer has long at possible. He is not a human. I plant in you a little sister. When you Team Obvious get tired of stating the obvious — that the song is about the Josef Fritzl case, you might notice some other in interesting things too.

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Please get your facts right! Terrible story, great song. Reminds me of Stein um Stein.

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But to be fair — can I to be able to? Bah nevermind. Awesome song. I dunno if this song had a positive affect to the case, actually, as there seems to be no… how would I say it… answer how to avoid these things, or anything to judge the criminal. Like Purity did, this song feels very sinister. Barbra thats scary for your children to be singing this song at 3 to 4 years old lol its impressinable LOL. The song itself is truly dark, one of the darkest things ever.

Impressed me most when I read the translation and the article on Josef Fritzl published here by Eternal. This song carries me to a very scary place in my soul. You can almost feel the door shutting behind that man and the survival mode of the girl. The words alone bring a feeling of the negative energy that must have encompassed that poor girl. She must be completely fearless now.

This song appears to reference the real-life horror-story about a man who kept his daughter in a cellar and had kids with her …. I love this song at times till sounds as creepy igor from frankenstein at others as sinister as the devil.

Thomas Rothfuß - Ein Traum der Liebe Sounds of Silence 2007

This song is about the Josef Fritzl case in Austrailia. This song is very reminiscent of Mein Teil. This song is definately a grower for because It took a while for me to get into. Till doesnt really sing in this one, but storytells more. When I first heard this song, I was a bit terrified. Then, I listened to it again- it was again creepy. Then it became sinister… This song is, with no doubt, a re-tell of a horrific story. It could be a direct sequel to Mein Teil, but this case is a bit different…… While you listen, just think about it- that girl has been trapped in the cellar for 24 years and experienced all that trauma… Unimaginable…..

Gute Nacht

Wednesday, July 10, Rammstein Affenknecht. Rammstein Wiener Blut lyric with English translation. Seid ihr soweit? Und sei Dein Dasein ohne Licht Seid ihr soweit? Are you good to go? Welcome…to the darkness! To the darkness! No one can disturb us down here No one, no one must hear us No one will discover us We enjoy life And because you are alone sometimes I plant you a little sister The skin so young, the flesh so tight Under the house, a love nest Are you ready?

And if your life existence was without light Are you good to go? Fear no misfortune, fear no torment Prepare yourself I am with you and I hold you I hold you in the darkness! This song was purely inspired by the Fritzl case. The translation is a bit off and the sentecnces are not grammatically correct. Great song, thanks Rammstein. Pls read the booklet!!! This song sounds like a prequel for Tier to me. Leise can mean gentle. Keep up the good work. I loved this song after i heard it times…very nice one.

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See all information about Rammstein at a Europe Statium Tour Jun 26, Popular posts. Nov 20, The absolute highlight: A signed Rammstein guitar Dec 3, Rammstein should return in May 15, Recent posts. Rammstein APP Jul 4, Come with me, come into my castle Fun waits for us in the basement there Gentle, gentle, we want to be Liberate the moment from time Yeah, paradise lies under the house The door falls closed, the light goes out Are you ready?