Gon the Fox & Other Stories (Tales from Japan: Book 4)

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What does a panda suit have to do with species conservation? As this comprehensive book about a panda rehabilitation program in China reveals, quite a lot. Can I Touch Your Hair? Poems of Race, Mistakes, and Friendship. By Irene Latham and Charles Waters. Dragons in a Bag. By Zetta Elliott. When nine-year-old Jaxon is left in the care of an eccentric old witch, he begins training as her new apprentice by leaving Brooklyn to return three dragons to a magical world.

By Torben Kuhlmann. Naturalistic illustrations enhance this story of an intrepid mouse, who builds a submersible and makes a surprising deep-sea discovery. By Marissa Moss. Modern illustrations and lively text combine to relate the early history of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and how they thwarted an attempt to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. Finding Langston. By Lesa Cline-Ransome. Front Desk. By Kelly Yang. Mia not only helps manage the front desk of the motel where her immigrant Chinese parents work; she also helps keep secrets about the guests, whose immigration status puts everyone at risk.

This engaging picture-book biography of tennis' greatest superstars focuses attention on the ways they changed the game by their attitude, power as athletes, personal strength, and relationship with each other. Hammering for Freedom. By Rita Lorraine Hubbard. In informative paragraphs and expressive paintings, this picture book tells the story of an enslaved blacksmith who steadfastly worked to buy freedom for himself and his family.

Knights vs. By Matt Phelan. Merlin sets a new challenge for the Knights of the Round Table when he sends them back in time to battle dinosaurs. Louisiana finds her own inner strength when her granny abandons her in a run-down motel while they attempt to lift a curse that has plagued their family for generations. By Pablo Cartaya. Martin Rising: Requiem for a King. By Andrea Davis Pinkney. By Alice Faye Duncan. As we mentioned on the main page, this one is going to be a Golden Sky Stories themed reskin of my game Raspberry Heaven. Ages ago I was brainstorming possible RPG ideas for a potential publisher who wanted to do short Fudge-based games.

Nothing ever came of that, but among the ideas I jotted down was an RPG for heartwarming slice of life stories in the vein of 4-panel manga Azumanga Daioh and Hidamari Sketch , and it stuck with me even though I dropped the part about using Fudge for that particular concept. Making a game like that, one that has so little to do with what RPGs are normally about, is hard , because it runs against the grain of the typical structures of play in RPGs. It also has a set of 6 character cards, with premade characters that hit a lot of the major archetypes while having distinct quirks and personalities of their own.

My friend C. Also she was part of the inspiration for Sue in the game. In any case, I hope I can make something new that you all can have fun with. Richard has done some work on games like Oubliette 2nd Edition , Pathogen: Unclassified , and Heroines of the First Age , and generally came to me with enthusiastic and interesting ideas.

I do deal with a lot of stress in my life and clinical anxiety , but on the plus side the major way I deal with it is by being productive. Fans of a anime called Rascal the Raccoon imported 1, of them as pets, but enough escaped and thrived that there are now wild raccoons in every single prefecture in Japan. Feb 27, Miller for the idea! The fox henge in Golden Sky Stories are mostly based on the fox spirits of Japanese folklore which have close equivalents in other parts of Asia, such as the kumiho of Korean folklore , which makes them a great addition to Golden Sky Stories tales set in Japan, but a poor match for some other kinds of mythical foxes.

Fox and Zootopia. The Reynard stories were one of the most popular works of medieval European literature, and a blatant, cutting satire of the society of the time. But despite that, Reynard emerges as a charming rogue who if nothing else is a thorn in the side of authorities who are even worse scoundrels that he is.

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Anyway, up next is Raspberry Sky Stories, which will be a new way to experience the world of Golden Sky Stories, as a card-based free-form RPG with no preparation required. Feb 24, Hope you're all having a nice weekend! The story of Aladdin is in this volume as well as in the Blue Fairy Book. Contains 46 stories about real and mythical animals.

Thirty-five stories, many from oral traditions, and others from French, German and Italian collections. Romania, Japan, Serbia , Lithuania , Africa, Portugal, and Russia are among the sources of these 35 stories that tell of a haunted forest, chests of gold coins, a magical dog, and a man who outwits a dragon. Contains nineteen stories from various medieval and Renaissance romances of chivalry , adapted for children.

Media related to The book of romance at Wikimedia Commons. Contains 29 stories from various medieval and Renaissance romances of chivalry, adapted for children. Published by Longmans as written by "Mrs. Lang"; illustrated by H. Contains 14 stories about the childhoods of European monarchs, including Napoleon , Elizabeth I , and Frederick the Great.

Contains 12 true stories about role models for children, including Hannibal , Florence Nightingale , and Saint Thomas More.

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Contains 30 stories on a variety of subjects, including true stories, Greek myths , and stories from Alexandre Dumas , Walter Scott and Edgar Allan Poe. Contains 23 stories about saints. Most of these are true stories, although a few legends are also included. Published after Andrew Lang's death, with an introduction by Mrs.

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Contains thirty-four stories on a variety of subjects, including ghost stories, Native American legends, true stories, and tales from Washington Irving. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Blue Fairy Book. The Red Fairy Book. The Yellow Fairy Book. The Violet Fairy Book. Mi Reina! Margaret of Scotland " " St. Encyclopedia of Fantasy Entry by RD. Reprint at sf-encyclopedia. Stubbs, and L.

Ashley, eds. McGlathery, ed. Categories : Collections of fairy tales Series of children's books Scottish children's literature.