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The secret is out, and school is in session. Guarded night and day by the newly orphaned Empire, Hunter faces the overwhelming reality of his new life as La Guardaspaeldas - The Host of the Source, the creature whose very blood feeds the perpetual youth of all Immortals.

After living in the isolation of the Rocky Mountains, Hunter must now travel south to a remote island off the western coast of the United States.

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There he will train with The Chosen, the best, brightest, and newest members of the Vampyre World. But time becomes an enemy as Hunter races to catch the thief who stole his mother's only key to survival and expose Victor's conspiracy to create a secret Vampyre Army. The curtains have been thrown wide open, but everyone has secrets. All that Hunter needs to do now is keep his eyes wide open and take the next step that will ultimately shape the fate of the Empire and the rest of the world.

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November 4, - Published on Amazon. Being special has laid the weight of the world on young Hunter's back. He saved my life as a mortal but didn't try to change me. He kept me human so I could choose for myself. He didn't expect this answer, nor could he fully figure out what to think of it. If this was true, would Alejandro have offered to protect Hunter had Guillermo not saved his life?


Hunter kicked himself mentally—he was doing it again, over analyzing everything that need not be, as usual. He gave me a choice—a choice to decide if I wanted to be Hunter exhaled, his chest dropping slightly. Keeping a light-hearted, age-appropriate conversation with an eighty-year old man trapped in a late twenty-something body was as probable as attending Kathy Griffin's stand-up and not expecting profanities to be hurled around. Can you imagine if—well actually you don't have to. You've seen what kind of disaster everyone faced when the Source disappeared.

If something— anything , happened to you, we might as well be all Hunter nodded.


He finally understood, or at least to him, had some idea now—this was not just a job for his protector, nor was it something that he could easily dismiss as a mere baby-sitting relationship. He found it ironic how often he needed to be reminded of the whys of where he was and how he got there. The potent combination of his abundant humility and oftentimes misplaced selflessness just refused to weaken and die.

Rotating his right shoulder slightly, Hunter could hear Alejandro's ligaments gently re-align in a series of barely audible cracks. I should be thankful that Lamia venom is not as potent as Shifter toxin. Zeke scurried up the rocky incline towards his master, sending a landslide of pebbles down the slope under a cloud of freshly disturbed dust.

Alejandro looked back at the scenery Hunter was so keen to capture. The sun had disappeared into a thick layer of cloud, casting a further gloom over the entire Rocky Mountain range. But Hunter did not let him finish. Running towards the opposite ledge of the plateau, Hunter held on tightly to his backpack as Zeke closed in from behind, rapidly expanding his body into wings. At the last second, the Cloak merged with Hunter's back as he approached the ledge overlooking the canyon. Zeke held him tightly, and as the two of them catapulted into the air, two sail-like appendages lifted them rapidly with each down-stroke.

Alejandro swore under his breath. He had no choice. After checking the sky once more and ascertaining that he had at least several minutes before the sun would break through again, he formed his own wings and lifted off. He would just have to send an agent later to pick up the Jeep they had left behind the ravine. From the ground, the two resembled two specks—large birds perhaps to the casual observer.

With Hunter in the lead, both of them made an effort to fly low, staying under the cover of Armando's Psykie waiting on the rooftop of the abandoned army base not too far away.

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The Grand Viceroy's private residence, tucked away in the heart of the Canadian Rockies was what Hunter, for the last seven months, called home. Ava leaned forward, causing the stern of the lifeboat to tip slightly into the pitch black Atlantic water in the middle of the night. Her movement caused a ripple, propagating softly through an otherwise still sheet of glass that reflected the stars above them.

Before her, a young woman dwarfed by her oversized life jacket laid face down and eagle spread, weakened by exhaustion.

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The son of Laudimer and Rose Guardamano, and older brother to Andromeda Guardamano, he immigrated to Canada with his family at the age of eleven in Andrew graduated from the University of Alberta, earning a degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology. Though trained and educated in the Sciences, his true passion belongs in the world of writing and the art of immortalizing his imagination on paper and other mediums. The continuation of the Hunter Everett Chronicles owes its roots to the timeless folklores and legends passed down by his late grandfather.

These age-old stories continue to be the most powerful sources of his inspiration.

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His natural passion and curiosity for creating worlds never before imagined is what drives him to continue in his life long journey of writing. Formats Softcover.

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